The New Fitness Truth

In addition to my radio programs, seminars, and articles, I have stepped forward into the world of blogging.  When I started identifying and challenging fitness fraud and diet deception, calorie deprivation disguised as panaceas, supplements touted as magic, and exercise devices exploiting the home buying marketplace were the norm.  Today, it’s a different world.  Misinformation runs rampant, but to complicate matters further, the food industry has become a maze that even nutritional experts have difficulty finding their way through.  Symptom managing drugs that fail to cure conditions mask many of the markers of chronic disease, our air and water become more toxic with the expanse of “chemical solutions,” and the public is more confused than ever.

Through the beginnings of this new century, my education has taken on some new direction, and as I work with the most progressive pioneers in the medical community, the scientific community, and of course, the fitness community, I strive to further serve the men, women, and children who deserve to live their lives with optimal health, perfect function, and avoidance of the chronic diseases that have become all too common.

Phil Kaplan



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