Human Betterment in Minutes

Better WayRead this now. It’s inviting you to an event that takes place VERY SOON . . . Tuesday, April 22, an event that may prove more powerful in bringing you toward perfect health and optimal fitness than anything you’ve ever done, and your time investment is only 45 minutes!

I know you’ve tried eating better, exercising differently, but if you’re like most people, you followed a conventional path.  Here’s my promise to you.  There’s a Better Way, and I’ll share the details with you with no holds barred.

Webinar ConceptOn Tuesday, I’m conducting my 45-minute Better and Better webinar, content I just conducted for three major health organizations, a presentation that has proven to change lives so radically the thank you emails and phone calls come in daily. If I were to excerpt some of the phrases most common in those thank you expressions, I’d have to include, “smaller clothes.” “new joy for living.” “amazing energy.” “restoration,” “power,” and most of all “my doctor was amazed.”

Better and BetterThis is not hype, this is not conjecture, this is not empty promise. Better and Better, in three-quarters-of-an-hour, empowers you to understand the simplicity of being better, and I promise you, regardless of your past experience, age, or exercise history, this WILL WORK FOR YOU! If you are from an alien planet or if you are a robot or cyborg, I make no guarantees, but if you are a human born on the planet Earth, the science will hold true for you.

Beyond the introduction and wrap-up, the webinar is broken into four 10-minute sections:

  1. betterandbetter-realreasonsThe Real Reasons For America’s Health Decline (the reasons are NOT what you may think, and I warn you, this will reveal hard-hitting realities that border on criminal)
  2. The Simplicity of Eating Right (sure, you’ve heard “eat right” before, but this will crystallize the elusive truths and cut through all of the BS we’re all subjected to daily)
  3. The Amazing and Elusive Science Behind Exercise as a Curative Modality of Change (the body-of-evidence is stunning, but it’s buried by those who have an agenda in distributing meds, procedures, and costly therapies)
  4. The Specific Foundation of the Program Superior to Meds in Reversing Fat Accumulation, Metabolic Slowdown, and Chronic Disease (you’ll walk away with a new power to change for the better)

At the 45-minute mark, the webinar will be complete, but I will stay on the line (and in the online virtual “room”) for up to an additional 45 minutes to answer any and all questions. Unfiltered. Unscreened. You ask, I’ll answer.

Bigstock_28587494What excuse do you have for missing this? Is it an issue of having the time? It’s ONLY 45 minutes, and if for any reason you have to miss the live event, everyone registered will receive access to the complete recording.

How about, “this is too good to be true?” If that’s the burning concern, put me to the test. You’re not going to be held prisoner, you can hang up at any time, and even the $12.97 registration fee is refundable if you don’t believe it was worth 100 times your investment (no refunds for non-attendance as this event will sell out and all slots will be filled preventing others from enrolling).

Is money the excuse? Twelve bucks! Less than you spend on breakfast, and backed by a money-back guarantee.

Don’t mistake this as a push to drive you to register. It isn’t. It is, however, a push for you to register now if you have any interest in betterment. There are a limited number of “seats” in the chat room and based on prior events of this type, it will certainly fill up.

What can you learn in 45 minutes?

  • BetterandBetter-TheGutMindYou’ll learn about the “Gut-Mind” and how it overshadows the brain in its systemic programming.  Amazingly, most Americans have accidentally “programmed” their neural networks for Obesity . . . and this condition is 100% correctable!
  • You’ll learn why “back pain” rarely starts as a back problem, and how simple movements can restructure the entire musculoskeletal system.
  • You’ll be shocked to learn of the links between food, lifestyle, and depression and why, in most cases, the worst thing you can do is attempt to “cure” depression with medication.
  • You’ll be blown away when you come to understand how simple shifts in the way you eat and the way you move move you forward along the health continuum, away from dis-ease and back toward the state of Perfect Health you were born into.

Other topics?

Fat loss?  Check.

Muscle development?  Check.

Aerobic exercise (and why 6 minutes proves superior to 45 or 50)?  Check

Blood sugar.  Check.  Blood pressure?  Check.

