OK . . . It’s your LAST CHA . . .

ImageShould I say this is your last chance?  Nah.  You’ve heard that enough times.

  • “Last chance to get furniture at 30% off.”
  • “Last chance to get a car with zero interest.”
  • “Last chance to get a two-for-one on breast enhancement surgery.”

Forgive me for the last one.  I live in Boca Raton, an interesting subculture in the middle of South Florida.  Boobs and lips and suctions and botox and lifts of whatever body part meets gravity are always offered at “last chance” pricing.

I don’t want to jump on the Last Chance bandwagon and tell you this is your last chance.  The truth is, it isn’t.  If you apply the scientific principles that underlie the ALIVE program in 2015, you’ll be in better physical condition in 2016.  If you wait until 2017, 2018 will be an improvement.

Oh . . . but wait . . . there’s another factor.  Odds are, you’re not fixed in time.  If you’ve gained fat, you have more on your body than you had six months ago.  If you’ve moved toward hyperglycemia, diabetes, hypertension, or hypothyroidism, the condition tends to progress.  That means if you wait, you move further away from the goal, way behind the starting line you’re at now.

I’m going to ask you to attend the online live interactive event that has changed over 1000 lives, in every case improving energy, in every case adding muscle and reducing fat, and in a staggering number of cases, reversing disease.  It’s taking place Tuesday, December 17 (if your calendar says December 17 . . . that’s TODAY!) at 7 PM Eastern Time.

This is certainly not your last chance to move back toward perfect health and optimal fitness . . . but . . . it is your last chance to attend the event.  Will there be another in the future?  Sure, but why wait.  After you attend, with your new knowledge you’ll be able to move toward whatever outcome you desire.  You’ll learn the Functional Six, a routine you can do anywhere.  You’ll gain a new understanding of how you can use aerobic exercise for only six minutes a day to restore lost health and amplify fat release by over 600%.   You’ll better understand how to make supportive food choices in the real world without deprivation, and most of all, you’ll become empowered to take control of your most important asset.  Your health.

I know some of you tried to register yesterday and you received some sort of message saying “proxy server something or other” followed by a cluster of letters and numbers.  That was Murphy (founder of Murphy’s Law) at work shutting down my web host on the day before the event.  I’ve met Murphy.  I’ve challenged him before . . . and I will again.  I did create a LAST CHANCE (OK, so maybe I should use those words) registration form from a different web host.  You don’t need to know any of that.  You simply need to register.  Do it now.

It’s only $20.13 and promises to be the most life altering 105-minutes of your life.


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Don’t Like Your Body or Health? Change it!

I didn’t write much about the Holiday Season this year.  It used to be the most powerful time of year for marketing my programs.  I didn’t even address the flawed thinking that comes along with the New Years Resolution.  My head has been in one place . . . the A.L.I.V.E. program.  Every time someone new learns the “truth” that allows him or her to reverse fat accumulation, kick the body into new gear, reverse chronic disease, and race toward perfect health, it isn’t a new year, it’s a new “rest of his or her life!”

The A.L.I.V.E. program is built upon science.  In fact, it’s built upon the science of human betterment.  For someone who seeks a leaner body, betterment brings precisely the desired outcome.  For someone who seeks a healthier body, movement away from disease, betterment means healing.  The science is amazing, the process is simple, and best of all, I’m sharing it all in a live interactive webinar you can attend from your own home.

Join me Tuesday, December 17, for a 105 minute event that I promise will shift your beliefs about the power you have to change your body.  Here are just a few of the things I’ll share:

  1. Why “healthy food” isn’t as healthy as you have been led to believe
  2. Why dieting will move you so far away from your long term goals it’s a flat out flawed strategy
  3. How you can enjoy food, daily, not give up a thing, and program your body for extreme energy every waking hour, without ever worrying about putting on fat
  4. The real reason the body increases fat storage and why it’s so difficult to discover
  5. How six minutes of aerobic exercise can kick fat loss up by over 600% as it restores blood sugar levels, healthy blood pressure, and hormonal balance
  6. Why all you need are six simple movements that can be performed anywhere to reshape and restructure your entire body . . . so the mirror smiles back at you
  7. Why our present medical system fails to implement the most powerful healing arts and how hundreds of people have completely eliminated their needs for the most commonly prescribed medications in a matter of weeks
  8. Why most women have low thyroid output and why the most common medical strategies haven’t a chance of offering cure.  The women themselves can move back toward health with a simple protocol requiring minutes per day.

You’ll also learn:

  • How you can start liberating and burning fat immediately
  • How you can increase energy, improve posture, build tone and muscular shape, and make virtually every activity easier to perform with a routine that anyone of any level can perform with thrilling results

I can go on and on.  Here’s the best news.  You can attend from home, it’s only $20.13, and if for any reason you don’t find this to be worth 100 times your twenty dollar investment, you can request an immediate refund.

Near 1000 people have moved away from dis-ease and back toward perfect health, away from discontent and back toward joy, away from fat and back toward lean bodies, by attending this event.

Register now.  The webinar is live.  You can remain anonymous or ask questions and offer comments.  105 minutes from the time we begin (7 PM Eastern Time) you’ll be completely empowered to change your body, ready to move back toward perfect health.

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The Zombie Dance vs. 92-Year-Old Sol . . . who’s the Winner?

Every day I experience some shift in awareness, and with each shift my desire to learn increases.  This clearly defines me as the eternal student, but in that role I can also become a better and better teacher, a more empowered revealer of truths. 

Friday was an interesting day.  I worked out at 5:30 AM and enjoyed a word exchange (that means conversation . . . face-to-face . . . nothing to do with IM or text) with Sol, a 92-year-old man who I see at the gym every time I work out early enough.  He shuffles a bit, one eye is sort of lazy, and he pauses sometimes between sentences . . . but . . . 15 reps on the Hammer Shoulder press with 50 pounds appears athletically perfect.  A few sets of 15 and he shuffles off to the Free Motion Bicep machine where he concentrates on every repetition.  Over the course of 15 minutes, Sol and I talked about the Bronx, the Yankees (even though I’ve always been a Mets fan) and his high school girlfriend.  His wit is sharp, his memory is solid, and he hasn’t failed to get at least 5 days of exercise in any given week since he was 70.  He does have a running joke that gets old after you’ve heard it 50 or 60 times, but it might be based on a truism.  Whenever somebody comments on Sol’s dedication he faces them, asks them how old they are, and then dismissively says, “I have socks older than you” and moves on to his next exercise.  Maybe he could use a new joke . . . but when it comes to health and longevity, I’d say he’s figured things out.

