Butt Splinters

Confucius say, “man who sit on fence get splinter in his butt.”  OK, maybe he didn’t say that, but he should have.  Nobody wins the race, achieves the goal, makes dreams come true, or finds true victory by sitting on the fence that separates doing from not doing, the fence that separates action from thought.  If you’re going to achieve, you have to come over to the action side.

ALIVE Across America started this Monday.  Our participants are enjoying the 9-minute routine they perform daily (yes, only 9 minutes) and are surprised by the positive shifts in energy and the enhanced sense of well-being . . . almost instantly.  This is only the beginning.  Everyone in the group is moving forward, getting better.

bigstock-Three-Men-Sit-On-The-Fence-24095120The fence sitters aren’t getting better.  Some of them have emailed me immersed in the thought process of “should I or shouldn’t I?” That thought process is certain to lead to stagnation, unless at some point you leap.  If you’re up on the fence, not only do I want to protect you from butt splinters, but I want to push you over to the side of action.  I love to see people find thrilling outcomes, and they just don’t happen on the fence.

Believe me, I know and understand the apprehensions.  How could a 9 minute routine do anything when so many people invest hours and fail to see a payoff?  I answer that question in depth in the opening webinar.  The key to physical improvement is striking a balance between what I call “Stress Load” and “Recovery.”  In the very first week we learn to develop that balance internally by understanding the link between the activation of the sympathetic nervous system (activation of the adrenals) and the freedom and ease of activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the cooling down / recovery process).  As you begin to stimulate change you train the body to find greater recovery allowing a progressive program to bring about profound change with extreme time-efficiency.

Does it stay at 9 minutes?  Of course not.  In the first week we wake up the lymphatic system (asleep in most American adults), begin accessing the nervous system in different ways, initiate the interplay between literally every muscle in the body, and train our bodies to use near twice as much oxygen. Simply.  The following week we progress . . . to 12 minutes, and so it goes from week to week. As the body improves, we continue to train for enhanced recovery and with that we can add new challenge.  Even the most advanced exercisers will find extreme benefit in exercise sessions that may last up to only 45 minutes in the last few weeks of the 10-week program.

So, if you have a desire to be better, and you’re one of the people who is thinking about it, sitting on the fence, running the risk of splinters finding their way through your jeans, get off the fence.

You can join the program this week, even though it’s already started.  You’ll gain instant access to the Week 1 presentation and all of the associated materials, and I’ll include a Fast Track system to get you caught up by next week.

Linking Confucius with a quote about butt splinters may have been a stretch, but our old friend Ben Franklin really did coin this quote, which I find holds true as much today than ever.

“Many people die at twenty-five, but aren’t buried until seventy-five.” 

Many of those deaths take place on the proverbial fence.  I meet people who tell me they’re too old to exercise at the age of 32. I meet people who tell me they can’t lose weight because they have three kids.  The excuses run deep, and they aren’t lies.  They’re beliefs, and in those beliefs lies an acceptance of an early death.  Perhaps not death as in the end of life, but death of dreams, death of the sense of possibility, death of finding the human betterment we’re all capable of.

The first step in reviving a dying fence sitter is . . . well you know by now . . . get him or her off the fence.


You can still join ALIVE Across America for only $25 a week.  You can still burn fat, you can still move back toward perfect health, you can still improve function and performance, and you can still find a renewed sense of potential and well-being.  Yes, even if you’re 32.  Even if you’re 61.  Even if you’re 74.  Even if you haven’t exercised in years.  Even if the only vegetables you eat are McDonald’s french fries.  Even if everyone tells you it’s too late.  Even if you have been on the fence for a very long time. The time to act is right this moment.  Right now.


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