Confusion Underlies America’s Fitness Woes

I was just having lunch in a small busy cafe and at the next table two men, I’d guess in their 80’s, took turns reading articles out of magazines . . . out loud.  VERY LOUD!

“Donald Trump snubbed by Republicans.”  I half listened, not by intention, as the skinnier of the two men turned up the volume and read the article.  Next, the chubbier fellow pushed his glasses halfway down his nose and began.

“Terrorist plot uncovered in Texas.”  Several heads perked up, but his high-decibel drone allowed everyone to drift and return to their food.

Droning complete.  Skinny guy goes.

“Research shows lettuce is more dangerous than bacon!”  Now he had my attention.  “A vegetarian diet could lead to greater risk of heart attack than a high fat diet.”  In cases like this I want to scream.

“Everyone, everyone . . . pay attention.  Listen up.  You’re all being confused and misled.  Lettuce isn’t your foe, nor is bacon.  It is purely misunderstanding and manipulation by the food companies who are clouding your brain with well-processed mental garbage.”

I am bold, but not quite that bold.  I wish I could find the balls to stand up every time I hear evidence of nutritional confusion.

Here’s a reality.  Fat is not bad.  Cholesterol is NOT the reason for heart attacks.  Avoiding fat and consuming fruits and vegetables is far from the solution for the masses those in nutritional fantasy land would like us to believe.

It’s now been over 30 years that I’ve been helping people find new health and fitness, and the greatest obstacle remains, misinformation.  It isn’t as simple as to include a capsule or two, eliminate a couple of foods, and consume Brussel sprouts (although that one wouldn’t hurt).

Very simply, a strategic exercise program balancing stress load and recovery combined with ingestion of natural proteins, fats, and anti-oxidant laden natural plant foods is a formula that can prevent, even reverse the epidemics in chronic disease.

While a single product will never be a solution, there is a product line I’ve committed to and as I move into 2016, I want to share it without bias.

It’s now been near 3 years that I’ve been selling Isagenix products.

This isn’t a pitch..  It’s simply me doing what I do, sharing information, and in that I want you to understand why I stand behind a product line sold via direct marketing (multi-level marketing).

Isagenix uses the whey protein I would have used in my own powders were I able to afford it.   I wasn’t, so I stopped selling my proprietary EAT! Formula after 20 years of profitability and bought my grass-fed New Zealand Whey Protein from Isagenix.  That’s where it started.  Since then, my friend and mentor, Dr. Michael  Colgan, one of the most revered sports nutrition experts in the world, came on as their lead scientist.  I spoke to the founders.  I used the products.  I looked at the research, and with time I came to understand the virtues of their Product B (aimed at telomere preservation . . .a vital piece of healthy aging), their Ionix Supreme (a liquid mix of fruit extracts and herbs serving as adaptogens with an innate property for improving cellular function, and a host of other products all developed with the same integrity and commitment to science.

I know the stigma attached to MLM.  It took me awhile to get past it.  In that “while,” I watched as those who went through my ALIVE program and used the 30 Day Isagenix Kit LOST MORE FAT than those who simply followed the program.  I watched my Dad’s cognition improve after we made a shot of Ionix in the morning a part of his regimen.  I’ve had over 100 clients thanked me for introducing them to Isagenix.  I’ve had scores of respected ethical personal trainers get past their own resistance (due to the MLM stigma) and start achieving greater results in their own lives as well as in the lives of the clients who used the Isagenix line.

Complaints?  No, not a once, at least not from anyone who connected with the product line through me.  I’m sure if this is posted on Facebook there will be some disparaging comments, but they’re NEVER from my customers.  Never.

I can speak at length about whether or not the products are really natural, whether or not they should be contraindicated for individuals with specific medical conditions, and how they stack up against health food store brands and other direct marketing products, but pay attention to the point I’m making.

I use the products.  My clients use the products.  My father uses the products.  My friends in fitness use the products.  The scrutiny has been extreme, and I’m standing behind it.  It’s passed every step of my own stringent filters, and . . . the “thank you’s” pour in.

Is there any shame in multi-level marketing? No, at least not if you’re getting efficacious products into the bodies of people who find benefit.  We all “sell” something to find just compensation, whether we opt to sell homes, clothes, financial services, or fitness.  This just happens to be a something that has extreme value, has incredible support behind it (I’ve never seen the level of Customer Service Isagenix is renowned for in ANY organization), and stimulates gratitude and appreciation.

I’ll put a small invite out there.  I am looking to add 6 new associates to my team, six people who are committed to fitness either professionally or in their own lives (you don’t have to be personally fit as some of the strongest advocates are those who found fitness and enhanced health with Isagenix), six people who want to take the ceiling off of their income potential and start finding new reward.  This is an opportunity that allows you to “be in business” immediately, and start seeing real financial reward in weeks if not sooner.