This is not as rare as it may sound.  Everyone knows at least one octogenarian (or someone advanced to Sol’s age) who has come to appreciate and evidence the virtues of exercise.  Keep in mind, I didn’t set out to impress you with the story of Sol.  I set out to discuss a shift in awareness.

After the gym I went to the Hilton Suites where I’m spending a few nights.  They have a great breakfast with a master omelet maker (egg whites, fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms, some jalapenos, and salsa) and I enjoy the food and the people watching.  At the next table a couple I would guess were in their 60’s sat down.  Slowly.  They barely looked at each other.  They didn’t speak.  As soon as they were seated, she reached into her purse and pulled out some containers.  She methodically, ritualistically, sorted out capsules and tablets.  Together, as if they were in some weird seated zombie ballet, they each took their respective glasses of orange juice, and began the dance.  Pill in hand, hand to mouth, insert, sip, swallow, repeat.  I looked at the time on my phone.  7:44.  Mesmerized by the slow zombie hand-to-mouth ballet, I was amazed.  She finished first.  7:48.  He didn’t swallow his last pill until 7:50.  Then . . . she reached back into the purse and pulled out some little packet.  She poured half of the powder into his remaining juice, the other half into hers.  She mixed vigorously, and they both drank without any sense of expression.  Then . . . they got up and returned . . . with pancakes, bacon, and muffins.  They didn’t smile.  They didn’t joke.  They didn’t talk about socks.  They just performed their ritualistic pill orgy and stuffed their faces with refined carbs and fat.

If you know me, you know I can’t sit there and observe without inviting myself into conversation.  “Are you guys from up north?” 

“Long Island.”

We spoke about snow, about their new villa in Boca Raton, and . . . about health.  I wound up sitting at their table.  Doug has been on statin meds since he was 45.  Today he’s 54!  One year older than me! I honestly thought he was well into his sixties.  I didn’t ask his wife her age, but . . . we spoke about their pill ritual.  “This one’s for cholesterol, this one’s for blood pressure, this one’s for anxiety, this one’s for . . . “  I wanted to scream.  I wanted to vomit.  I wanted to help.  I wanted to do something . . . but I listened . . . and wondered how many pills 92-year-old Sol took every morning.

I told them about my ALIVE program, they jotted down the website, and we’ll see whether they’re so immersed in their zombie ballet they’ll continue it for the rest of their lives, believing their blood pressure problems and hormonal disruptions are being “treated,” or they’re open to the possibility of change.  Time will tell.

I haven’t seen Sol again yet, but “how many pills” will be the first question I’ll ask him when I do.  Thankfully, with my Reticular Activating System now tuned to the differences between pancake-eating pill-takers and committed exercisers, I was happy when a short time after breakfast, my father’s old army buddy, now 79-years old, called to ask if I’d like to meet him for lunch.

I wrapped up a meeting at 12:45 and headed to Juice & Java, one of my favorite South Florida lunch spots where the fresh organic fruits and veggies are delivered every morning.  Jerry was already there.  We spoke a bit about my Dad’s recent neurological challenges, but with my new perspective, I took note.  Jerry must weigh within 10 pounds of what he weighed when I first met him, 40-something years ago.  He’s sharp, witty, and full of stories.  He travels, studies, and attends classes to continue to learn.  Of course we got to the exercise discussion.  He runs every day, did four miles that morning, and is healthfully addicted to tennis.  The differences between avid exercisers, especially those who enjoy an organic lunch, and resigned pill swallowers is so striking, it almost accounts for a 25-year difference.  Not chronologically, but biologically.  I mean . . . show me a pill-popping  54-year-old resigned to the zombie ballet, and I‘ll show you an exercising 79-year-old who can run circles around him.

How exactly does this help me, or what relevance does it have for you?  I’m not sure, but it’s typical of how my awareness takes note of new evidence every day.  It’s part of the stacking of proof.  As I work with fitness professionals to help them understand the true power they have as healers, as I work with the medical field to drive acceptance of exercise and eating interventions as curative, every new recognition leads to greater validation of the biological power we have to affect the aging process and the mistakes that come along with it in the 21sdt century civilized world.  

Thyroid Woes . . . Saddening and . . . Reversible!

Madeline was 42 when I met her.  If I had to describe her in a word on the day we met, the word would be sad.  There were other adjectives I could have chosen.  I could have said pretty.  After learning about her wonderful family I could have said blessed.  I could have even used the word loving.  It’s just that the sadness was so pervasive it overshadowed everything else.

Today, Madeline is not only happy, she is literally renewed.  “Phil, I am a NEW person” are the words she’s shared with me each time we discussed her results, results she achieved and documented in only 8 weeks!

There’s something else I should share.  Madeline, when I met her, was . . . HYPOTHYROID!  She told me about it as if she had a hidden plague or a curse.  She broke into tears as she showed me where her hair was thinning, when she described her relentless and fruitless battle with weight gain, and most of all, when she told me she felt as if she was losing her ability to control her emotions.  I thought she might be relieved when I told her of the changes I’ve seen in hypothyroid women who went through the 8-week A.L.I.V.E. protocol.  I thought she might feel less alienated when I told her she’s far from alone.  I thought it might ease her concerns when I told her that the Synthroid she was taking was the fourth most prescribed drug in the U.S. with over 75 million prescriptions written annually.  Nothing helped . . . until she started on the protocol.  That’s when everything changed, and I mean everything.

This isn’t intended to be the story of Madeline, as she’s only one of a great many.  The sea of women with thyroid challenges is vast, but the question that remains unanswered is twofold.  (1) How vast?  (2) What can be done?

In looking at the published statistics of thyroid disease, the revealed prevalence raises an eyebrow, but in my experience, both eyebrows need to be raised, both eyes opened wide, and a collective effort must be made to better inform our population about chronic disease.

A respected study published in the journal Thyroid (Aoki Y, Belin RM, Clickner R, et al. 2007. Serum TSH and total T4 in the United States population and their association with participant characteristics: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES 1999-2002). Thyroid 17(12):1211-23) years ago established that 4% of the U.S. population has overt hypothyroidism with the largest concentration in women over 50.  That’s a big number.  It account for near 12 million people, but it’s barely a piece of the whole picture.  Overt hypothyroidism is diagnosed when TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone produced by the pituitary gland) is elevated and thyroid hormone output (T3 and T4) is low.   Let’s consider the following:

Overt hypothyroidism is increasing radically from year to year.  There must be something taking place beyond the revelations of statistical measure.

Any thyroid hormone compromise, whether it is diagnosed as “overt,” “subclinical,” or otherwise, is going to result in hypothyroid symptoms.  It’s also important to note, an unknown number of people are going through their lives under hypothyroid conditions without ever being diagnosed.  When I suggest the statistics are based on underreported incidence, I’m suggesting the realities are far beyond anything published statistics have revealed.

