Confusion Underlies America’s Fitness Woes

I was just having lunch in a small busy cafe and at the next table two men, I’d guess in their 80’s, took turns reading articles out of magazines . . . out loud.  VERY LOUD!

“Donald Trump snubbed by Republicans.”  I half listened, not by intention, as the skinnier of the two men turned up the volume and read the article.  Next, the chubbier fellow pushed his glasses halfway down his nose and began.

“Terrorist plot uncovered in Texas.”  Several heads perked up, but his high-decibel drone allowed everyone to drift and return to their food.

Droning complete.  Skinny guy goes.

“Research shows lettuce is more dangerous than bacon!”  Now he had my attention.  “A vegetarian diet could lead to greater risk of heart attack than a high fat diet.”  In cases like this I want to scream.

“Everyone, everyone . . . pay attention.  Listen up.  You’re all being confused and misled.  Lettuce isn’t your foe, nor is bacon.  It is purely misunderstanding and manipulation by the food companies who are clouding your brain with well-processed mental garbage.”

I am bold, but not quite that bold.  I wish I could find the balls to stand up every time I hear evidence of nutritional confusion.

Here’s a reality.  Fat is not bad.  Cholesterol is NOT the reason for heart attacks.  Avoiding fat and consuming fruits and vegetables is far from the solution for the masses those in nutritional fantasy land would like us to believe.

It’s now been over 30 years that I’ve been helping people find new health and fitness, and the greatest obstacle remains, misinformation.  It isn’t as simple as to include a capsule or two, eliminate a couple of foods, and consume Brussel sprouts (although that one wouldn’t hurt).

Very simply, a strategic exercise program balancing stress load and recovery combined with ingestion of natural proteins, fats, and anti-oxidant laden natural plant foods is a formula that can prevent, even reverse the epidemics in chronic disease.

While a single product will never be a solution, there is a product line I’ve committed to and as I move into 2016, I want to share it without bias.

It’s now been near 3 years that I’ve been selling Isagenix products.

This isn’t a pitch..  It’s simply me doing what I do, sharing information, and in that I want you to understand why I stand behind a product line sold via direct marketing (multi-level marketing).

Isagenix uses the whey protein I would have used in my own powders were I able to afford it.   I wasn’t, so I stopped selling my proprietary EAT! Formula after 20 years of profitability and bought my grass-fed New Zealand Whey Protein from Isagenix.  That’s where it started.  Since then, my friend and mentor, Dr. Michael  Colgan, one of the most revered sports nutrition experts in the world, came on as their lead scientist.  I spoke to the founders.  I used the products.  I looked at the research, and with time I came to understand the virtues of their Product B (aimed at telomere preservation . . .a vital piece of healthy aging), their Ionix Supreme (a liquid mix of fruit extracts and herbs serving as adaptogens with an innate property for improving cellular function, and a host of other products all developed with the same integrity and commitment to science.

I know the stigma attached to MLM.  It took me awhile to get past it.  In that “while,” I watched as those who went through my ALIVE program and used the 30 Day Isagenix Kit LOST MORE FAT than those who simply followed the program.  I watched my Dad’s cognition improve after we made a shot of Ionix in the morning a part of his regimen.  I’ve had over 100 clients thanked me for introducing them to Isagenix.  I’ve had scores of respected ethical personal trainers get past their own resistance (due to the MLM stigma) and start achieving greater results in their own lives as well as in the lives of the clients who used the Isagenix line.

Complaints?  No, not a once, at least not from anyone who connected with the product line through me.  I’m sure if this is posted on Facebook there will be some disparaging comments, but they’re NEVER from my customers.  Never.

I can speak at length about whether or not the products are really natural, whether or not they should be contraindicated for individuals with specific medical conditions, and how they stack up against health food store brands and other direct marketing products, but pay attention to the point I’m making.

I use the products.  My clients use the products.  My father uses the products.  My friends in fitness use the products.  The scrutiny has been extreme, and I’m standing behind it.  It’s passed every step of my own stringent filters, and . . . the “thank you’s” pour in.

Is there any shame in multi-level marketing? No, at least not if you’re getting efficacious products into the bodies of people who find benefit.  We all “sell” something to find just compensation, whether we opt to sell homes, clothes, financial services, or fitness.  This just happens to be a something that has extreme value, has incredible support behind it (I’ve never seen the level of Customer Service Isagenix is renowned for in ANY organization), and stimulates gratitude and appreciation.

I’ll put a small invite out there.  I am looking to add 6 new associates to my team, six people who are committed to fitness either professionally or in their own lives (you don’t have to be personally fit as some of the strongest advocates are those who found fitness and enhanced health with Isagenix), six people who want to take the ceiling off of their income potential and start finding new reward.  This is an opportunity that allows you to “be in business” immediately, and start seeing real financial reward in weeks if not sooner.

Whether you’re interested only as a product user or as a potential associate, email me personally, and next week I’ll set up appointments to speak with anyone who has interest.

The New Year is coming. Arm yourself.  This isn’t hype.  This isn’t a blow-out new-miracle magic-pill product push.  This is my belief system, my expertise, and the work of great scientists working together to help you move into a body you love, both inside and out.

One thought on “Confusion Underlies America’s Fitness Woes

  1. Hi Phil. As usual you are the voice of reason in the sea of confusion. I’m so thankful you have aligned with this incredible company. I’m fully convinced more and more day after day that everyone needs to have these products in their bodies. After helping over 8000 people with my team, i’ve seen firsthand the evidence is real. I personally have extraordinary health and immunity. My clients have exceeded personal records and Physique transformations greater that I’ve ever seen in 30 years and fitness. The residual income allowed me to spend my entire summer playing with my children and also to visit New Jersey from Dallas 14 times last year to spend it with my dad in his final days. Knowing what we know we can help anyone accelerate their health and wealth goals with this amazing company and products.

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