Whether you’re interested only as a product user or as a potential associate, email me personally, and next week I’ll set up appointments to speak with anyone who has interest.

The New Year is coming. Arm yourself.  This isn’t hype.  This isn’t a blow-out new-miracle magic-pill product push.  This is my belief system, my expertise, and the work of great scientists working together to help you move into a body you love, both inside and out.

Ear Buds, I’m Sorry.

Ear buds headphone

About 10 days ago I walked into a small fitness center and was upset by the absence of human contact.  Everyone in the gym appeared hypnotized by whatever was speaking or singing to them as wires hung from their ears.  I rarely post on Facebook, but I started a thread that led to a near-disgust for those ear-things that have interrupted my personal perspective on a healthy society, a world where people converse, pay attention to each other, and keep connected with their immediate environment.  It was an all-out attack on those little plugs that pop into people’s ears to disconnect them from human connection.  I was almost flying the banner to ban the ear bud.

When I’m wrong, I admit it.  Right here, right now, I apologize to all headphones and ear buds and admit I was unfairly quick to criticize them.  On a flight home from Phoenix this week, I learned the error of my misdirected critique.

Before boarding I looked at my electronic boarding pass.

A39.  Not a bad number.

Any “A” boarding pass is likely to get an available aisle seat when you’re flying on Southwest. I was.

I walked onto the plane with the A’s 31 – 60, and sure enough, spied an aisle seat in Row 18.  Beautiful.  I sat down, tucked my laptop bag under the seat in front of me, and watched the line of people boarding the plane hoping the middle seat next to me remained open.

The lady with the horrible perfume thankfully passed me by, as did the man with the hacking cough and the very overweight woman who hit everyone with her giant purse as she worked her way toward the back.  They said it was going to be a full flight, but amazingly, nobody sat next to me.  I wasn’t the least bit offended.  An accounting student sat near the window, and after the preliminary niceties, she was locked in with her ear buds in her ears, her laptop in the seat pocket, and an empty seat between us.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, just when I thought Lady Luck had shined upon me, they boarded.  The last two.  A man and woman in their 70’s.  Cute in a senior sort of way.  They’d obviously been together for a long time.  They had similar mannerisms and she barked rhetorical questions and follow-up orders at him as they shuffled toward the back.

“Marvin, did you remember to bring the sandwiches?  Don’t put them in the bin.  And keep my water pills in your pocket.”

Marvin appeared immune to her verbalizations.  He didn’t smile much, but he looked determined to put an end to this aisle-borne assault.

The flight attendant politely but firmly asked them to sit themselves down and buckle in.

“We can’t leave the gate until everyone’s seated.  There aren’t any seats together.  There’s a middle seat in Row 18 and another in Row 29.

Marvin and his wife looked at the seat next to me, sadly lowering their eyes.  My brain said, “c’mon Phil, do it,” and so I did.

“Here, you can have my seat so you can sit together.  I’ll take 29E.”  I grabbed my laptop bag stepped out of their way, and hoped a supermodel was sitting in seat 29 D or F.  Nope.  In 29 F was a guy with a hoodie.  I couldn’t even see his face.  On the aisle sat a girl with a nose ring, the kind that wraps around the outside of the nostril like a tiny misplaced hoop, and I believe her hair was . . . purple.  Well, maybe bluish.  It’s OK.  They were quiet, they didn’t smell, and they weren’t taking up too much room, so I strapped myself in to the middle seat.  It was only then that I heard the crying.  Not ear-splitting crying, but enough to know there was a baby in Row 30.

As we left the gate and moved toward the runway, the baby cried louder . . . and louder.  In fact, it was so loud it sounded like the waah waah sound was coming from two babies.  That’s when the woman across the aisle, in 29C, looked to the seat behind me and asked, “are they twins?”

Yikes!  Crying baby sounds in stereo . . . and this was a 4 ½ hour flight!  That wasn’t the bad part.  I can be forgiving of babies crying as I’ve been that guy with the crying baby . . . and I can empathize with the parents.  Their 4 ½ hours would certainly seem much longer than mine.  The bad part was, the Dad had a trick to make them stop crying (although when it “worked,” it was only a momentary pause). Yes, papa had a trick.  He barked like a dog.  Like a big dog.  Honestly.

“Woof, Woof.”

30 minutes into the flight I prayed for quiet.  I was becoming numb to the crying, but that infernal barking reminded me to be thankful that my neighbors do not have barking dogs.

Ah, there’s the word.  Thankful.  On this Thanksgiving Day I’m taking a far broader approach to the things I’m thankful for.