While it can only be categorized as anecdotal, I’ll share something I found shocking.  Not only wasn’t Madeline a rare case, she was . . . the majority!  After taking over 700 people through the A.L.I.V.E. protocol, I’ve found that of the women tested, over 90% of those over the age of 40 had thyroid compromise based on lab tests.   90%!

In trying to reconcile this, I found some rationalizations.  People gravitate toward my programs when they seek weight loss, so perhaps this isn’t a fair sampling of the population as a whole.  Perhaps women with thyroid issues are attracted to the A.L.I.V.E. protocol because they’ve heard of my experience in dis-ease reversal among those with “sluggish” thyroids.

With those rationalizations out there, it still isn’t enough.  I have to believe the statistical reporting is absurdly low.  I think it’s also important to realize that the thyroid gland is affected by an astronomical number of variables ranging from dietary deficiencies, toxins and chemicals, fluoride, phyto-estrogens (soy), and stress to alterations in adrenal activity.  Looking for “overt” hypothyroidism might neglect the millions who fall not under a title, but suffer an unintentionally self-induced condition resulting in hypothyroid symptoms.

The endocrine system is amazing in its attempt to maintain balance, and endocrine shifts are usually adaptations based on miscommunications between intention, the brain, and the glands.  In other words, the brain doesn’t know you’re dieting to look better.  It thinks you can’t get enough food, and the Hypothalamus and Pituitary get to work driving endocrine shifts to keep you alive.  Slowing metabolism by altering thyroid output is a sure-fire way to keep you thriving on fewer calories.  Good intentions, poor understanding of the goal.  Restrict calories often and that miscommunication becomes reinforced and habitual.

With our environment as toxic as it is, with the pushed reliance upon meds to “fix” problems that the meds cannot fix, and with the stress levels most American adults live under . . . it begins to make sense that after 40 or 45 years of life, women would suffer some endocrine compromises.

Madeline cried through the diagnoses, through the drug prescriptions, through the weight gain, and through the assessment with me.  She doesn’t cry anymore.  There’s a new word I’d use to describe her.  Electric!  She radiates light.  She radiates happiness and joy.  What changed?  She gained control and defeated the dis-ease that plagued her.  She came to understand that we have the power to reverse movement along the Dis-ease continuum, and there are interventions that are holistic, natural, and healthy.  The A.L.I.V.E. protocol is such an intervention.

I cover the science behind A.L.I.V.E. and the reversal of chronic disease including hypothyroidism in my A.L.I.V.E. webinar.  Register now for the next one.  Life may never be the same.

Find details and register at http://yourhealthbeginsnow.com

As always, you can email me directly at phil@philkaplan.com.  I do the best I can to respond to all emails that arrive with the subject line: ALIVE.

Words from a Reluctant Doc

From A Reluctant Member of the Medical “System” (sent to me via email) – I’ve been an ardent reader of your articles since I first heard you speak at Shula’s Country Club in Miami Lakes, probably close to 15 years ago.  As someone who has always had a personal interest in fitness, I found your approach not only the most sensible, but the most effective.  It was no-nonsense no-bull material but you have a rare way of delivering the information in a manner that drives people to action.  I read your recent blog, Kudos to the Sociopaths, and although it’s probably in my best interest NOT to respond, I felt I had to.  I am a part of the medical system you so accurately refer to as a system of diagnosis and medication.  This is not to indict my colleagues or throw daggers at the amazing advances we’ve made in medicine, but my practice attracts middle-aged men and women with the precise conditions you address.  I love your categorization of obesity as a chronic metabolic disease, yet another societal evolutionary mistake.

A few of my physician friends have ventured out of the box and have initiated wellness operations where exploration runs deeper than conventional lab tests, and while some may feel better about what they do, I’ve seen each and every one suffer financially.  Some have run into new legal hardships.  It isn’t always easy to do the right thing.

While I admire those who pursue their conscience, I’m not in a position to make that type of move, and with 27 years of practice behind me, I’ve built a solid foundation upon which to support my family (two kids in college and one more shopping for schools).  I just wanted you to know, I’ve watched you keep your eye on the primary trait of responsibility that is so lacking in our society.  A society that handles problems by waiting for a new app to come out has forgotten that each one of us has an obligation to handle our own set of circumstances.  The patient want for medication only feeds the paradox you describe.  I applaud your message, I applaud your courage, and while I won’t be standing in the front row at your next seminar shouting my approval, from behind my computer I have to say, “bravo.”

*   *   * END of commentary *   *   *

Kudos to the Sociopaths Who Feed You and Drug You

After spending a few days at my friend Jordan Rubin’s Missouri ranch (the subject of an upcoming article), I sat next to Jenny on the first leg of my flight home (Memphis – Atlanta).  She’s an attractive, dedicated, intelligent, professional 25-year-old woman moving up quickly in a major corporation, one you’ve heard of.  It starts with an H, ends with a Y (apostrophe S), and makes little chocolate kisses.  After 90 minutes of non-stop chatting, we landed.  At the gate, waiting for the hordes of travelers in the rows in front of us to passively aggressively wrestle for position in preparation for the filing out process, we chillaxed in our seats and she confessed her personal struggle.

“I get all of the chocolate I want . . . and I’m in a constant battle with myself to do as I tell others to do . . . moderate.  Enough to enjoy, not enough to regret.”

I was overtaken by a brainstorm.

“Jen, we can be amazing business partners.  Take all the candy you obtain, hand it out to as many people as you can, and when they get diabetes, send ‘em to me and I’ll fix ‘em.  You sugar them up, I’ll restore them to health.  A beautiful partnership, a perfect relationship!”

I was kidding.  Really I was. But it would make for a good financial model, wouldn’t it?  Theoretically, if we were to join forces, we’d be able to get people to spend money on the escalation of a problem, and on the other end we’d make money by charging them even more for the cure.

Funny?  Some may think so.  Others reading this from the unfunny camp are gritting their teeth a bit, annoyed that I’d even suggest something so absurd.

Whether you think it’s funny or whether you find it an aggravating scenario, understand this.  It’s absolutely true.  True In that a business that creates a problem that it then charges to solve has a boundless potential for earnings.

Imagine a world made up of human beings, all plagued with neurotransmitters willing to drive mood, appetite, and cravings, all without the host human’s conscious direction. Imagine these emotional beings driven by metabolic systems that move toward survival at all costs, even when they misinterpret danger. If you can get these magnificently flawed humans to drive those systems to work against what it is that they really want, and then you were to dangle before them the purported “fix” for the problem and degeneration you helped them create, they’d act in precisely the way you’d want them to.  Of course, in order to damage a population in order to offer cure, you would have to be a being void of feelings, caring, or empathy.  Ah, who needs those limiting traits . . . this is a perfect business model.  Do harm, charge to fix.

