OK . . . It’s your LAST CHA . . .

ImageShould I say this is your last chance?  Nah.  You’ve heard that enough times.

  • “Last chance to get furniture at 30% off.”
  • “Last chance to get a car with zero interest.”
  • “Last chance to get a two-for-one on breast enhancement surgery.”

Forgive me for the last one.  I live in Boca Raton, an interesting subculture in the middle of South Florida.  Boobs and lips and suctions and botox and lifts of whatever body part meets gravity are always offered at “last chance” pricing.

I don’t want to jump on the Last Chance bandwagon and tell you this is your last chance.  The truth is, it isn’t.  If you apply the scientific principles that underlie the ALIVE program in 2015, you’ll be in better physical condition in 2016.  If you wait until 2017, 2018 will be an improvement.

Oh . . . but wait . . . there’s another factor.  Odds are, you’re not fixed in time.  If you’ve gained fat, you have more on your body than you had six months ago.  If you’ve moved toward hyperglycemia, diabetes, hypertension, or hypothyroidism, the condition tends to progress.  That means if you wait, you move further away from the goal, way behind the starting line you’re at now.

I’m going to ask you to attend the online live interactive event that has changed over 1000 lives, in every case improving energy, in every case adding muscle and reducing fat, and in a staggering number of cases, reversing disease.  It’s taking place Tuesday, December 17 (if your calendar says December 17 . . . that’s TODAY!) at 7 PM Eastern Time.

This is certainly not your last chance to move back toward perfect health and optimal fitness . . . but . . . it is your last chance to attend the event.  Will there be another in the future?  Sure, but why wait.  After you attend, with your new knowledge you’ll be able to move toward whatever outcome you desire.  You’ll learn the Functional Six, a routine you can do anywhere.  You’ll gain a new understanding of how you can use aerobic exercise for only six minutes a day to restore lost health and amplify fat release by over 600%.   You’ll better understand how to make supportive food choices in the real world without deprivation, and most of all, you’ll become empowered to take control of your most important asset.  Your health.

I know some of you tried to register yesterday and you received some sort of message saying “proxy server something or other” followed by a cluster of letters and numbers.  That was Murphy (founder of Murphy’s Law) at work shutting down my web host on the day before the event.  I’ve met Murphy.  I’ve challenged him before . . . and I will again.  I did create a LAST CHANCE (OK, so maybe I should use those words) registration form from a different web host.  You don’t need to know any of that.  You simply need to register.  Do it now.

It’s only $20.13 and promises to be the most life altering 105-minutes of your life.


You can register at:


You’ll instantly receive access information.


Don’t Like Your Body or Health? Change it!

I didn’t write much about the Holiday Season this year.  It used to be the most powerful time of year for marketing my programs.  I didn’t even address the flawed thinking that comes along with the New Years Resolution.  My head has been in one place . . . the A.L.I.V.E. program.  Every time someone new learns the “truth” that allows him or her to reverse fat accumulation, kick the body into new gear, reverse chronic disease, and race toward perfect health, it isn’t a new year, it’s a new “rest of his or her life!”

The A.L.I.V.E. program is built upon science.  In fact, it’s built upon the science of human betterment.  For someone who seeks a leaner body, betterment brings precisely the desired outcome.  For someone who seeks a healthier body, movement away from disease, betterment means healing.  The science is amazing, the process is simple, and best of all, I’m sharing it all in a live interactive webinar you can attend from your own home.

Join me Tuesday, December 17, for a 105 minute event that I promise will shift your beliefs about the power you have to change your body.  Here are just a few of the things I’ll share:

  1. Why “healthy food” isn’t as healthy as you have been led to believe
  2. Why dieting will move you so far away from your long term goals it’s a flat out flawed strategy
  3. How you can enjoy food, daily, not give up a thing, and program your body for extreme energy every waking hour, without ever worrying about putting on fat
  4. The real reason the body increases fat storage and why it’s so difficult to discover
  5. How six minutes of aerobic exercise can kick fat loss up by over 600% as it restores blood sugar levels, healthy blood pressure, and hormonal balance
  6. Why all you need are six simple movements that can be performed anywhere to reshape and restructure your entire body . . . so the mirror smiles back at you
  7. Why our present medical system fails to implement the most powerful healing arts and how hundreds of people have completely eliminated their needs for the most commonly prescribed medications in a matter of weeks
  8. Why most women have low thyroid output and why the most common medical strategies haven’t a chance of offering cure.  The women themselves can move back toward health with a simple protocol requiring minutes per day.

You’ll also learn:

  • How you can start liberating and burning fat immediately
  • How you can increase energy, improve posture, build tone and muscular shape, and make virtually every activity easier to perform with a routine that anyone of any level can perform with thrilling results

I can go on and on.  Here’s the best news.  You can attend from home, it’s only $20.13, and if for any reason you don’t find this to be worth 100 times your twenty dollar investment, you can request an immediate refund.

Near 1000 people have moved away from dis-ease and back toward perfect health, away from discontent and back toward joy, away from fat and back toward lean bodies, by attending this event.

Register now.  The webinar is live.  You can remain anonymous or ask questions and offer comments.  105 minutes from the time we begin (7 PM Eastern Time) you’ll be completely empowered to change your body, ready to move back toward perfect health.

REGISTER NOW.  There is a new year ahead, and 105 minutes can set you up to make 2014 the year you find the body you’ve always wished for.