“Waaaah, waaah, ruff, ruff, woof, woof, grrrrrrrufffff.”  It went on and on and while I dug into my laptop bag and . . . my prayers were answered.  Ear buds!  I had them from my last Jet Blue flight.  For the rest of the flight I propped up my LG tablet, phones plugged firmly in, connected to Southwest Wifi, and watched People’s Court, Judge Judy, This Week in the NFL and Fox News.

So, I must admit, there is a time and place to shut out the world around you, to appreciate technology and its ability to transport you away from the sounds of the world when they become a bit too daunting.

I apologize ear buds.  I appreciate you.  I am thankful for you.

Am I so shallow I’m only thankful for tiny technological audio deliverers that fit inside my ear canal?  Of course not, but it’s a metaphor for the things we once tried to wish away, until we find the good.

My parents infernal nagging when I was a kid making bad decisions (some reallllly bad decisions) seemed so unnecessarily bothersome, and today I’m thankful for having grown up with the greatest parents in the world.

Mr. Contrada, my Junior High School principal, recently deceased, helped to create a life I live with Integrity as through his “lectures” he taught me the meaning of the word.  While I cringed at the thought of Contrada ripping my head off, as an adult I am thankful for the many hours I sat in his office (OK, I wasn’t the most well-behaved student from Grade 7 – 9 but my heart was in the right place).

My mistaken Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2007 seemed like a true horror, until I realize it send me on a journey where I not only discovered I didn’t have the wrongly-diagnosed disease, but the road I traveled upon, a road I never would have encountered, took me to a new position where I have yet a greater power to influence others and facilitate life-altering change.

My loss of virtually everything I owned due to mold contamination after Hurricane Wilma gave me a new perspective on those things that are really important, and while that chapter seemed like a tip toe through mayhem, it led me to a place of greater peace, a place where I’ve come to recognize the caring of those around me, the internal strength and life-force granted me by a force far greater than that that which I could ever summon alone, and an opportunity to renew, to rebuild, and to grow.

I am thankful for those accidental acquaintances turned mentors, for the amazing lessons I’ve learned from my now 11-year-old daughter, and for the opportunity to, together with my ex-wife, co-parent and shape a life that I believe will bring something amazing to this world.  I’m thankful for the extended family that my daughter receives love from, and for the great friends, teachers, and students who have enriched the process of bettering the lives of others.

I have a great deal to be thankful for, and I’m spending today in a true state of gratitude, but I did feel it important, as I direct my RAS toward pure appreciation of the blessings that surround us, to construct this apology to ear buds everywhere.

Ear buds, I appreciate you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

When Digging Through Garbage Pays Off

It started out like any other Monday.  Well, not really.  I mean, the sun came up, I had my “Max 10” list of intended accomplishments for the day, but . . . I awoke in the home of my ex-wife and her husband.  Odd?  Maybe, but there’s an explanation.  Amy and Tom went to Cancun for the weekend.  My daughter shares her time between her Mom and I, so when her Mom and step-dad leave town on “my” weekend, I stay with my daughter at their house.  That way the cats get fed without having to rely on the kid who lives next store and the barn where my daughter rides is right down the street.

You see?  Not so odd.  Sure most ex-wives and husbands are in eternal battle, but we aren’t.  We love each other, created an amazing kid, and realized we weren’t meant to be together, in that way, for life.  We divorced but stayed very connected and while that may be rare, I believe that’s the way it should be.

So, I awoke in Amy and Tom’s home, but on the tail end of Spring Break was a “teacher’s workday.”  That meant my daughter had the day off and we would have fun, swimming, or beaching, or . . . going to a movie.  I arranged my day so I’d be free to conduct my Added Bonus Week #12 of ALIVE Across America webinar at 7 PM.

At 2:10, we walked into the Wellington 8 Theater and braced ourselves in Theater #8 for 90 minutes of the Sponge Bob Movie (you may not be a Sponge Bob fan, but I must admit, both Sponge Bob and Patrick are really good actors).  We left the theater, went back to the car . . . and that’s when the simple plan for the day unraveled.  I didn’t have my car key.  It’s a key fob that opens the door electronically, and it was nowhere on my being (isn’t it weird how we keep looking in the same place hoping it’ll magically appear?  I checked my right pants pocket at least 50 times).  We went back to the theater but they had already swept the floor.  No key was found.

I concluded that I left the key in the house.  It has quite a range and I’ve been able to start the car with the key in the house in the past (not a good thing but a reality).  I didn’t want my daughter to see me upset, so we laughed, went across the street to Tijuana Flats, just beat the rain storm, and ordered Burritos (cheat day).  I broke out my Uber app and within 12 minutes Charles showed up in a black Dodge Charger to drive us back to the house to get the key.  It should have been simple.  Charles drops us at the house, I get my key, and later in the day someone simply drives me back to my car.  At 7 PM I hang out with my ALIVE Across America group sharing insights for Week #12, and all is well with the world.