Does this sound ethical?  Of course not!  It sounds sociopathic.  That’s why it’s shocking when the truth hits.  This is not a model being emulated by candy sellers partnering with personal trainers.  It is, however, a model that has driven the diet industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the beautifully horrifying marriage between the food giants and chemical companies.  Sociopathic, profitable, greedy, and dastardly are adjectives that many use to describe these entities, but there is one reality.  They’re making lots and lots of money and they’re happy to do it at your expense!

Let’s start by recognizing the power of the diet industry.


It is an industry that succeeds at the highest level because of its abysmal failure rate.  In traveling the world and meeting over 20,000 individuals seeking physical change, I rarely if ever meet anyone who has been on a single diet.  Most people have tried more than five, some more than twenty, and some become perpetual dieters jumping from strategy to strategy as fast as diet books come out.

A diet based on calorie deprivation, whether it’s built around a superfood, a point system, calorie counting, or packaged foods is very simply a short course in human starvation.  With the science that exists today, and with the destruction of our mass food supply in terms of human health value, attempting to tie nutritional intake to calorie formulas is archaic, but it is what underlies virtually every medical or non-medical dietary intervention aimed at weight loss.  While weight is inevitably going to be reduced during the deprivation period, the innate systems of the body and brain are aimed at survival and the weight loss is short-lived offering the illusion of the diet “working.”  The reality is, consuming fewer calories than your body needs to sustain adequate metabolic energy results in endocrine shifts and maladaptive habitual communication between the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and the thyroid gland and metabolism slows.  Dieting via deprivation, even if it’s aided by appetite suppressants and stimulants, is a perfect mechanism for slowing metabolism and increasing the body’s propensity for adipose (fat) storage.

Because “dieting” is accepted as the solution to weight problems, failure with a diet leads to a search for another.  The dieters are, in essence, the victims who have been misinformed, led to believe that the failure to maintain weight loss was somehow their fault.  The diet slows metabolism, weight comes back on, and the perceived solution . . . . is a return to a diet.  A perfect business model from a financial perspective, a very flawed “solution” to an escalating problem.   Let’s look at another.  Let’s take a brief glimpse at the monstrous giants who promise to cure your erectile dysfunction, skyrocketing sugar levels, and thyroid deficiencies.


The pharmaceutical giants have mastered drug distribution.  Legally.  Look at the power of the distribution machine.  The manufacturers get the drug dealers (doctors) fresh out of drug dealer school, already primed to recognize injections, pills, and capsules as wondrous solutions.  These new recruits are ushered into a “system” that’s based upon a solid paradigm.  Diagnose the problem (exploit the symptom and give it a code so insurance pays for the meds) and medicate.

“Penis doesn’t work?  Take this.”  “Losing hair?  Take this.”  “Belly fat, high blood sugar, and hypertension?  Ah, for you there is a beautiful multi-colored array of capsules you can take every morning.”

Am I being facetious?  Not more than a little.  This is a sarcastic yet honest summation of the way our medical system interacts with recognizable symptoms and chronic disease.  It isn’t aimed at “cure,” it’s aimed at “medicate.”  Finding the cure would require a deep and meticulous search for the cause or the root of the malady manifesting as a series of symptoms.  Switching off or managing the symptoms is aimed at short term comfort with an illusion of “fix.”

If you suspect this is Phil Kaplan spouting delusional snippets of conspiracy theory, answer this question.  Why did Glaxo-Smith Kline settle a conflict for $3 Billion to quiet accusations of misrepresenting research, approving drugs despite known and identified risks, perpetuating the publication of lies in respected medical journals, and of moving drugs into marketplaces for which those drugs have no track record of efficacy (including children)?  There’s even a bigger question.  The bigger question is, why do they continue to operate if they in fact committed what we’d have to refer to as crimes?  I’ll give you the answer.  Because they make so much money, three-billion-dollars is simply the cost of doing business.

The model is near perfect.  An individual suffers with a pain he or she doesn’t want to experience any longer.  A doctor, with a full belief in the product, prescribes a drug that masks a symptom or changes a marker so the pain or problem appears to have lessened. Because, in the patient, the source continues to perpetuate movement along the Disease Continuum, new symptoms emerge.  The side effects of long term prescription drug use manifest new symptoms.  This is a sea of opportunity.  New symptoms equal new drug prescriptions.  With the average American adult taking at least two medications for chronic disease, the marketplace remains hungry for solutions, and as long as those solutions are presented as the wares of Big Pharma, the monster continues to eat, and eat well.  Any monster that sees three-billion-dollars as a drop in the proverbial bucket is not only a well-fed monster, but a prosperous one.

Big Pharma’s influence, financial prowess, and lobbying power are rivaled by few . . . but . . . those few are those behemoths that control the manufacture, distribution, and blind acceptance of toxic food and toxic chemicals.


Here’s the third near-perfect business model.  Monsanto hires graduating students with degrees in agriculture to “improve food.”  The students work in laboratories where, with their newly enhanced skill sets, they work to hybridize plants, to make vegetables impervious to pests and weed-killers, and in what appears to be a noble undertaking, feed our planet.  Monsanto also happens to manufacture pesticides and weed killers.  Here’s the beauty in the model.  If they can genetically modify crops to make them impervious to bug killers and herbicides, they can grow more crop as they sell more product.  The corn looks like corn, but it isn’t.  It’s something alien, something new, something manufactured.  The pesticides and weed-killers that find their way into the soil in which the corn grows find their way into the corn . . . and into whatever eats the corn.

The food distribution machine thrives on this.  If more corn can be grown, more corn can be distributed and sold.  If wheat can be modified to grow faster, more wheat gets into the marketplace as processed crackers and cookies.  Consumers consume and the food and drug giants thrive.

Corn is also used to make pellets that feed livestock, including beef and dairy cows.  Big Agriculture jumps in.  If they can feed more cows, fatten them up faster, and turn them into nicely packaged steak or use them for their milk, the genetically modified corn pellets that feed their cows are not a problem.  In nature they would be, as cows don’t eat corn, nor do they eat pellets, nor should they eat genetically modified anything . . . but today educated business owners can prevent bovine illness and create lots of beef and milk.  They have a friend.  Big Pharma.  Antibiotics are of immense value to Big Ag and the monsters feed each other.

You can see it, can’t you?  The beauty of the model?  It’s near-perfect?  Why near-perfect?  Well, the part of the equation the monsters fail to consider is the part that’s poisoning, sickening, infecting, and killing those consumers who blindly hand over their money, those very same magnificently flawed humans who would are victimized by monsters as they believe they’re moving toward betterment.  Financial perfection at the expense of human life.