The list goes on.

Know this.  It’s a non-stop information-packed wildly empowering 45 minutes and you want to be there.

I’ll finish up by telling you the post-event downloads you’ll receive are alone worth hundreds of dollars. You’ll get an overview of a meal plan based on the nutritional information shared along with a complete outline of the foundational exercises and routine that underlie the success of the A.L.I.V.E. protocol in driving positive physical change. Remember, there’s also the Q&A opportunity that will allow you to get any and all of your questions answered.  Click here for further info or go ahead and register.  Nothing to lose, your healthy and fit future to gain.

REGISTER NOW.  It’s Tuesday, April 22, at 7 PM.

See you there.



Breakfast . . and another 45 minutes

20140416_114934I’m sitting at the Prosecco Café in Palm Beach Gardens.  I’d have to vote this the best smelling café in South Florida.  No, I won’t eat the muffins and pastries that find their way from the ovens to the showcase with aromas that tempt my senses, but I have to admit, it smells really really good.

I’m meeting a colleague here to discuss a speaking relationship, a media tour sharing the virtues of a 21st century approach to health and fitness.  I’m here early, already decided on my breakfast item (The “David” monster-sized egg white veggie omelet) so I broke out the little laptop and thought it an ideal time to invite you to get the entire message, the keys to 21st century health, in only 45 minutes.  I wish it were as simple as an egg white omelet, but it’s a bit more complex than that.  The trick for me is delivering impact, empowerment, and science in 45 minutes . . . and I’m going to.

Yes, you give me 45 minutes, I’ll give you the inner keys to health, fitness, strength, and power all specific to understanding the obstacles, pitfalls, and absurdities of the 21st century.

I know it’s hard to believe.  After all, 45 minutes isn’t even enough to sit through an episode of Gray’s Anatomy or The Good Wife.

How can such empowerment reveal itself in such a short time?  It’s just . . . well . . . hard to believe.

Skeptical business woman - isolated over white
Hmmm. 45 minutes for the secrets of health? I’d like to believe . . .

Much of what I do falls under the “hard to believe” banner.  It’s hard to believe that with my new generation A.L.I.V.E. program people are losing fat, improving body composition, and recognizing amazing improvements in health with only 6 minutes of aerobic exercise a day.  Yes, it’s hard to believe.  It’s also hard to believe that the first week of the program introduces a 9-minute routine that has such a profound effect the changes reveal themselves in days.  It’s not only hard to believe, it’s something more.  It’s science.  It’s the science that lies between the field of fitness and the field of medicine.

It’s hard to believe ONLY because you don’t yet understand some of the shocking realities that empower people, regardless of past attempts, to regain control over metabolism, strength, shape, power, and body composition . . . and that’s why I’m inviting you to invest a whopping 45 minutes in putting me to the test.

On Monday (April 21), I’m going to send out a lengthy email promoting my Better and Better webinar, a 45-minute event delivered to you in your home via your computer and phone, a 45-minute webinar that will give you “a-ha” after “a-ha,” bringing you to a place where you nod your head and say, “I get it.  It’s simple.  I CAN change for the better . . . starting NOW!”

Put me to the test.  Attend with your guard up, with doubt, and with skepticism.  Just leave a bit of room for an open mind, as the information I’ll share is life-altering.  I know.  I’ve applied it with over 1,000 people.  I conducted the “Better and Better” webinar once before, about 8 weeks ago, and to date some of those attendees are getting off meds they thought they needed for life.  Some are buying new clothes their bodies changed so radically.  Others are planning trips, vacations, and events they thought were out of reach due to prior physical limitation.

The lengthy promotional email will go out on Monday to promote the Tuesday event (April 22, at 7 PM).  This will sell out.  If you don’t want to wait until Monday, you can get a sneak peek now.  Go to:

20140416_103405Oh, as a final note, I should share the vision of the David, the egg white omelet to beat all egg white omelets.  It isn’t the secret to total health and fitness, but thankfully it fits nicely in the category of foods to enjoy while you’re experiencing betterment.  If you opt to visit Prosecco Cafe, tell them I sent ya!