Here’s the kicker.  The key wasn’t in the house!  Now what?  I called my friend Gabe who works at Fort Lauderdale BMW (call him if you’re looking for a new car) and asked him what I could do.  I could summarize his kind, caring, but helpless response as, “Phil, you’re f*cked.”

I called the BMW service center.  A very nice empathetic lady answered.  She understood the dilemma, clearly this wasn’t the first time she heard of such a challenge, but she sort of echoed Gabe’s response.

“Here’s what you have to do.  Bring your registration and license to Braman BMW so they know you’re really the owner of the car, and order a key.  They can rush it to you and you can have it by Thursday afternoon.”

“Whaaaaaaaat?”  That wasn’t going to work.  Plus . . . my registration was locked in the car, with my house keys!

“OK, Phil, then you have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, get a copy of your registration, then go to Braman . . . “

I was pretty sure I did NOT have a spare key, but something said “go to your house and check,” so I left Brooke with Zach, the kid across the street who has very responsible parents, and drove my ex-wife’s car to my house.  Now remember, my keys were in the car, so I had to ring my neighbor’s bell to get a key (thankfully I gave them a key in the event of a situation precisely like this).  My neighbor, although very sweet, wasn’t happy because the doorbell woke her 4 year old son who is sick with a fever.  Ugh.

I thanked her, apologized, went into my home, and I turned the house upside down.  I found myself looking in ridiculous places and finally had to come to terms with the facts.  No spare key.  It was now about 6 PM.  I had to get back to my daughter before my ex-wife got home, and I was all set up for the webinar in their house.

I sat and thought.

I was going to have to tow my car, rent a car, go to Motor Vehicles, and on and on and on.  It’s amazing how far-reaching losing the key proved to be.  I called my friend Jessica and asked her if she could start the webinar for me, just by opening up the virtual room and welcoming people as they arrived.  Jessica said, “if it were me, I’d get some industrial gloves that come up past my elbows and dig through the garbage in the movie theater.”

“Jess, that’s crazy.”

“Well, that’s what I would do.”

I thought it through.  The only place it could be was swept up in the mess of popcorn and sticky candy and soda that fills a movie theater floor.  I called the movie theater and spoke to Tyler.  Nice kid, but not prepared for this call.

“Tyler, I’m going to Home Depot, getting industrial gloves, and coming there to dig through your trash because someone swept up my car key in Theater #8 after the 2:10 Sponge Bob movie.”

I can’t let you do that.  I’ll have to get my manager.

“Get your manager.”

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“I’m on my way to Home Depot to get industrial gloves and then I’m coming to find my keys in one of your trash bags.”

He clearly thought I was crazy, but at this point I was determined.

My phone chirped.  A text.  Amy had landed.  “We’re on the ground.”

Yikes, Amy coming home, my daughter with a friend, my key in the trash, the need to call a tow truck and rent a car . . . . and a 7 PM webinar?  Something had to give.

On the way to Home Depot I called Jessica again.  “As much as I hate to do it, please let the ALIVErs know, I have to cancel tonight’s webinar.  They can continue with the Week #11 routine (there are only  a few slight options I was going to present for Week #12). “

As Jessica sat at her computer, my phone chirped again.  Another text.

“Getting on the Turnpike, be home soon.”

It was 6:50 PM, I was in the Home Depot parking lot, and my cell phone rang with a 561 number I didn’t recognize.


“Mr. Kaplan, I had my janitor go through the trash and he found your key!”

I screamed.  I didn’t have to get my car towed.  Didn’t have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Didn’t have to pay $400 plus rush charges for a replacement key.  Didn’t have to go to Braman and order a key that would arrive on Thursday.  What a relief.  What I did, however, was cancel the webinar, and I hate that.

I will add one more session next week and urge everyone in the program to simply repeat Week #11.  Next week I’ll be in L.A., and will in a very relaxed manner, begin the webinar at 7 PM Eastern, 4:00 my time.

I counted.  I have done well over 750 seminar appearances, well over 450 webinars, and until yesterday had only had to cancel four times.  I wish I could say I never had to cancel.  I know this was a lame excuse, but in the moment, I felt stuck, and . . . I needed to get home before Amy arrived to find an empty house.

I got my key, zipped back to Amy’s house, grabbed my daughter from the neighbor, and as Amy and Tom came in all tanned and tired, all was in fact well in the world.  Except . . . I missed the webinar.  Did I say I hate that?  I do.  What makes it even worse is, two weeks ago my Dad, who’s in a wheelchair after a bad fall, needed some additional assistance in getting to my daughter’s birthday party and that chain of events led to another uncharacteristic webinar cancellation.

