10 Weeks Changes Everything. Any Questions?

bigstock-A-man-presses-a-button-beside--32313827ALIVE Across America starts Monday, February 17th, and you should be a part of it.


Because you want to be better.  That’s why.

Whether you’re already fit and energetically sprinting through the tasks of your life, or you’ve started slowly moving along that dis-ease continuum, the ALIVE program will make you better.

Over the past week I’ve been inundated with questions related to the continent-wide program.  I’ll share some of the answers here and urge you to join us for 10 weeks of thrilling physical change.

The first question is one I’ll pose, one you should carefully consider.

QUESTION: What do you have to Lose?

ANSWER: Pain.  Fat.  Frustration.  Fatigue.  Disease.  Confusion.  Distress.  Anxiety. Doubt.

Here’s another, related but perhaps more important:

QUESTION: What do you have to Gain?

ANSWER: Control.  Passion.  Health. Fitness.  Power.  Balance.  Energy.  Optimism.  Confidence.  Sexuality.  Social Magnetism.  Ease of Movement.  Productivity.  A renewed sense of your own Potential.

‘Nuff said?

If so, then register:


How ‘bout another series of Questions posed by yours truly.

  • Is the program affordable? Yes.
  • Is the program simple to follow? Yes.
  • Is the program realistic? Yes.
  • Is the program do-able anywhere?  Yes.
  • Can you do it with a minimum of equipment available for less than $100 in any sporting goods store? Yes
  • Will you look and feel better?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

Beginning with only a 9 minute routine, and progressing to learn to master six movements and a special twist on six minutes of daily aerobic exercise, you’ll activate a metabolic process that frees and burns bodyfat,.  You’ll activate a metabolic process that enhances strength, enhances energy, supports endocrine balance, and reverses the progression of dis-ease by acting at its root core.

Ready to enroll?  Register.


Here are some of the questions that came in via email and abbreviated versions of my responses?

QUESTION: Do you get to know everyone in the program?

ANSWER: I’ll answer that with a qualified yes.  I review everyone’s registration form and get a sense of the primary goals, obstacles, and conditions among the group members.  On every webinar you’re encouraged to interact either via voice (we keep the phone lines open for questions) or in the chat window.  The more you participate, the sooner and better I get to know you.  We also have an interactive Facebook group ONLY for people going through the program.  It offers a fantastic arena in which to ask questions, get advice, and get to know the other people in the group.  I find the ALIVERS  who participate the most on the calls and the discussions are the ones I feel most connected with.  You’re not forced to actively participate in any of the discussions, so if you wish to remain in the background that’s fine.  Just know that the people I get to know best are the ones who are regular contributors and participants.

QUESTION: How many webinars are there?

ANSWER: There are ten (10).  One per week over the course of 10 weeks.  They’re held Monday at 7:00 Eastern, are very light-hearted and conversational, and each webinar delivers vital concepts and strategies for the week ahead.  Although there is an order to the webinars, the personalities among participants play heavily in making each group a unique interactive experience.

QUESTION: If I sign up, do I have to commit to all 10 weeks?

ANSWER:  Of course you’ll want to commit to all 10 weeks, as the changes that take place are the cumulative effect of the week-to-week shifts.  With that said, if for any reason after the first session (prior to the second week’s webinar) you decide it isn’t for you, you can email your intent to cancel and no further monies are due.  You will have invested a $15 registration deposit and $25 for Week 1, you’ll get to keep all the downloadable materials you receive, and there is no further obligation.  As soon as the Week 2 seminar begins, everyone on board is “in” for the duration.

QUESTION: How is the fee billed?

ANSWER: $25 per week, exactly as it sounds.  Each Monday you are billed only $25 and that’s the entire cost of the remote program.  You can opt to recruit an ALIVE coach for additional fees, but if you believe you can follow directions offered via the downloads and webinars, there isn’t any additional obligation.

QUESTION: What do we learn in the webinars?