In the course of my purpose-driven career, I speak to three distinctive audiences that all come together under the umbrella of being human.  I speak to medical professionals, fitness professionals, and the consumers who pursue health in an arena where true solutions are clouded by misdirection.

To the doctors I say, consider that our population’s disease model has changed, not because humans have changed radically in 30 years, but because the environment, food, and misinformation have led to the emergence of a new host of conditions not “fixed” by conventional medicines.  Consider a continued education where you explore the evidence indicting systemic inflammation as the root cause of virtually every chronic disease, and study to recognize and identify the perilous contributors to the inflammatory condition.  With that enhanced education, you begin to walk a path less travelled where medical practitioners facilitate, not disease management, but true cure.

To the fitness professionals I say, realize that with an enhanced skill set and a thorough understanding of 21st century disease, your power goes far beyond fat loss and energy enhancement.  Building muscle is a power you have, but imagine how that power is enhanced if you learn to direct clients toward lifestyle choices that reduce or reverse their movement toward those degenerative and debilitating conditions we’ve wrongly come to accept as inevitable elements of aging.  Register for the ASPIRE program and gain the tools and power to intervene with new confidence, new earning potential, and a greater power to facilitate positive human change.

To the consumer audience I say, you have the power to improve your health and well-being, regardless of how far you’ve travelled along what I’m referring to as the Dis-ease Continuum, but you have to take responsibility for your own improvement.  My ALIVE program offers a 10-week education, empowerment, and physical renewal teaching consumers to align with movement back toward the Perfect Health so many have written off as a thing of the past.

I urge everyone to question, to explore, and to work to separate hype and nonsense from true science.  It isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if you are to again experience your best.  For those who pursue a course of responsibility, those who are willing to unleash the power that’s been buried by the influence of those near-perfect business models that prosper through disempowerment, you’ll be amazed by how simple positive physical change can be.

If you feel you can benefit from my help, consider ASPIRE (for doctors and fitness professionals) and ALIVE (a 10-week program manifesting dramatic physical change).

email me at phil@philkaplan.com or find me on Facebook.

Changing Course

A short time ago I sat in a workshop in Scottsdale Arizona with 14 business executives and was asked to make a list of all of the people who had a major impact upon my life, either positive or negative.  I identified 17 people, and although there were episodes and incidents that were less than thrilling, every person I listed had a net positive impact upon my life.

One of them was Joe Weider, a man I came to befriend, a man who I came to revere, a man who changed an industry and allowed me on the inside to witness precisely how it was done.  Another was Mr. Contrada, my Junior High School Assistant Principal who kept me out of jail and helped steer me toward a productive life.  One other was Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, the amazing physician who punched a hole in the Parkinson’s diagnosis I received from a world renowned neurologist and accurately diagnosed me as a victim of mold toxicity, a condition that was, unlike Parkinson’s, completely fixable.

I can keep going but when I review “impact upon my life,” I realize these were people who gave me revised perspective, who redirected me, who helped me shift my own beliefs so I could accomplish a better outcome.

I developed the A.L.I.V.E. program with that in mind.  It’s intended, not to be another fitness offering, but rather a course changer.  A beam of light.  It combines education and empowerment with clear direction.  It helps people who’ve inadvertently started moving along what I call The Disease Continuum and have been misinformed, medicated, and relieved of their own power.  It helps people who fail to understand that a 45-year-old body cannot possible respond to the same routine it relied upon at 25.  It helps people who have abandoned exercise and healthy eating efforts because they didn’t see the payoff they’d hoped for.

Personally, I love conducting the 10-week ALIVE Across America program.  I love the interactivity, I love the feedback, but most of all I love the thank you’s that come to me from those who had all but given up their dreams of moving back toward Perfect Health.

I won’t go into depth about the program.  I’ve done that many times in interviews and conferences and certainly don’t need to get up on a soapbox.  I’ll just tell you, my next ALIVE Across America is starting, kicking off with the first webinar Monday, September 23, at 7 PM Eastern. In the first session you’ll learn about a bodily system that’s completely ignored by conventional health routines, one that you can activate in seconds to provide cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation.  I’ll share the four pillars of positive physical change, and present a 9-minute routine that can bring about profound change in anyone seeking health improvement or a greater level of fitness.

Want to come along?  It’s a powerful program.  It runs 10 weeks.  Each week I introduce new life-altering material in a 55-minute webinar and you download routines and guiding principles that you follow in a stress-less very real-life manner.

If you’ve read my articles on reversing the conditions we associate with aging, about creating new younger healthier cells, and about steering your way through the crazy maze filled with hazards, GMO’s, toxins, and misinformation, you understand that the only person who can restore your health is you . . . with the right information and the right guidance.  I can’t cure you.  I can’t fix you.  What I can do for you is what Joe Weider, Mr. Contrada, and Dr. Shoemaker did for me.  I can provide you new information and clear direction that changes your course, that leads you to a better outcome.

If you’re ready to make that shift, ready to pursue physical excellence or simply a better you, register for ALIVE Across America now!

Be Better,


Change Lies Ahead! Guaranteed!

I remember throwing a softball around with Kenny when Big Freddie came over.  Freddie was near six feet tall at 11 years old and he was a year or two older than Kenny and I.  He started telling us about this thing called puberty.  We half listened, half joked, and threw the ball back and forth, but after we left the ball field, I went home and checked my body for some of the things Freddie told us about.  Some were scary, some were exciting, and most were just plain weird.  Sure enough, in the years to come, much of what Freddie told us about came to pass.

Always athletic, but lacking in muscle size and starting to pay very careful attention to high school girls, I decided at 16 to invest in Joe Weider’s Crash Weight Gain Formula #7.  I also committed to 4000 supportive calories a day (guess I didn’t have a fear of commitment back then), and per my Uncle Marty’s direction and the routines in the magazines, I started lifting weights.  By 19 my body had changed so radically it was hard to imagine I was really that same puny punk who thought I was a badass at 16 years old and 148 pounds.

This body that we come to inhabit is always in a state of flux.  We’re always heading toward the next developmental shift.  While puberty is a given, one that for the most part is beyond our control, the decisions we make early on in great part determine how we progress from puberty forward . . . and when we look at patterns of behavior, outcomes are almost predictable.