So here’s my promise.  Since I’ve only cancelled, now 5, out of over 1200 seminars / webinars, I feel safe saying, it won’t happen again for quite some time (never say never).  I apologize to the members of the group and thank all of you for your understanding.  It wasn’t an emergency as much as a chain of events that threw a wrinkle into my well-planned day.

Next Monday, at 7 PM Eastern, I’ll present, live, interactively, what will now be Week #13.

The next ALIVE Across America program begins April 6 and I invite all of the current participants to come on through it again.

I’m also conducting my 75-minute Better and Better webinar on Tuesday, March 31, and you can register now at

If you haven’t yet gone through ALIVE, register for the webinar.  Also, invite anyone you know who’s struggling with declining health, weight loss resistance, or a body that isn’t as it should be.

Is there a moral here?  I’m not sure.  I am glad Jessica prompted me to consider Digging Through Trash.  I’m thankful, once I had the willingness, I didn’t have to do it, but had I not considered getting into the muck, I’d likely be at the Department of Motor Vehicles right now.

All in all, I’m thankful and appreciate the forgiving nature of those who find positive physical change with the ALIVE program!

Why Do They Fail?

We are in the last week (Week 10) of my ALIVE Across America program and the emails and phone calls I’ve received are continued testimony to the benefits of empowerment, a sense of community, and a true technology of change.  ALIVE changes lives for the better, gradually, consistently, and without any guilt, deprivation, or struggle.

Group of fitness people. Isolated over white background.If this group of progressive exercisers, ranging from 16 to 81, can better their bodies and lives in only 10 weeks, why do so many fail, despite valiant attempts at change?  I can answer that.  After 30 years in the trenches as a fitness professional and health catalyst, I can say, every failed fitness attempt, barring injury or the unwillingness to try, stems from the very same root cause.


The underlying cause of EVERY failed fitness attempt is related to either, an absence of the right information or a subconscious clinging to false beliefs.


As fitness professionals work to effectively improve upon the physiques and performance abilities of the fit and near-fit, the largest segment of our adult population fails miserably as they progress toward chronic disease and accumulation of fat.  Fitness professionals have not been effectively trained in the differences between prompting change in the fit population, and prompting long-term improvement in what we can now  call the average American.

In a teleconference with one of my Be Better coaching groups, one of the high level personal trainers in the group triggered a bit of a rant.  He referenced the difficulty in getting people to even listen to truth, and the comment set me off.  Not in a bad way.  In a deep-down honest way where my frustrations with today’s realities poured out along with my firm commitment to solutions (I’ll invite you to listen in a moment).

Tomorrow night (or tonight, depending on when you’re reading this), Tuesday, September 9, I’m conducting my 75-minute Better and Better webinar.  It empowers people in a stunning way with science and truth.  If you haven’t yet registered, I’d urge you to be there.  I’ll share the registration link below.

First, I thought you might want to eavesdrop on a few minutes of my rant, just to get a sense of the passion, the frustration, and the solutions to helping people find their optimal health and well being in a 21st century world where it just isn’t easy.

Listen here (then come back to this page):


OK, so if you’re reading, I assume you listened, and if you listened, you now understand why webinars have proven to be a vital vehicle for me to share the realities, to allow people insights into the simplicity of change in a world where it all seems so confusing.

Register for the Better and Better webinar, Tuesday, September 9, at 7 PM Eastern Time, and get an entirely new perspective on your true potential.  Learn how to lose fat, improve health, reverse disease progression, and restore energy and vitality regardless of any past attempts.

Register now.

True transformation begins not only with a step, but with a series of directed and strategic steps reliant upon a sound technology of change, an approach that cannot fail!

Fat To Fit Before After 3D Man Weight Loss Success


Register at:


Uh Oh.

If you haven’t registered, and you’re not presently thrilled with your body, your health, or your sense of well being, you’re being attacked by the procrastination monster.  He fills your head with questions and concerns.  I’ll take care of a few, then ask you to register one more time . . . 

Q. I just saw the picture.  It’s a man.  Is this a program for men?

A: Sure, and women as well.  As a matter of fact, in looking at the roster of folks of all ages who have found benefit with the ALIVE protocol, the program built upon the science shared in the webinar, it falls nearly 50 – 50 men and women.  You want another picture?  OK, here ya go . . . 

Fat To Fit Before After Diet Weight Loss Success


Q. I see there’s weight loss involved and I hate hate hate diets.  I am plagued by junk foods, I know they’re bad for me, but I just can’t go on a diet that forces me to trade my favorites for salad.

