Forget Genetics! “Fix” Metabolism

DNA molecule conceptual imageThe “Metabolic Reboot” is a program that changes bodies, but it isn’t aimed at the physical, at least not initially. It shocks people with the outcomes they achieve because the physical change, be it weight loss, fat loss, or a new look of athleticism, is the manifestation of the change within. We bring about a change in neural wiring, mindset, the microbiome, access to Life Force, and the health and function of the cell. The program is fully grounded in a mix between the wisdom of the ages (often ignored by modern medicine) and the newest revelations of genetic science. The “Reboot” works because it changes . . . get ready for this . . . the way your genes express themselves.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t get weird and we don’t perform scientific experiments on people. It’s a program aimed at betterment designed to be implemented with simplicity.

Is there exercise? Of course we incorporate exercise, but it’s far from conventional. It starts with a 9-minute routine focusing on breath and lymphatic activity. Sure you change the way you eat, but you begin a journey through what I’ve termed Circadian Nutrition, the farthest thing possible from a conventional diet.

The program rests upon 42 principles involving neuroscience (we change the programs run by the control center of the brain), endocrine science (we utilize strategies for restoring hormonal balance) and we call upon the rarely addressed parasympathetic system to activate a new level of “healing.”

The Metabolic Reboot results in a dramatic physical change, especially among those struggling with Weight Loss Resistance, because, regardless of what your parents or grandparents struggled with, it allows you to make adjustments in your own genetic expression.

As I take people through the program, I introduce powerful concepts and attempt to make the complex simple. Along the way I explain what the science of epigenetics has revealed and how those revelations serve us, but I have to admit, this video, a bit offbeat and goofy, does a killer job of explaining epigenetics in a way that people “get it.”

If you’re still of the mindset that you’re stuck with your “genetically inherited flaws,” watch this video.

“The hardware of your DNA is going to be the same for your entire life,” but you have control over how the genes express themselves, thus, despite your genetic inheritance, you can create a body you love.  The word “epigenetics” means “above genetics,” and as it becomes commonplace for us to witness descendants of obese parents find lean bodies, as we help people with “sluggish metabolisms” and “thyroid issues” to reprogram via a Metabolic Reboot, we’re forced to realize, nobody is “locked in.”

Some people just need a “Reboot.”

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