Why do I say “almost?”  Well, we’d assume if someone smokes from the time they’re 12 until they’re 70 they’re going to have some sort of lung disease, and many do . . . but some don’t.  We’d predict if someone feasts on fat and sugar with reckless abandon they’ll be shopping in the stores that cater toward larger waistlines, but we’ve all met the ravenous feaster who’s thin as a rail.  We can assume the stressed out executive is headed for a heart incident, the weekend warrior is going to suffer some joint and connective tissue disruptions, and the Mom who neglects herself to cater to her kids is going to wind up wishing for change . . . but there are exceptions.

We can’t infallibly predict what will happen to individuals, but we can look at statistics and predict, with accuracy, what will happen to populations.  Here’s what we know from observing the epidemiological links between lifestyle and outcome.  If you have been diagnosed with elevated blood sugar as a chronic condition, the progression toward diabetes was gradual, self-induced, and at almost any point along the way, preventable.  We know that in the case of a sluggish thyroid, a chronic inflammatory ailment, or adult onset hypertension, behaviors and lifestyle played a major role and before the point of diagnosis there was opportunity for prevention or reversal.

When I say “we” know this, I mean physicians, scientists, physiologists, researchers, and students alike.  The data is clear.  When we recognize that chronic disease has become “the norm,” we make the mistake of accepting these middle-aged ailments as “normal.”  They aren’t. 

The real challenge begins when, through the behaviors we adopt, our bodies begin the process of detrimental change.  Not only does the reflection in the mirror change, but changes occur at a cellular level.  As I mentioned in a previous piece, calls “rust,” cellular integrity is lost, and in its miraculous ability to sustain life even in conditions of compromise, the body calls upon built-in survival mechanisms.  When “balance” is disrupted for a period of time, the shifts become chronic and “what used to work” stops working.

Stan Buckner came to me at 39 with excruciating knee pain and a 40 inch waist.  He told me he used to weigh 175 and whenever he gained a few he could run and knock the weight right off. 

“Stan, how long ago was it that you ran off the extra weight?”


“Well, when was the last time running got you down to 175.”

“In college.”

There’s an example of the flawed thinking that condemns people to fitness failure.  What worked then won’t work in a body that has been beaten, compromised, and disrupted.  That, however, shouldn’t discourage anyone.  The good news is, although moving toward “better” is trickier at 40 than it is at 25, with an understanding of “the tricks,” change is simple.

Stan is happy today with a 34” waist (and still shrinking).  He sold his treadmill and made his wife very happy.  Since he started the A.L.I.V.E. program he hasn’t attempted to “run off the weight” but he rarely misses an exercise session.   He’s not 175, but he’s within 15 pounds of it for the first time in near two decades and he’s packed on more muscle than he’s ever had in his life.

Here’s where people need some insight.  We all know smoking is bad.  Some choose to do it anyway, but not because they believe it’s healthy.  We all know that coffee and donuts is not an optimal breakfast, but check out the line at 8 AM at any Dunkin Donuts.  We all know that too much sugar is fattening, that inactivity leads to reduction in fitness, and that beer and whiskey are not electrolyte replacement drinks.  When people go too far in the direction of negative lifestyle choices and feel the emotions of regret or disgust, they experience a pendulum swing.  They make a resolution, or join a gym, or start running, or buy a home exercise unit, and they try to do what they once did.

The problem is, the body that wants for change is not the same body that changed way back when.  The muscular, endocrine, and nervous system responses are not the same.   The energy availability and capacity for recovery is not the same.  Thus, even though at 40 you might try the same routine or pattern that worked for you at 25, if you have experienced some hormonal disruption (as most people have), it just won’t do the same job it once did.

The major mistake lies in thinking, “because my condition is worse, I need MORE exercise.”  There’s a vital equation in human physiology, a vital balance that’s necessary in order for physical change to become “betterment.” There must be a balance between what we call “Stress Load” and Recovery.  If you have more physical, emotional, and cellular stress than you had 15 years ago, and your recovery ability is diminished, an intensive exercise program simply adds to Stress Load and speeds the degenerative process, ultimately leading to exercise abandonment and discouragement.

With that preliminary understanding, it might begin to make sense to you when I tell you that the people who go through the A.L.I.V.E. program ALL experience positive physical change, biomechanically, aesthetically, performance-wise, and biochemically.  They begin with only six simple exercise movements and six minutes of aerobic exercise daily.  They learn to reduce stress load and boost recovery.  They come to understand how we can “train” the central nervous system’s recovery capacity to help us restore lost vitality.  They stimulate improvement, fuel the body properly (without restrictive dieting) and allow for cellular repair.

In the A.L.I.V.E. program people learn to activate the lymphatic system, a cleansing system vital to immune health that is all but stagnant in most adult Americans.  Best of all, this requires nothing more than a minute or two of a specific movement that can be done immediately upon waking.

So much of what people learn when they experience A.L.I.V.E. goes against convention, but it’s fair to say, when we look at the evolution of the American public, convention isn’t working, at least not from the perspective of health and fitness.

Learn how to regain control.  Learn how simple it can be to move away from dis-ease and toward fitness and optimal health.  Join me for 90 minutes, Thursday, September 19, in a live online webinar event.  Register now for the A.L.I.V.E. webinar.

I can promise . . . . change lies ahead . . . and it’s the kind of change you hope for!


Predicting The Future . . . with Questions!?!?

I have some questions.  Answer them using the following scale:

1 – Frequently

2 – Sometimes

3 – Rarely

  • How often do you wake up feeling refreshed, well rested, and looking forward to the day ahead? ___
  • How often do you feel free of anything you’d describe as a symptom (headache, burning eyes, joint ache, muscle ache, tickle in throat, back pain, fatigue, brain fog, difficulty focusing, etc.) ___
  • How often do you invest 30 quality minutes in a vigorous exercise program and feel fully recovered and energized during the post-exercise meal? ___

TOTAL of the three answers = ___

These may not seem like important questions, but . . .

I asked these questions of people starting the A.L.I.V.E. program who had been diagnosed with at least one chronic disease, and the three-question totals ran from 6 – 9.

I asked these questions of people after completing the 10th weeks of A.L.I.V.E.  and the three question-totals ran from 3 – 5.

That’s pretty significant in and of itself, but it also had me wondering if the answers, the ranges, could be predictive.

I selected 25 people from my “Active” database, including some fitness professionals, fitness competitors and athletes.

I selected 25 people from my “General Interest” database.

I asked them all to take the quiz anonymously but I gave them a Code.  The Active participants had a code starting with “A” the other group a code starting with “B.”

Check this out.

When I totaled up the scores of the 19 Active (A’s) participants who actually completed the questionnaire I got a total of 74

When I totaled up the scores of the 16 people in the “B” group I got a total of 106.

Already we can see the “B” group is higher, but realize, it isn’t apples to apples.  Its 19 people vs. 16 people.

Averaging the scores . . .