A. There is no sense of deprivation.  You never cut calories.  You learn to make better choices in a way that is fully  do-able, and you’ll be thrilled to know, not only will you likely eat as much or more than you have been eating, but you’ll learn to boost metabolism without ever feeling the need to give up the favorites.  Because the program is empowering, you’ll also learn to reduce or eliminate cravings, to become the creator of your appetite, and to rid yourself of any guilt feelings intrinsically attached to dieting.

Q. I’m not an exercise person.  I’ve tried but I never stick to it.

A. Adherence and compliance are addressed in depth in the program curriculum.  Nobody does it perfectly.  Nobody. Everyone who follows the program finds betterment.  Everyone.  Part of what you’ll learn relates to the mistake of exercise volume.  In the first week you’ll exercise only 9 minutes.  Honestly.  In the webinar you’ll learn why six movements and six minutes of aerobic exercise are all you need.  I know it sounds absurd, but that’s only because you’ve been misled for a very long time.

Learn the truth.

Register for the Better and Better webinar event, September 9 at 7 PM Eastern Time.


Nobody Gets Fat on Labor Day Unless . . .

Listen, nobody “sticks to their diet” on Labor Day, which is why after the summer Holiday weekends people feel guilty, self-critical, and all around rotten.



It isn’t humanly possible to get “out of shape” in a day or even in a weekend unless the celebration becomes an emotional or genetic trigger for continued bad behavior.  When you come to understand both, the complexity and simplicity of human metabolism (as I’ll teach you), you’ll realize that fat accumulation, abdominal adiposity (belly fat), obesity, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension are the results of long-term actions that insidiously flip genetic switches, programming you for an outcome other than health.  Remembering you can’t get fat or fatter in a day or a weekend, one of the healthiest things we can do in life is to find balance between betterment and celebration.  When I show you how to restore perfect health, and you begin taking a few simple actions, everything changes.  Most of all, guilt, regret, and self-criticism go buh-bye.

It’s fun to eat when you know you have control of metabolism.  Balance is the key.  That’s what I’m about to offer you the light on the other side of the weekend.

September 9, I’m conducting my Better and Better webinar.  I’ll share 16 secrets, six moves, and 24 seconds that will change your life, and I mean that with all sincerity.  You’ll learn why some of the diet strategies you think are healthy are perilous, why the mistake of “too much exercise” is plaguing our population, and how you can quickly and easily gain control of mindset, metabolism, and the way your body looks feels and functions.

After Labor Day, assuming slots are still available (only 70 spots are left right now), I’ll post a lengthier blog post asking you to enroll in this life-altering event, an event that you’ll “attend” from the comfort of your own home, but I’m inviting you to do something now.  Short circuit the guilt before it shows up!  Register now, then enjoy every reasonable temptation, every celebratory moment, and every bite of those less-than-perfect foods that will cross your line of sight.

Enjoy the end of summer, knowing that beginning September 9, you’ll have a new fail-proof strategy for undoing all of your past indulgences, for embarking on a path of being “Better and Better.”

I’ll give you one more simple tool.  Register for the webinar today, block out 75 minutes on your calendar on September 9 at 7 PM (and if you can’t, you can access the full recording 24 hours later), and I’ll send you 3 “notes” pages, all set up for you to learn and master the 16 secrets, the 6 moves, and the magic of the 24 second strategy that has been a miraculous vehicle for restoration of perfect health.

Click here, sign up now, and Tuesday morning, when the weekend is behind you, you’ll find the note pages in your Inbox.  Have them with you on September 9 and you’ll walk away with the greatest power you could wish for . . . the power to make your body better . . . and better!

Enjoy the weekend!  See you September 9, at 7 PM! The webinar is fully interactive. . . and if for any reason in the world you don’t find it to be worth the absurdly affordably $12.97 registration fee, you’ll be able to get an immediate refund (no refunds will be offered for non-attendance).

REGISTER.  NOW.  And celebrate Labor Day guilt free!



The word miracle has been so overused . . . and for years, decades, I’ve been battling advertisers who claimed there were weight loss miracles, muscle miracles, and miracle cure-alls.  Today I’m here to tell you, there are miracles, but none of them come in bottles, boxes, or containers.

The miracles are those that have existed for eons, the miraculous balance of nature, the miraculous state of health we’re born into, our bodies and their miraculous healing abilities, and the miracles of wind, rain, sunlight, soil, crops, the oceans, and the heavens.  We may not be fully capable of understanding or harnessing these miracles, but as we get closer, we realize they are not as much the outcomes of modern science as they are the uncovering of age-old realities mankind has yet to unravel.

