The Outcome of My Obsession

I haven’t contributed to this blog in months.  It wasn’t for lack of interest.  It was because of my obsession.  I was obsessed with creating a simple-to-deliver, simple-to-perform, short duration exercise and eating intervention that can reach people seeking health improvement wherever they may live, work, or exercise.

In all it took me eight years . . . but . . . it was well worth it.  The protocol I developed to address the chronic health challenges of America is now tested, proven, and perfected, and best of all, the $2,000+ price tag has been reduced to only $25 a week!  It gets even better.

The results we’ve seen from ALIVE Across America, the live interactive remote program accessible wherever you live, rival those of individuals who worked with me personally one-on-one or in small groups.  The weekly webinars, downloadable handouts, and interactive discussions have allowed me to now conduct this 10 week program live, interactively, for people all over the continent.  Excuses be gone!  It’s time to take control of your body and health once and for all.

If you have some fat to lose, or you’ve been told you have elevated blood sugar, or you’ve been called “hypothyroid,” or you’ve been lumped into the class of people diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, or . . . . if you suffer with the most prevalent chronic metabolic disease in history (obesity), you can begin the 10-week turnaround immediately.

Here are some shocking points that sounds too good to be true but have been 100% validated over 600 times!

  • You can do it from your own home (or any gym or exercise space).
  • You can bring radical improvement beginning with only 9 minutes of exercise a day.
  • The aerobic sessions begin with only 3 – 6 minutes of aerobic exercise a day.
  • The initial exercise sessions incorporate six amazing movements you can do anywhere
  • Although the program progresses weekly, even weeks into the program the entire workout can be completed in 20 minutes

. . . and you’ll almost instantly notice “change,” change that you keep stacking upon until you find you’ve arrived at a new level of what can only be called perfect health.

The current group launched last Monday, June 3, but it’s not too late.  You can access the first presentation (recorded on June 3) immediately upon enrolling and you can jump right in without missing a beat.  The weekly webinars are Monday evenings at 7 PM Eastern time, each one running about 55 minutes, and each week you gain access to new materials guiding you step by step through this amazing process of change.

It’s accessible, it’s affordable, it’s proven, and . . . it’s ready for you to join.  Got any excuses left?  Realize those excuses are moving you away from the health you desire and deserve.  Whether you have questions, concerns, or just want to talk through your apprehensions, email me directly, with the subject ALIVE.

Don’t wait.  After Monday, June 10, this program is closed out.  This is a genuine opportunity now sitting right in your lap.  C’mon.  Register or contact me.  Either way it’s a step toward your own betterment.


Register: go to and click on ALIVE Across America Signup