Human Betterment in Minutes

Better WayRead this now. It’s inviting you to an event that takes place VERY SOON . . . Tuesday, April 22, an event that may prove more powerful in bringing you toward perfect health and optimal fitness than anything you’ve ever done, and your time investment is only 45 minutes!

I know you’ve tried eating better, exercising differently, but if you’re like most people, you followed a conventional path.  Here’s my promise to you.  There’s a Better Way, and I’ll share the details with you with no holds barred.

Webinar ConceptOn Tuesday, I’m conducting my 45-minute Better and Better webinar, content I just conducted for three major health organizations, a presentation that has proven to change lives so radically the thank you emails and phone calls come in daily. If I were to excerpt some of the phrases most common in those thank you expressions, I’d have to include, “smaller clothes.” “new joy for living.” “amazing energy.” “restoration,” “power,” and most of all “my doctor was amazed.”

Better and BetterThis is not hype, this is not conjecture, this is not empty promise. Better and Better, in three-quarters-of-an-hour, empowers you to understand the simplicity of being better, and I promise you, regardless of your past experience, age, or exercise history, this WILL WORK FOR YOU! If you are from an alien planet or if you are a robot or cyborg, I make no guarantees, but if you are a human born on the planet Earth, the science will hold true for you.

Beyond the introduction and wrap-up, the webinar is broken into four 10-minute sections:

  1. betterandbetter-realreasonsThe Real Reasons For America’s Health Decline (the reasons are NOT what you may think, and I warn you, this will reveal hard-hitting realities that border on criminal)
  2. The Simplicity of Eating Right (sure, you’ve heard “eat right” before, but this will crystallize the elusive truths and cut through all of the BS we’re all subjected to daily)
  3. The Amazing and Elusive Science Behind Exercise as a Curative Modality of Change (the body-of-evidence is stunning, but it’s buried by those who have an agenda in distributing meds, procedures, and costly therapies)
  4. The Specific Foundation of the Program Superior to Meds in Reversing Fat Accumulation, Metabolic Slowdown, and Chronic Disease (you’ll walk away with a new power to change for the better)

At the 45-minute mark, the webinar will be complete, but I will stay on the line (and in the online virtual “room”) for up to an additional 45 minutes to answer any and all questions. Unfiltered. Unscreened. You ask, I’ll answer.

Bigstock_28587494What excuse do you have for missing this? Is it an issue of having the time? It’s ONLY 45 minutes, and if for any reason you have to miss the live event, everyone registered will receive access to the complete recording.

How about, “this is too good to be true?” If that’s the burning concern, put me to the test. You’re not going to be held prisoner, you can hang up at any time, and even the $12.97 registration fee is refundable if you don’t believe it was worth 100 times your investment (no refunds for non-attendance as this event will sell out and all slots will be filled preventing others from enrolling).

Is money the excuse? Twelve bucks! Less than you spend on breakfast, and backed by a money-back guarantee.

Don’t mistake this as a push to drive you to register. It isn’t. It is, however, a push for you to register now if you have any interest in betterment. There are a limited number of “seats” in the chat room and based on prior events of this type, it will certainly fill up.

What can you learn in 45 minutes?

  • BetterandBetter-TheGutMindYou’ll learn about the “Gut-Mind” and how it overshadows the brain in its systemic programming.  Amazingly, most Americans have accidentally “programmed” their neural networks for Obesity . . . and this condition is 100% correctable!
  • You’ll learn why “back pain” rarely starts as a back problem, and how simple movements can restructure the entire musculoskeletal system.
  • You’ll be shocked to learn of the links between food, lifestyle, and depression and why, in most cases, the worst thing you can do is attempt to “cure” depression with medication.
  • You’ll be blown away when you come to understand how simple shifts in the way you eat and the way you move move you forward along the health continuum, away from dis-ease and back toward the state of Perfect Health you were born into.

Other topics?

Fat loss?  Check.

Muscle development?  Check.

Aerobic exercise (and why 6 minutes proves superior to 45 or 50)?  Check

Blood sugar.  Check.  Blood pressure?  Check.

The list goes on.

Know this.  It’s a non-stop information-packed wildly empowering 45 minutes and you want to be there.

I’ll finish up by telling you the post-event downloads you’ll receive are alone worth hundreds of dollars. You’ll get an overview of a meal plan based on the nutritional information shared along with a complete outline of the foundational exercises and routine that underlie the success of the A.L.I.V.E. protocol in driving positive physical change. Remember, there’s also the Q&A opportunity that will allow you to get any and all of your questions answered.  Click here for further info or go ahead and register.  Nothing to lose, your healthy and fit future to gain.

REGISTER NOW.  It’s Tuesday, April 22, at 7 PM.

See you there.


4 thoughts on “Human Betterment in Minutes

  1. I signed up for April 22nd , but I was called into work and couldn’t attend. Would love to follow the program. Is there anyway to get a copy of what I missed? Also is there anyway to follow the program even though I do work most nights and cannot actually attend at a specific time?

    1. You should have received a link to access the recording of last night’s event (if you didn’t, email me directly at In the ALIVE Across America program, all webinars are recorded and all routine updates are downloadable. If you work within the boundaries of your schedule to watch and listen to the recordings, and you follow through, the discussion board keeps you very connected to the other participants and you won’t miss a beat. Find more info and register here:

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