Thankfully, we have scientists today with the wisdom to consider the ancient words of Plato, Socrates, and alchemists and philosophers of history as insights and truths, and the more we come to understand true health (in a world that man has manipulated to challenge the miracles of nature), the more we find we hold more of these secrets within our spirits, minds, and our collective consciousness than we might have imagined.

The A.L.I.V.E. program is changing bodies and lives, not because of new drugs, new supplements, or amazing innovations.  It works because it relies upon the innate miracles of healing that we can access with the proper strategies.

We can transform bodies, not because of new powdered formulas that promise steroid-like results, but because nature has equipped us with an innate power to connect with all that is pure and good and supportive of perfect cellular function.

We can restore lost health, not because of the drug companies’ pursuits in the hunt for profitable pharmaceuticals, but because if we begin to understand some of the vital keys to balance, we allow our bodies to undo the maladaptive programming that has become all-too-common in the 21st century.

In line with these perspectives, I want to share three things with you, three separate invites I hope you’ll consider.

  1. CHANGE YOUR BODY AND LIFE BEGINNING AUGUST 11!The next official ALIVE Across America group begins September 15th for only $25 a week, but because of the immense demand I’ve had, I opted to create a smaller group who will go through the program using recorded webinars beginning August 11.  It’s the same $25 per week, but there isn’t any need to wait until September.  You can start finding betterment right away! If you have interest, fire off a quick email to with SUBJECT: ALIVE NOW and I’ll respond with further details.  If you want to register for the September 15 group, do it now at
  2. AMAZING SEMINAR WITH MASURU EMOTO IN BOCA RATON!This is a biggie for my friends in South Florida. Masaru Emoto, The amazing author of The True Power of Water (and a host of other books), an esteemed Japanese researcher and doctor of alternative medicine who has documented the links between consciousness and the molecular structure of H2O, that material that compromises most of our physical bodies, is coming to Boca Raton for a rare speaking event.  The depths of possibility his theories open up run so far into health, healing, fitness, and cure, they may work to completely shift our entire paradigm.  I have no agenda in telling you this other than to share.  I’m attending, sitting in the audience, purely as a student.  It’s this Wednesday evening.  I wouldn’t miss it, and there are seats available.  It’s being hosted by the Kabbalah Center, 8111 W Palmetto Park Road in Boca.  It is pretty close to capacity so send an email to and tell her you’re a friend of mine as soon as you decide you’re attending.  She’ll register you and direct you further (Seats are $32).  Also send me an email ( if you’re coming so I can look for you there and say hi.  If you’re not sure, if you’ve never heard of Masaru Emoto, if you never saw What the Bleep Do We Know, or if you’re just plain curious, just do a Google search on Emoto and Water and decide for yourself if this is as special an event as I believe it to be.
  3. REVERSE HIGH BLOOD PRESSUREI’ve witnessed miraculous (yes, miraculous) shifts in chronic disease conditions as people have come to understand and apply the science behind my A.L.I.V.E. protocol. To heighten awareness of the roots of this “science” I’m writing a book, scheduled for release early next year titled, The Six Point Secret to Perfect Health.  The challenge has been getting people who rely upon medications to better understand their conditions and take steps to release the natural power their bodies have to heal using specific exercise, eating, and lifestyle strategies.  High blood pressure afflicts near 40% of our adult population and I’ve found most people I’ve met harboring the condition are misinformed.  In an attempt to deliver insight that’s science based but understandable, I posted an article on Hypertension at a developing website,  If you’d be kind enough to read the article and provide some feedback, I’d appreciate it, and if you see fir, I urge you to forward it to anyone you know who has hypertension or has a history of blood pressure elevations.

So . . . in summary . . . be observant.  Notice the miracles around you, and start to consider, at a higher level, the miracles that come along with breath, love, talent, and human connection and while it’s a far cry from the paradigm that says “take a pill and fix the ailment,” you’ll gradually start to recognize the hidden powers that have always been here . . . the ones we’re just too involved in pursuit of new miracles to appreciate.

A Note to ALIVErs (for everyone)

Originally I wrote this specifically for the ALIVE Across America members, but I decided to post it to my blog, as the strategy . . . the integration of active recovery into an exercise lifestyle, applies to anyone.  “Active recovery” refers to the other end of the stress scale, the vital recuperative activities that allow stress to make you stronger . . . better.  Many exercise attempts fail to bear fruit because of the absence of an understanding of this vital balance.

Talk to any adult human being living in 2014 between the ages of 22 and 72 and ask a simple question, “how’s your stress level.”  Then . . . back up.  It’ll come pouring out in your direction and might not stop for awhile.

Empty toilet paper roll on white isolated background. 3dIf there’s any unfulfilled need, any short supply, any want beyond today’s possessions, there’s going to be stress, and everything else simply adds to the load.