Average of A Group Scores – 3.89

Average of B Group Scores – 6.63

I’d guess if we put this simple questionnaire out to our entire population, it would pretty accurately separate those who are maintaining health from those who have started moving along the Dis-ease continuum.

I know we hate the word disease, and I also know many who begin the undesired journey away from perfect health move into a state of denial and deal-making (I’ll start working out and eating better as soon as the kids go back to school, as soon as things calm down at work, as soon as the sun forgets to rise).  It’s really time for a wake-up call and a dose of honesty.

60% of our adult population has been diagnosed with at least one chronic disease (hormonal imbalance, hypertension, arthritis, high blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc.).  As long as we continue to think of disease as something people “get” and “get medicated for,” the epidemic can only escalate.  As long as we treat the onset of these acceptable diseases as part of aging, the evolution forward becomes one toward a very ill and compromised population.  No, this isn’t the perspective of a pessimist, much the opposite.  This is the obvious outcome if we continue to rely on conventional medicine’s protocols for “treating” these fully reversible conditions.

Let’s go a step further.  It’s estimated that near 20% of people who have diabetes have not yet been diagnosed.  That makes the number even higher . . . and if we consider obesity a chronic disease (I categorize it as the most prevalent chronic metabolic disease) we’re quickly creeping up way beyond a majority.  It’s almost everyone.

If an exercise and eating intervention has reduced symptoms so consistently that the three-question survey becomes a clear predictor of health, happiness, and a sense of well-being, why aren’t more people following that course of action?  There’s only one answer.  Because they don’t know they can.  They don’t know how to begin and stick to a strategic program aimed at gradual physical betterment.

They are led to believe a prescription for metformin or glucophage will reverse their diabetic or pre-diabetic condition.  These meds may lower blood sugar readings, but not because they cure the disease.  They prompt the liver to hold more glycogen.  Glycogen is stored sugar (blood glucose stored in the liver).  It doesn’t change the mechanism that created the high blood sugar condition, it simply prevents “the marker” (A glucose test) from providing accurate evidence of the severity of the progression.

I can list each condition and each “commonly prescribed” medication and demonstrate how the medications may suppress symptoms or biomarkers, but they do not offer cure.

When I set out to present in front of medical groups talking about “curing disease” with exercise and eating shifts, it goes without saying my presentations were provocative.  Today, I’ve proven it.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I haven’t found the cancer cure, I haven’t found a miracle solution for the sick and hospitalized, and I haven’t found a panacea for the afflicted.  All I’ve done is reviewed the science and created a protocol, a strategy that drives the human machine to move back toward balance, and it’s a combination of imbalance and maladaptive behavior that creates “dis-ease.”

The A.L.I.V.E. protocol coaxes the systems of the body to get back to their intended interactivity.  Participants begin to understand the power of balancing the Gut, the Immune System, and the Brain with simple strategies for change that begin with only a 9-minute daily investment.  It works to develop the parasympathetic nervous system, the “cooling off” system that must be called upon for anyone under high or frequent stress loads.  It addresses the balance between the adrenals and the thyroid, but not through medication.  Through natural means of restoring the body’s intelligence, natural means of moving and eating.

If you or anyone you know has any sense of moving away from optimal health, if you want to reverse the annoying accumulation of fat, the loss of energy, or the confusion that is a given when you begin to explore solutions, join me this Thursday, September 19, for a 90-minute live webinar (with an optional added 15 minutes for live interactive Q&A at the end).  It’s only $20.13 with an unconditional money back guarantee of satisfaction (no refunds will be given for non-attendance) and it very well may put you on a path that moves you back toward the Perfect Health you came into this world possessing.

The webinar is light hearted, but power packed, and I can promise, it will open your eyes both to some upsetting realities . . . and some thrilling and very real solutions!

REGISTER NOW.  Attend from your own home using your computer and/or phone.

Register for the ALIVE webinar at http://yourhealthbeginsnow.com

Staying Young . . . Forever!!?!

Do we hate the idea of aging?

No, we don’t really hate aging, after all, we want to live a very long time, but we hate the definitions and associations we link with “getting old.”

Whether you choose to read Peter Pan or the literary classic, a Portrait of Dorian Gray, you’ll find yourself connecting with the theme of “staying young.” The theme runs through literature and music alike. Bob Dylan wrote Forever Young copied by everyone from Rod Stewart to Norah Jones.

oldandyoungThis idea of resisting aging is one that runs deep in the hearts and minds of mankind . . . and it has over the course of scores of generations. Ponce De Leon sought the Fountain of Youth. Greek Mythology tells of Eos asking Zeus to grant her mortal lover, Tithonus immortality (by the way, Tithonus got screwed . . . Zeus was tricky. Eos asked for eternal life but failed to ask for eternal youth and so . . . he grew old and frail and wished to die). Even then, it wasn’t the idea of death that humans hated . . . it was the idea of degenerating, losing function, wearing down and withering.

Can we stay young . . . let’s not say forever . . . but let’s say . . . into our 80’s and 90’s? We’d have to begin to answer that by recognizing that “young” is a relative term. Let’s get a bit more specific.

Cosmetic lines promise wrinkle creams will preserve youthful skin. Supplement sellers promise extracts and oils will resist cellular aging. Cosmetic surgeons simply promise to “undo” those little clues of human entropy.

Here’s what I do know. If we can come to really understand the four key components of aging (which I’ll outline below), and we can appreciate and call upon what true science has legitimately revealed, we can maintain the functionality we associate with youth, we can resist, push off, or even eliminate risks of degenerative disease, and we can prevent the onset of fat and loss of muscle and bone that far too many expect with the coming years. I’ll take it even a step further. I know that even if we’ve moved prematurely along the disease continuum, ventured into the land of type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, and abdominal adiposity (big fat gut), we can head back toward youthfulness, back toward the Perfect Health we were granted when we came into this world.

My A.L.I.V.E. webinar on September 19th and my A.L.I.V.E. Across America program beginning September 23rd will share the technology, the science, and the simple shifts that can move anyone back toward the youthful condition most American adults dream of. I can’t promise it’ll get rid of wrinkles, but I have seen such dramatic changes in the people who’ve gone through the program, I can promise you the secrets to building a better, stronger . . . younger . . . you. Really.

OK, let’s take a moment and answer the question . . .


I told you I’d lay it out in four pieces, outline the four key components that turn a youthful body into one we think of as having past its prime, and these four components can be viewed as both elements of the deterioration we “see” and the deterioration we “feel.”