REGISTER FOR THE BETTER AND BETTER WEBINAR, Tuesday, April 22, at 7 PM Eastern Time, right now and receivea number of post-webinar downloads sharing the specific routines that make the A.L.I.V.E. protocol so powerful.  REGISTER NOW.

The Phone is To Blame!

For some unexplained reason, my Google Chrome browser “failed to connect” yesterday.   I noticed the little blue light on my modem, the light that’s supposed to assure me that my Wifi is working, went dark.

No light, no Wifi.

I called Comcast, dialed “1,” listened to the instructions, dialed “3” for Wireless Internet, and was attacked by static-ridden music you’d only listen to if you’re captive on the phone . . . as I was.

After 9 minutes and 28 seconds, a human voice welcomed me.  I explained my reason for sitting on the phone listening to irritating music and the man who identified himself as Jerry disingenuously gave me the well rehearsed “I’m sorry, Mr. Kaplan, that you’re experiencing this problem with your Wifi” line and proceeded to trouble shoot.  15 minutes into our conversation he told me there’s nothing he can do on his end.  I need a new modem.  Grrr.  Wasted time.  I hate wasting time, but my time wasting had only just begun.

The “need a new modem” statement is followed by three choices. I could ship my modem back, have them ship me a new one, and pay shipping charges.  I could schedule a visit from my friendly Comcast technician (full knowing the technician never arrives in the scheduled window of time) and pay for a service call.  The third option was the most appealing.

“Stop by your local Comcast office and they’ll just trade it out for a new one.”

I chose option #3.

I arrived at the Comcast office, walked into a roomful of people, and was given a little ticket that said 04.

I was number 4!  Yay.

Oh wait.  Not yay.  The number four would have been really good if they had started at zero.  It would have been really nice . . . had the voice not called out “number 82.”

Yes, “4” came 5 people after 99.  And we were still in the low eighties.

In all I spent one hour and twenty minutes at the Comcast office, another 75 minutes on the phone with the “Activation Department” and I conclude, life was simpler when we only had one phone line and an answering machine, a desktop plugged into an Ethernet cable, and only 75 channels on our televisions with premium channels limited to HBO and Showtime.

All in all, I had given more than three hours to the task of getting my internet connection working as it should have been to begin with.  Three hours sucked from my life for this single exercise.  This is the inevitable sacrifice we make to have the benefit of new technology.  Three hours here, three hours there, and a number of minutes listening to recorded voices giving us menus of options.

Here, in this 21st century, it’s interesting to work with people who have to find time to exercise.  “I don’t have time” is the most readily available excuse” and people love to pull it out anytime they’re challenged by a decision to commit to movement.

These people are busy.  Very busy.  They have jobs, families, obligations, and . . . technology.  Let’s assume the job takes 8 hours out of the day.  Let’s give 4 hours to kids’ obligations and family time.  That does seem consuming, but it should allow for 30 minutes of exercise on any given day, even allowing for a full eight hours of sleep.   What, then is robbing people of that additional time?

I point the finger at technology.  Yes, the very computer I’m typing on right now is a time thief if I let my guard down.  I believe the technology we treasure is becoming a parasitic epidemic and unless we take some control back from the automated world of texts, tweets, and log-ins, we’re doomed, at least physically.

As technology invades, humankind moves closer to becoming a swarm of expressionless blobs with forward head and rounded shoulders and chronic back pain (from sitting hunched over a computer all day)

Since my Comcast experience yesterday, I’ve been highly cognizant of the bane of technology.  After my workout today, an exercise session in a gym where everyone is wearing ear buds or big headphones, where conversation is limited to the occasional yelling (to be heard over the headphone music) of  “are you done with that?”, I stopped in one of my favorite local sushi restaurants for lunch.  There were 9 people at the sushi bar when I arrived.

I sat down, said hello to the sushi chefs and was greeted by the waitress.  I then realized, the others at the sushi bar weren’t people, they were zombies.  Their blank stares gave it away.  They were the undead.  Oh, wait, they weren’t staring at nothing . . . they were staring at their phones.  All 9 of them.  Just staring, and touching, and swiping, and robotically shoving rolls into their mouths, and staring some more.

