Why Do They Fail?

We are in the last week (Week 10) of my ALIVE Across America program and the emails and phone calls I’ve received are continued testimony to the benefits of empowerment, a sense of community, and a true technology of change.  ALIVE changes lives for the better, gradually, consistently, and without any guilt, deprivation, or struggle.

Group of fitness people. Isolated over white background.If this group of progressive exercisers, ranging from 16 to 81, can better their bodies and lives in only 10 weeks, why do so many fail, despite valiant attempts at change?  I can answer that.  After 30 years in the trenches as a fitness professional and health catalyst, I can say, every failed fitness attempt, barring injury or the unwillingness to try, stems from the very same root cause.


The underlying cause of EVERY failed fitness attempt is related to either, an absence of the right information or a subconscious clinging to false beliefs.


As fitness professionals work to effectively improve upon the physiques and performance abilities of the fit and near-fit, the largest segment of our adult population fails miserably as they progress toward chronic disease and accumulation of fat.  Fitness professionals have not been effectively trained in the differences between prompting change in the fit population, and prompting long-term improvement in what we can now  call the average American.

In a teleconference with one of my Be Better coaching groups, one of the high level personal trainers in the group triggered a bit of a rant.  He referenced the difficulty in getting people to even listen to truth, and the comment set me off.  Not in a bad way.  In a deep-down honest way where my frustrations with today’s realities poured out along with my firm commitment to solutions (I’ll invite you to listen in a moment).

Tomorrow night (or tonight, depending on when you’re reading this), Tuesday, September 9, I’m conducting my 75-minute Better and Better webinar.  It empowers people in a stunning way with science and truth.  If you haven’t yet registered, I’d urge you to be there.  I’ll share the registration link below.

First, I thought you might want to eavesdrop on a few minutes of my rant, just to get a sense of the passion, the frustration, and the solutions to helping people find their optimal health and well being in a 21st century world where it just isn’t easy.

Listen here (then come back to this page):



OK, so if you’re reading, I assume you listened, and if you listened, you now understand why webinars have proven to be a vital vehicle for me to share the realities, to allow people insights into the simplicity of change in a world where it all seems so confusing.

Register for the Better and Better webinar, Tuesday, September 9, at 7 PM Eastern Time, and get an entirely new perspective on your true potential.  Learn how to lose fat, improve health, reverse disease progression, and restore energy and vitality regardless of any past attempts.

Register now.

True transformation begins not only with a step, but with a series of directed and strategic steps reliant upon a sound technology of change, an approach that cannot fail!

Fat To Fit Before After 3D Man Weight Loss Success


Register at: http://yourhealthbeginsnow.com/75minutesregistration/


Uh Oh.

If you haven’t registered, and you’re not presently thrilled with your body, your health, or your sense of well being, you’re being attacked by the procrastination monster.  He fills your head with questions and concerns.  I’ll take care of a few, then ask you to register one more time . . . 

Q. I just saw the picture.  It’s a man.  Is this a program for men?

A: Sure, and women as well.  As a matter of fact, in looking at the roster of folks of all ages who have found benefit with the ALIVE protocol, the program built upon the science shared in the webinar, it falls nearly 50 – 50 men and women.  You want another picture?  OK, here ya go . . . 

Fat To Fit Before After Diet Weight Loss Success


Q. I see there’s weight loss involved and I hate hate hate diets.  I am plagued by junk foods, I know they’re bad for me, but I just can’t go on a diet that forces me to trade my favorites for salad.

A. There is no sense of deprivation.  You never cut calories.  You learn to make better choices in a way that is fully  do-able, and you’ll be thrilled to know, not only will you likely eat as much or more than you have been eating, but you’ll learn to boost metabolism without ever feeling the need to give up the favorites.  Because the program is empowering, you’ll also learn to reduce or eliminate cravings, to become the creator of your appetite, and to rid yourself of any guilt feelings intrinsically attached to dieting.

Q. I’m not an exercise person.  I’ve tried but I never stick to it.

A. Adherence and compliance are addressed in depth in the program curriculum.  Nobody does it perfectly.  Nobody. Everyone who follows the program finds betterment.  Everyone.  Part of what you’ll learn relates to the mistake of exercise volume.  In the first week you’ll exercise only 9 minutes.  Honestly.  In the webinar you’ll learn why six movements and six minutes of aerobic exercise are all you need.  I know it sounds absurd, but that’s only because you’ve been misled for a very long time.

Learn the truth.

Register for the Better and Better webinar event, September 9 at 7 PM Eastern Time.


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