Breakfast . . and another 45 minutes

20140416_114934I’m sitting at the Prosecco Café in Palm Beach Gardens.  I’d have to vote this the best smelling café in South Florida.  No, I won’t eat the muffins and pastries that find their way from the ovens to the showcase with aromas that tempt my senses, but I have to admit, it smells really really good.

I’m meeting a colleague here to discuss a speaking relationship, a media tour sharing the virtues of a 21st century approach to health and fitness.  I’m here early, already decided on my breakfast item (The “David” monster-sized egg white veggie omelet) so I broke out the little laptop and thought it an ideal time to invite you to get the entire message, the keys to 21st century health, in only 45 minutes.  I wish it were as simple as an egg white omelet, but it’s a bit more complex than that.  The trick for me is delivering impact, empowerment, and science in 45 minutes . . . and I’m going to.

Yes, you give me 45 minutes, I’ll give you the inner keys to health, fitness, strength, and power all specific to understanding the obstacles, pitfalls, and absurdities of the 21st century.

I know it’s hard to believe.  After all, 45 minutes isn’t even enough to sit through an episode of Gray’s Anatomy or The Good Wife.

How can such empowerment reveal itself in such a short time?  It’s just . . . well . . . hard to believe.

Skeptical business woman - isolated over white
Hmmm. 45 minutes for the secrets of health? I’d like to believe . . .

Much of what I do falls under the “hard to believe” banner.  It’s hard to believe that with my new generation A.L.I.V.E. program people are losing fat, improving body composition, and recognizing amazing improvements in health with only 6 minutes of aerobic exercise a day.  Yes, it’s hard to believe.  It’s also hard to believe that the first week of the program introduces a 9-minute routine that has such a profound effect the changes reveal themselves in days.  It’s not only hard to believe, it’s something more.  It’s science.  It’s the science that lies between the field of fitness and the field of medicine.

It’s hard to believe ONLY because you don’t yet understand some of the shocking realities that empower people, regardless of past attempts, to regain control over metabolism, strength, shape, power, and body composition . . . and that’s why I’m inviting you to invest a whopping 45 minutes in putting me to the test.

On Monday (April 21), I’m going to send out a lengthy email promoting my Better and Better webinar, a 45-minute event delivered to you in your home via your computer and phone, a 45-minute webinar that will give you “a-ha” after “a-ha,” bringing you to a place where you nod your head and say, “I get it.  It’s simple.  I CAN change for the better . . . starting NOW!”

Put me to the test.  Attend with your guard up, with doubt, and with skepticism.  Just leave a bit of room for an open mind, as the information I’ll share is life-altering.  I know.  I’ve applied it with over 1,000 people.  I conducted the “Better and Better” webinar once before, about 8 weeks ago, and to date some of those attendees are getting off meds they thought they needed for life.  Some are buying new clothes their bodies changed so radically.  Others are planning trips, vacations, and events they thought were out of reach due to prior physical limitation.

The lengthy promotional email will go out on Monday to promote the Tuesday event (April 22, at 7 PM).  This will sell out.  If you don’t want to wait until Monday, you can get a sneak peek now.  Go to:

20140416_103405Oh, as a final note, I should share the vision of the David, the egg white omelet to beat all egg white omelets.  It isn’t the secret to total health and fitness, but thankfully it fits nicely in the category of foods to enjoy while you’re experiencing betterment.  If you opt to visit Prosecco Cafe, tell them I sent ya!


REGISTER FOR THE BETTER AND BETTER WEBINAR, Tuesday, April 22, at 7 PM Eastern Time, right now and receivea number of post-webinar downloads sharing the specific routines that make the A.L.I.V.E. protocol so powerful.  REGISTER NOW.

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