1. Oxidation
Just as metal rusts, so too does the human cell. No, we don’t typically see our aging population fighting brownish orange growth from emerging on fingers, toes, and noses, but cellular aging is, at its core, the same process as the rusting of metal. If you fail to care for and protect a metal sculpture, and leave it subject to whatever environmental elements befall it, rust is inevitable. Consider that rust is the process of oxidation, and just as oxidation breaks down something as solid and sturdy as a metal sculpture, oxidation breaks down the structure and integrity of the cells of your body. You’ve likely heard of “free radicals,” singlet oxygen molecules that bounce around within you like hockey pucks doing damage to cellular walls and structures. Consider that attack of molecular oxygen as oxidization, or . . . cellular rusting. A rusty cell is an aging cell, and once the process begins, it isn’t likely to stop on its own.

2. Mitochondrial Decay
The mitochondrial structure is the power center of the cell where energy is produced, and in Perfect Health those mitochondrial powerhouses give you all the energy you want for. With neglect, with poor nutrition, without exercise, and with excessive stress without recovery, the walls of the mitochondria become more permeable. The power centers become less efficient, and just as you understand the word decay as it relates to teeth, if you’re going to maintain that necessary order that resists aging as we know it, you must prevent those vital cellular power centers from experiencing any loss, any decay, and compromise. As the mitochondria weaken, movement along the Disease Continuum accelerates. Imagine if the power sources that drive electricity into your home begin to break down and nobody comes along to repair them. Electricity becomes a commodity you desperately want for. Consider the impact the loss of the power centers that generate human energy have upon your quality of life. When decay begins, much like rusting, unless there’s an intentional intervention, it simply continues.

3. Inflammatory Breakdown in Communication
In any of my seminars addressing 21st century disease, you’ll hear me make the bold statement, “Inflammation is the root cause of all chronic disease.” Inflammation is driven by the immune system, and when it’s used to protect you from a true invader, it serves you well, but when it’s based on flawed communication between the brain, the organs, the endocrine system, and immune cells, it becomes an internal plague, inflaming entire systems within your body and rapidly moving you away from the state of order that I refer to as Perfect Health, a state where every organ, every hormone, every cell functions as nature intended. Inflammation creates blockages, compromises blood flow, limits detoxification, and robs the body of metabolic energy. Today, inflammation itself is epidemically chronic, suggesting we, as a population, are living lives that drive the body to break down and “age” with controllable prematurity.

4. Loss of Ci3
The “Body” is a complex physical manifestation that houses the brain, the gut, and the immune system, but when we see or feel a body aging, we’re actually experiencing the onset of imperfections in cellular form and behavior. In Perfect Health we maintain a magnificent ability to create and preserve perfect cells. I’ve already described how cells can rust, decay, and inflame, but as a fourth component let’s recognize the cell’s want to be perfect. To represent the cell in perfection, I’ve coined the abbreviation Ci3. The “C” stands for Cellular, and since the three elements that the cell wants to balance begin with the letter “i,” Ci3is the optimal representation of Cellular Integrity (structure), Cellular Intelligence (cells being locked into their intended function and “knowing” how and when to behave), and Cellular Interactivity (the interplay between the cells, systems, and messengers that we rely upon). When we lose any or all of these, we progress away from Perfect Health and begin to experience the manifestations of disease. Limited physical activity, poor nutrition, ingestion of toxins, and uncontrolled stress load all drive the loss of the cellular perfection we seek to restore in our want to turn back time.

OK, so now the big question, how do you fix these components? I honestly wish it were simple enough to present in a single article. In short I can tell you the following pieces are necessary:

1. You have to challenge the body strategically accessing both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems as you move the body through space

2. You have to implement progression in challenge without creating excessive time or energy demands

3. You have to eat foods that are made of the materials your body will use to build new “perfect” cellular structures

4. You have to eat foods in the proper balance that provide you with “protein-sparing energy substrates” not only to meet daily demands but to optimally drive metabolism

5. You have to find strategies that allow you to reduce adrenal stress (we live in a world of excessive stress) and develop the usually-depleted “recovery system”

6. You have to avoid or effectively mitigate toxins that have infiltrated agriculture, the air (indoor and outdoor), and water

7. You have to pump oxygen into and through the bloodstream and optimize the oxidative properties of the muscle tissue you now possess

8. You have to stimulate the lymphatic system, anchor the parasympathetic nervous system, and restore two-way communication between the endocrine system and the control centers of the brain

9. You have to restore gut health and reduce gut permeability as you remain cognizant of the power of the “gut mind” and the digestive system’s necessary bacterial protectors.

I know, it sounds like a lot of “have to.” It is. Our world has gotten screwed up. A 1980 approach to health won’t ‘work” in 2014. We’re living in an environment where we’re stressed by everything from our kid’s misadventures to the troubling emails and texts we unexpectedly receive. Our fight or flight systems are overloaded. 1500 new chemical compounds are released into the environment annually without any true controls. Our food supply is so severely compromised foods once viewed as healthy can actually speed the loss of Ci3.

So now the good news. I’ll continue to reveal the specifics of the 9 “have to’s” above in the weeks and months to come . . . but more importantly . . . it’s ALL built into ALIVE Across America, the 10-week turnaround that amounts to nothing short of miraculous change.

How do you know this is for real? Everyone’s claiming everything and there are more health and fitness programs than there are stars in the sky.

Here’s what you do. Visit http://yourhealthbeginsnow.com. Read some of the articles. Go to http://philkaplan.com. Download my Seven Letters. Google me. Explore carefully. Check out every claim I make. If and when you’re ready to at least “put me to the test,” register for the A.L.I.V.E. webinar. It’s 90 minutes (105 minutes if you stay for the Q&A) that will reveal the strategy and the inner secrets that make the A.L.I.V.E. program so powerful in restoring health and challenging the degenerative process we’ve come to accept as “aging.” The next webinar is September 19 at 7 PM Eastern Time. You’ll learn enough to make radical changes in the way you look and feel.

If you opt to go the next step (not a must but an option), you can join me remote from wherever you are for A.L.I.V.E. Across America, a 10-week process that will walk you, step-by-step, week-by-week, through the complete A.L.I.V.E. protocol, the protocol I introduced in major hospitals and relied upon to restore 600 plus people to a thrilling state of health, fitness, and well-being.

If you find the claims are overly bold, if you find I fail to live up to any of my claims or promises, just let me know after completing the program and I’ll give you a full refund.

OK . . . do your due diligence . . . or . . . if you’re ready, register for the webinar now!

Be Better, Always Better,


P.S. – I know many of you have heard of the $2425 price tag associated with the A.L.I.V.E. program when it kicked off. The A.L.I.V.E. Across America webinar based program has allowed me to offer it for an absurdly affordable price . . . it’s only $25 per week over the course of the program. Honestly. I just wanted to alleviate any apprehension in case you thought cost might be prohibitive.