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5,000 New Bodies & Minds

May 22, 2016

I know it sounds crazy, but . . . I am committing to help 5,000 people move toward better health and fitness in the next 30 days!  I’ll explain further details as to how this mission “hit me,” why it’s taken my focus and heart, and precisely how I’m going to reach 5,000 in need, but for now, if you landed here I suspect you want change.  If you want a better body, inside, outside, or both, go immediately to:

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And for now, that’s all I have to say about that.


Don’t Attend Unless You Want Excellence

May 16, 2016

Tonight (Tuesday, May 17, at 7 PM Eastern) I’m conducting my One Thing Webinar.  It will change you for the better.  75 minutes will completely empower you to boost metabolism, lose fat, and begin movement toward what we might call perfect health.

Should you attend?  Yes!  If there’s anything plaguing you related to your body, your reflection, your energy level, or your sense of well being . . . you want to be there.

If you’ve sought relief from some chronic condition (nothing serious “just a condition”), if your doctor suggested meds for hypothyroidism, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes or a blood sugar issue, or if you suffer with sleep or energy compromise, you want to be there.

“There” is in front of your computer.  This event is conducted, for a total of 75 minutes, live . . . but all online.

There are plenty of reasons you can find to NOT attend this webinar.  You want a couple?  OK, try these on for size:

“It can’t be any good if it’s only $18 with a money-back guarantee.” 

That’s a pretty good excuse to talk yourself out of coming. I’ll continue . . .

You can opt for, “what can this guy really teach me in 75 minutes.” That should also turn off any likelihood of getting results.

Of course, you can go in the other direction, the direction of betterment.  You can realize that the guy writing this is the same guy who’s conducting the seminar and he isn’t likely to make promises he can’t keep.  You can consider that he (me) has been a respected fitness professional, a teacher of trainers, an author, speaker, and high level consultant of health practitioners worldwide for over 30 years, and if he’s doing a rare inexpensive event, maybe, just maybe, it can change your life.


You’ll learn a great deal, but what will amaze you is, the health conditions of 65% of adult Americans, the struggle of anyone who has gained weight after the age of 30 and had trouble losing it, the reasons your diet failed, your exercise didn’t work, and your motivation drops into the toilet all come down to One Thing.

What’s “the one thing” you ask? 

Of course that’s what you’re asking . . . but you also realize I’m not going to tell you right now.  I’m going to tell you this evening at 7 PM Eastern Time in a 75-minute webinar that will change your life. 


It’s not that I’m being all secretive, and of course there’s an element of marketing here because I want you to want to attend, but I promise you, The One Thing is the real key, the true secret to delivering health improvement in a population riddled with misinformation and confusion.

The One Thing you’ll learn is more than a principle.  It’s an actual strategy that, when you understand it, will give you a power.  The power to change for the better.

Also know, telling you “the thing” isn’t enough.  Tonight, I’ll not only reveal it, I’ll show you how you can utilize it and I’ll provide you with an exercise and eating strategy that allow you to begin to undo any decline you’ve experienced in health and well-being, allow to literally reverse movement along what I call the dis-ease continuum, and steer you back toward perfect health.


  • Learn why the foods you thought were healthy may be moving you in the wrong direction
  • Learn why health club exercise programs may speed the aging process. Yes, I said SPEED AGING.
  • Learn why the Hayflick effect is the most important discovery in anti-aging science and how we can use it to maintain youth and resist disease.
  • Learn why a common maladaptation in the immune system and why “stress load” is the primary cause of weight loss resistance.
  • Learn why “counting calories” is archaic and has virtually no value in a long-term weight loss program.
  • Learn why a little-known connection between the immune system and nervous system can literally screw up every hope of results and how it’s easily corrected
  • Learn how you can simply correct the most common hormonal imbalances without drugs
  • Learn how a 9-minute routine can out-do any lengthier workout in terms of results
  • Learn why 6 minutes a day of aerobic exercise is “enough” to lose fat and improve cardiorespiratory endurance.
  • Learn why most of what you’ve learned regarding health comes from outdated science and how we now know you can change anything . . . even your genetics . . . if you know “the One Thing.”

I know this sounds a bit scientific (it is) but it will be delivered in a way that you get a series of “a-ha’s.”  In other words, you’ll “get it.”  75 minutes after we begin, you’ll understand:

  • How a 9-minute routine can radically improve energy, health, and leanness
  • How you can eat, and eat, and boost metabolism.
  • How to move toward perfect health without excessive dieting or intensive exercise.
  • How to change “One Thing” and free yourself from health / fitness struggles permanently.

Good enough?

OK, then register, and I’ll see you tonight!!

Phil Kaplan