Santa Needs Six!

Santa Fitness - Stair Stepper

Holidays Shmolidays.  It’s a good excuse for cookies and egg nog, but the bottom line is, people are plumping up and in that, moving away from health.  Sure, the big guy in the red suit glorifies the jolly look . . . but . . . if he only knew.  6 minutes of aerobic exercise and 6 simple movements could make chimney sliding sooooo much easier.

There are secrets to 21st century health, and they’re anything but conventional.  Want to join us for “the secrets?”  No need to wait for New Years.  In fact, you don’t even have to wait until tomorrow.

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It’s Different Now

Yesterday I sent out an email to a small group referencing the path toward health with the headline “it’s different now.”  It is.   Very different.

Food is so very different than it was when I started hosting my radio show some 15+ years ago, it’s almost as if we all moved to a different planet where food comes from laboratories with a total disregard for nature.

Exercise response is also different.  The simplicity of integrating exercise into a lifestyle has become a tangled balance of science, detoxification, sufficient challenge, and cellular recuperation.  Stressors are different, technology is different, and as we moved toward the future we hoped health would be a simple asset to maintain.  Such is not the case.

A closer look at how “what we eat” and “what we do” determine “who we are” brings some alarming contradictions to light.  Here’s a very basic overview of some of the extensive “differences” between “getting on a fitness program” in 1995 and “finding health and fitness” today.

1995 – Whole wheat offered a supportive starchy carbohydrate option and the nutrition community endorsed whole wheat bread and pastas as supportive energy options.

2012 – Bread and pasta, even whole grain labeled foods and whole wheat bread contributes to inflammatory disease and weight loss resistance.  The wheat is not the same.

1995 – You could find healthy choices including meats, seafood, and fresh produce in the perimeter of the mainstream supermarket.

2012 – Most “fresh” produce is genetically altered, most fish is farm raised and pellet fed, and most beef is riddled with added chemicals, drugs, and hormones, and these food choices perceived as “unprocessed” and “natural” contribute to disease, cellular degeneration, and accelerated aging.  The fish is not the same, the meat is not the same, and no, even the vegetables and fruits are not the same.

1995 – You could “balance” a fast food habit with a few exercise classes, a run on a treadmill, or circuit training and keep relatively fit and trim.

2012 – The hormonal environment is so compromised in most adults a random commitment to exercise or a failure to balance load and recovery can result in progression toward obesity and dis-ease.  Even with periodic exercise, small amounts of fast food can have a cascading effect upon the progression of obesity and chronic illness.  The human machine and its response to mainstream food is not the same.

1995 – Incidence of obesity at numbers purported to be alarming, nearing 30% of our adult population.

2012 – According to Centers for Disease Control research, over 43% of our adult population is obese and the trending is heading toward “a majority” being obese within the next 5 – 10 years.  This phenomenon is in some cases irrespective of exercise and perceived “healthy eating.”  The process by which fat increases is commonly a result of cytokine-stimulated accumulation of visceral fat, a very different process than the old “calories in vs. calories out” model medicine strove to address.  The way we accumulate fat is not the same.

1995 – Hypertension and / or hypothyroidism were commonly diagnosed in adults over 50 (1 in 6).

2012 – nearly 90% of women over 40 have hypothyroidism and 68 million American adults have hypertension (1 in 3).  Our endocrine systems and circulatory systems are not the same.

1995 – Adult onset diabetes was increasing in prevalence in adults over 45.

2012 – The term “adult onset diabetes” has been replaced by the term “type 2 diabetes” because it’s no longer limited to adults.  Type 2 diabetes is at a staggering high (25.8 million Americans) and the trending (79 million pre-diabetics) indicates ½ of all children born after 2000 will have diabetes in their lifetime, most before graduating high school.

Now look at this:

In 2012 – every single person who completed the ALIVE program reduced risk factors, reversed dis-ease trending, lost fat, and improved biomarkers of health.

Don’t you think taking 105 minutes to join me via web and phone Wednesday night in order to understand the solutions is . . . well . . . one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your family, and the people you love?  I’d say it is.

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