Boyfriend problem?  Stress.  Girlfriend issue?  Stress.  Kids in high school?  Stress.  Kids in college?  Stress.  Health concerns?  Stress.  Rising costs, unexpected expenditures, compromises in income, shifts in family, shifts in home situation, shifts in relationships?  Stress, stress, stress, stress, stress.

When I speak of ALIVErs, I’m referring to the group of newly educated and transformed individual who have experienced the transformational power of the ALIVE protocol.  ALIVErs are not typical adults.  Throughout the 10 weeks of the program they come to understand stress as an important part of what we’re all made to handle, and to benefit from.  The trick lies in “handling it” by keeping in balanced with the body’s innate and acquired ability to recuperate.  With your physical body, in going through ALIVE, you’ve taken on stress, used it for developing some new toughness, and allowed the innate adaptation process to work in your favor by understanding and managing the balance between what we call “Stress Load” and “Recovery.”

Stress Level Conceptual Meter Indicating MaximumStress Load is inclusive of emotional stress, toxic stress, exhaustive stress (lack of sleep), and physical stress.  In that we realize that if stressors are high, exercise stress must be well managed.  “Too much exercise” (specifically defined for each individual circumstance) can push an individual beyond the limits of stress tolerance.  As we gradually add intensity, volume, or enhanced challenge to our routines, we must also appreciate the importance of the Recovery side of the scale.

The ALIVE Across America program is designed so you slowly progress from a 9-minute low-stress routine to a fully efficient challenge that increases significantly over the course of 10 weeks.  As physical stress is increased, we want to ensure the body gets better at utilizing oxygen, at maximizing oxidative muscle fiber, and of recruiting the parasympathetic recovery system to follow physical exertion with relaxed metabolic optimization.  Big words.  What they amount to is . . . as we increase exercise, we also increase recovery.

The 10-week program strategically teaches you to manage energy output with downtime and healing.  After you complete the program once, you have developed an intuitive understanding of increasing challenge, and there’s a tendency to jump into the next go-around more aggressively, with a greater focus on “more.”  Here’s where it might be in your best interest to consider another element of recovery.

Close up portrait of hard laughing young man. Isolated on whiteLaughter is a powerful state that contributes to the body’s recuperative ability.  It drives the formation and circulation of endorphins, neurotransmitters, and endocrine compounds that lead to relaxation of smooth muscle tissue, reduction in adrenal activity, and enhanced cellular repair.  Love is an emotion that likewise produces neurotransmitters that tend to make the body better (at least in the early stages of a new relationship).  Incorporating new laughter and love can create almost magical healing.

As you have increased the intensity of your training, you have to find new ways to aid in recovery, and that’s why the Four Days You Love concept should work wonders for you.


This is a strategy I use with roundtables I conduct for executives in the fitness field.  They’re all stressed by employee issues, revenues, costs, and the constant never-ending chaos that emerges when you open the doors of a health club and allow living minds and bodies to enter.  Add in an attempt to balance work and family life and “Stress Load” hits maximum levels.  For them, the idea of “Days You Love” is not an option, but a must.

The concept is, block out four days on the calendar, ideally one per week, during which nothing enters other than joy.  If you have to go to the dentist, the Day You Love is off limits. If you have a stressful meeting to schedule, it can’t happen on a Day You Love.

Some choose to schedule beach days, others choose to do the things they most love about their jobs.

Singer Girl SingingIf you love to dance, dance, if you love to sing, sing.  Finger paint.  Roller blade.  Roll down a grassy hill and relive your childhood.  A Day You Love isn’t necessarily a vacation day (as even those, at times, can be stressful) but rather a stress-less recuperative day during which you enjoy every moment.

Some opt to set aside time with their families, others opt to set up “time with the guys” or “girls day out.”  It can be a Spa Day, an outing to a sporting event, a backyard barbecue, or for adventurers, a day of kayaking through the Everglades.  It shouldn’t include scheduled exercise, but if you love running, it can include a morning run or a scenic jog on some terrain that you enjoy.

Having FunIf you love tennis, softball, or flag football, these become ideal activities for Days You Love.  It’s personal to you.   Nobody else can effectively schedule a Day You Love.  You have to.  It’s a great exercise in balance, and in recovery.

So . . . for those of you who are going through the program again . . . and consciously challenging yourself at increasing levels, consider implementing this strategy . . . scheduling Four Days You Love, one per week over the next four weeks, and if you’re comfortable with it, reporting both as to your plans and your outcome.  Because ALIVE is designed to integrate into your lifestyle, this counts as a part of your “program.”

Do it.  Love it.  It all serves to make you . . . . Better!


Note: Find details on ALIVE Across America at