ANSWER: Answering that is like answering the question, “what do you learn in college?“  You learn a great deal.  It isn’t “school” but the principles delivered relate to exercise science, human performance, the hormonal system and how to affect it naturally, adjusting psychology and mindset, motivation, supportive eating, shaping muscle, fat reduction, and health science.  It isn’t delivered in strict lessons, but rather with real world examples and simple-to-grasp concepts related to the lives we lead.  The webinars are fun, friendly, and light, but don’t be fooled.  The information is extremely powerful and you will gain some lifelong lessons.  You learn to prepare your kitchen to support you, how to find supportive meals in a pinch, how to “cheat” and not suffer for it, how to eat in restaurants, and how to handle momentary hiccups and missteps.  You’re guaranteed to get at least one or two “A-ha’s” every week (i.e. no wonder the diet didn’t work for me, no wonder I can’t lower my blood sugar, no wonder I don’t see the changes I saw last time I worked out, etc. etc. ad infinitum).

QUESTION: How do I access the routine?

ANSWER: To prevent people from trying to take shortcuts and jump ahead (which would be counter-productive), the routine is doled out in weekly segments.  After the first session you’ll get instant access to a series of downloadable pdf’s.  Each week you’ll get additional articles, insights, and exercise illustrations and explanations, all simple to follow.  After each webinar the week’s materials are accessible to everyone in the group.

QUESTION: What if I miss a webinar, or a few Mondays?

ANSWER: It’s always best to be there live on Mondays, primarily because of the ability to interact, question, etc., but if you miss a few, you’ll gain access to each recording shortly after the presentation concludes.  You won’t miss a beat.  There’s also a discussion board only for people in the group so you can connect with other people from around the continent going through the same program you are.  The discussion board is a much-used feature and the participants develop surprisingly strong bonds.  For the 10 weeks of the program, even with meetings, flights, and surprise obligations, you can stay very connected.

QUESTION: How many pounds will I lose?

bigstock-Frustrated-woman-with-scale-i-39025033ANSWER: You’ll learn in the first session why that can be a self-defeating question.  Most diet programs focus on “pounds lost,” but fail to deliver lasting results.  Because ALIVE literally transforms your body from the inside out, you first experience metabolic changes that optimize your ability to utilize nutrients.  You learn to boost metabolism.  As you boost metabolism your muscles get better at storing fuel.  That muscle fuel is called glycogen and when stored in muscle it attracts water.  That’s a very good thing, but the scale isn’t all that intelligent.  It can only tell you how many pounds you weigh under gravity at a given moment in time.  It can’t distinguish between lean body mass and fat, thus constant weighing can be discouraging.  Knowing all of that, know that fat loss begins in the very first week.  In the later weeks of the program, once metabolism is stoked, you begin to add in some additional fat loss strategies ensuring that by the end of the program you’ve lost a significant amount of fat.  It would be unfair if any legitimate fitness professional were to give you a “goal’ based solely on the scale.  I can guarantee a faster metabolism, a reduction in fat, and the ability to keep fat loss ongoing and consistent long after the 10 weeks of the program.  You’ll have the technology to get to your ideal weight.

QUESTION: Is it a low-carb diet, a low-fat diet, or something else?

bigstock-Diet-Woman-Kicking-Donut-Snack-32920040ANSWER: I’d have to say something else.  I call it Supportive Eating.  You learn to eat in a manner that supports your desired outcomes.  It isn’t a diet at all.  There isn’t any deprivation.  In fact, because you learn to boost metabolism, most people wind up eating more food than they’re used to as they lose fat.  The body becomes better at metabolizing nutrients, turning food into fuel as it builds new healthy cells.  You will gain clarity about how carbohydrates fit in and all of the confusion related to good carbs vs. bad carbs will be traded for clarity.  You will not be asked to restrict anything, but you will understand what impact select compounds have upon the body.  You’ll also learn real-world strategies for dismissing cravings, for eating better most of the time, and for creating new nutritional habits without ever feeling a sense of restriction.

QUESTION: So is it primarily a long-term weight loss program?

ANSWER: It’s a human betterment program.  It’s helped an astounding number of people get off of meds they were taking for previously diagnosed chronic diseases.  It’s demonstrated profound shifts in blood sugar and blood pressure.  It relies upon a science that reverse the inflammatory process that drives most dis-ease.  It’s also a program aimed at optimizing movement, making daily tasks easier, improving performance in any athletic or social arena, and of course, developing an enhanced body shape as it obliterates bodyfat.

OK, now it’s on the table.  It’s for people between 16 and 86.  It’s for people of any fitness level, even those who haven’t exercised in decades.  Invest your time and energy in maximizing what the next 10 weeks can do for your body, your health, and your life.  The time investment is minimal, the program is proven, and the results are yours for the taking.

REGISTER for ALIVE Across America, beginning Monday, February 17, right now.


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