What in the world are all these people so busy with?  What majorly important tasks are being performed through their cell phones that warrant a commitment to the blank-faced stare?  What can each one of them be so busy with that they are prevented from connecting with the world around them?  Are they watching their investments?  Texting remedies to sick relatives?  Match-dot-comming?

I decided I’d ask.

I turned to the woman on my right, and said, not-by-accident loudly, “I was just out in California and when you sit at a sushi bar there, everyone talks to each other.  I realize here in Florida, people are busier, but I wonder what important things everyone’s dealing with on their phones?”

The woman looked at me uncertain of how to respond, caught in a tug-of-war between giving me her momentary attention or returning to the safety of her phone, but the guy at the end of the bar broke the silence when he said, “I was just reading about the missing plane.”

“Did they locate it?”


“So what are you reading?”

“That they’re still looking.”  This is breaking news?  They’re also still looking for Jimmy Hoffa and the other shooter on the grassy knoll.

After hearing the inadequacy of the plane-watcher’s answer, the woman on my right then realized it was probably safe to reveal her recent activity.   Two words said it all.  “Candy Crush.”

The older man with the bushy gray hair said, “I’m still trying to figure out how to use this iphone.  I was used to my Blackberry, so I’m reading my emails and practicing sorting them.”

The electricity of the conversation extended beyond the sushi bar.  A woman at the table behind me held up her phone and said, “Facebook.  Did you see the video of the synchronized walking?”  The young man on my left acknowledged that he had.  If there was ever a moment in my life that made me feel as if I’m missing out on something, this wasn’t it.  I daresay if I went through the rest of my life without watching a synchronized walking video, I wouldn’t shed a single tear.

After five minutes of chatter, everyone went back into their phones, mindlessly emptying their plates and chewing without a visible sign of pleasure.  They chewed.  They stared.  It reminded me of a movie years ago with Robin Williams and Robert Dinero where comatose patients in a hospital came to life for a brief period of time, and then fell back into their comatose states.  For 5 minutes the sushi bar was animated, and as I left I walked away from The Chewing Dead (a new HBO series beginning in September).

I now understood.  The important urgent cell phone interactions are games, busy work, and mindless stories designed to infect us all with Attention Deficit Disorders.  No worries. There’s medication for that.

Listen . . . you can’t not have time to exercise!  Yes, I know, that’s bad grammar, but I reject autocorrect and while I’m rejecting . . .

I rebuke Twitter.  I shun Social Media.  I renounce Craigslist.  I even refuse  At least, as long as they try to prevent me from finding exercise time.

OK, here’s the good news.  There are 59 people who manage to balance life, technology, exercise, and radical improvements in health.  They are the people presently going through my ALIVE Across America program.  They rely on six foundational exercise movements they can do anywhere.  They learn to exercise in sessions as brief as 9 minutes, as lengthy at times as 30 minutes.  They learn to lose fat without dieting.  They commit to only six minutes of exercise in a single day.  They even learn to use social media to help them improve physically.

Yes, this is a program for 21st Century America, and it delivers extraordinary results.  As we enter Week 8 (of 10) the participants are seeing differences in body shape, in energy, in well-being, in fat loss, in strength, and in overall health.  People are getting off medications they’d been on for years believing the prescriptions were lifetime sentences.

I know the skepticism these claims summon up.  I encourage you to be skeptical, but ask the question, “what if it’s true?” and hold on to an open mind.

I invite you to join me for a 45-minute webinar during which I’ll share the science behind A.L.I.V.E.  I’ll show you how simple it is, even in a busy world, to gain control of your body, your metabolism, and your health.  Register for the Better and Better webinar (mixing technology with empowerment and human interaction), April 22, at 7 PM Eastern Time and put me to the test.

I claim that 45 minutes can change your life.  Find details on the Better and Better Webinar by clicking here and prepare.  Life will take on a new vibration.  You’ll be gifted with a new sense of your own potential.

A sense of awe and ease await you.

Find more info on Better and Better, the life-altering Webinar.