Nobody Gets Fat on Labor Day Unless . . .

Listen, nobody “sticks to their diet” on Labor Day, which is why after the summer Holiday weekends people feel guilty, self-critical, and all around rotten.



It isn’t humanly possible to get “out of shape” in a day or even in a weekend unless the celebration becomes an emotional or genetic trigger for continued bad behavior.  When you come to understand both, the complexity and simplicity of human metabolism (as I’ll teach you), you’ll realize that fat accumulation, abdominal adiposity (belly fat), obesity, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension are the results of long-term actions that insidiously flip genetic switches, programming you for an outcome other than health.  Remembering you can’t get fat or fatter in a day or a weekend, one of the healthiest things we can do in life is to find balance between betterment and celebration.  When I show you how to restore perfect health, and you begin taking a few simple actions, everything changes.  Most of all, guilt, regret, and self-criticism go buh-bye.

It’s fun to eat when you know you have control of metabolism.  Balance is the key.  That’s what I’m about to offer you the light on the other side of the weekend.

September 9, I’m conducting my Better and Better webinar.  I’ll share 16 secrets, six moves, and 24 seconds that will change your life, and I mean that with all sincerity.  You’ll learn why some of the diet strategies you think are healthy are perilous, why the mistake of “too much exercise” is plaguing our population, and how you can quickly and easily gain control of mindset, metabolism, and the way your body looks feels and functions.

After Labor Day, assuming slots are still available (only 70 spots are left right now), I’ll post a lengthier blog post asking you to enroll in this life-altering event, an event that you’ll “attend” from the comfort of your own home, but I’m inviting you to do something now.  Short circuit the guilt before it shows up!  Register now, then enjoy every reasonable temptation, every celebratory moment, and every bite of those less-than-perfect foods that will cross your line of sight.

Enjoy the end of summer, knowing that beginning September 9, you’ll have a new fail-proof strategy for undoing all of your past indulgences, for embarking on a path of being “Better and Better.”

I’ll give you one more simple tool.  Register for the webinar today, block out 75 minutes on your calendar on September 9 at 7 PM (and if you can’t, you can access the full recording 24 hours later), and I’ll send you 3 “notes” pages, all set up for you to learn and master the 16 secrets, the 6 moves, and the magic of the 24 second strategy that has been a miraculous vehicle for restoration of perfect health.

Click here, sign up now, and Tuesday morning, when the weekend is behind you, you’ll find the note pages in your Inbox.  Have them with you on September 9 and you’ll walk away with the greatest power you could wish for . . . the power to make your body better . . . and better!

Enjoy the weekend!  See you September 9, at 7 PM! The webinar is fully interactive. . . and if for any reason in the world you don’t find it to be worth the absurdly affordably $12.97 registration fee, you’ll be able to get an immediate refund (no refunds will be offered for non-attendance).

REGISTER.  NOW.  And celebrate Labor Day guilt free!




The word miracle has been so overused . . . and for years, decades, I’ve been battling advertisers who claimed there were weight loss miracles, muscle miracles, and miracle cure-alls.  Today I’m here to tell you, there are miracles, but none of them come in bottles, boxes, or containers.

The miracles are those that have existed for eons, the miraculous balance of nature, the miraculous state of health we’re born into, our bodies and their miraculous healing abilities, and the miracles of wind, rain, sunlight, soil, crops, the oceans, and the heavens.  We may not be fully capable of understanding or harnessing these miracles, but as we get closer, we realize they are not as much the outcomes of modern science as they are the uncovering of age-old realities mankind has yet to unravel.

Thankfully, we have scientists today with the wisdom to consider the ancient words of Plato, Socrates, and alchemists and philosophers of history as insights and truths, and the more we come to understand true health (in a world that man has manipulated to challenge the miracles of nature), the more we find we hold more of these secrets within our spirits, minds, and our collective consciousness than we might have imagined.

The A.L.I.V.E. program is changing bodies and lives, not because of new drugs, new supplements, or amazing innovations.  It works because it relies upon the innate miracles of healing that we can access with the proper strategies.

We can transform bodies, not because of new powdered formulas that promise steroid-like results, but because nature has equipped us with an innate power to connect with all that is pure and good and supportive of perfect cellular function.

We can restore lost health, not because of the drug companies’ pursuits in the hunt for profitable pharmaceuticals, but because if we begin to understand some of the vital keys to balance, we allow our bodies to undo the maladaptive programming that has become all-too-common in the 21st century.

In line with these perspectives, I want to share three things with you, three separate invites I hope you’ll consider.

  1. CHANGE YOUR BODY AND LIFE BEGINNING AUGUST 11!The next official ALIVE Across America group begins September 15th for only $25 a week, but because of the immense demand I’ve had, I opted to create a smaller group who will go through the program using recorded webinars beginning August 11.  It’s the same $25 per week, but there isn’t any need to wait until September.  You can start finding betterment right away! If you have interest, fire off a quick email to with SUBJECT: ALIVE NOW and I’ll respond with further details.  If you want to register for the September 15 group, do it now at
  2. AMAZING SEMINAR WITH MASURU EMOTO IN BOCA RATON!This is a biggie for my friends in South Florida. Masaru Emoto, The amazing author of The True Power of Water (and a host of other books), an esteemed Japanese researcher and doctor of alternative medicine who has documented the links between consciousness and the molecular structure of H2O, that material that compromises most of our physical bodies, is coming to Boca Raton for a rare speaking event.  The depths of possibility his theories open up run so far into health, healing, fitness, and cure, they may work to completely shift our entire paradigm.  I have no agenda in telling you this other than to share.  I’m attending, sitting in the audience, purely as a student.  It’s this Wednesday evening.  I wouldn’t miss it, and there are seats available.  It’s being hosted by the Kabbalah Center, 8111 W Palmetto Park Road in Boca.  It is pretty close to capacity so send an email to and tell her you’re a friend of mine as soon as you decide you’re attending.  She’ll register you and direct you further (Seats are $32).  Also send me an email ( if you’re coming so I can look for you there and say hi.  If you’re not sure, if you’ve never heard of Masaru Emoto, if you never saw What the Bleep Do We Know, or if you’re just plain curious, just do a Google search on Emoto and Water and decide for yourself if this is as special an event as I believe it to be.
  3. REVERSE HIGH BLOOD PRESSUREI’ve witnessed miraculous (yes, miraculous) shifts in chronic disease conditions as people have come to understand and apply the science behind my A.L.I.V.E. protocol. To heighten awareness of the roots of this “science” I’m writing a book, scheduled for release early next year titled, The Six Point Secret to Perfect Health.  The challenge has been getting people who rely upon medications to better understand their conditions and take steps to release the natural power their bodies have to heal using specific exercise, eating, and lifestyle strategies.  High blood pressure afflicts near 40% of our adult population and I’ve found most people I’ve met harboring the condition are misinformed.  In an attempt to deliver insight that’s science based but understandable, I posted an article on Hypertension at a developing website,  If you’d be kind enough to read the article and provide some feedback, I’d appreciate it, and if you see fir, I urge you to forward it to anyone you know who has hypertension or has a history of blood pressure elevations.

So . . . in summary . . . be observant.  Notice the miracles around you, and start to consider, at a higher level, the miracles that come along with breath, love, talent, and human connection and while it’s a far cry from the paradigm that says “take a pill and fix the ailment,” you’ll gradually start to recognize the hidden powers that have always been here . . . the ones we’re just too involved in pursuit of new miracles to appreciate.