Change . . . Thrilling Change . . . in 105 minutes!

Are you ready right now to take control of your health, metabolism, body, and life?  Wow, that sure sounds like a lot of responsibility.  Here’s my promise.  With an understanding of a handful of principles, with a 105 minute commitment of your time, and with a willingness to attend my ALIVE seminar, a seminar that’s already reached 4500 people and is contagiously proving to be the 21st century health and fitness solution for the masses, that new control will seem simple.  In fact, when you talk to people who have been enlightened by the ALIVE principles, they find the exercise is far more modest than they’d done previously, the nutrition is absurdly simple, I daresay, enjoyable, and the results are very real and far reaching.

I’ll be doing my ALIVE Seminar live, August 20 and August 22, 2012, in Hollywood, Florida and as of now a handful of seats are available (I mean a handful.  Capacity is 800 and as of Friday we had crossed the 700 registrations mark).


Ah, so that’s why you’ll be thrilled to know, not only don’t you have to be there live, but you don’t even have to wait!  This Tuesday night, August 7, I’m doing the entire seminar live, online, remote.  You can attend from wherever you are as long as you have a telephone and computer with internet connection.  This will be the fourth time I’ve conducted it online, and have been thrilled to learn, the participants are achieving the exact same life and metabolic shifts that my personal clients have achieved.  The information is groundbreaking, it’s powerful, and as you come to understand why things are different now, why the old exercise dictums fall short today, and why you need nothing more than a simple new ritual and a few nutritional shifts, you’ll realize you have a greater power over your body and health than you ever imagined.

Register online right now for only $20.12.  You’ll instantly receive access information and Tuesday evening, at 7 PM Eastern Time, you and I and a few other folks will share a transformational experience, one that has become the new cornerstone of my entire career.

ALIVE is being integrated into hospital wellness programs, corporate risk reduction programs, and the progressive growth of functional medicine.  It has demonstrated a consistent ability to reverse 21st century diseases including obesity (something I now refer to as a chronic metabolic disease), hypothyroidism, primary hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.  It’s demonstrated its efficacy before audiences of conventional medicine practitioners, high level fitness professionals, and skeptics alike.


Below is a list of just a bit of what you can expect to learn:

  • What the “research” shows about the new miracle healing foods
  • Why fitness and weight loss failure are more the rule than the exception
  • How you can stimulate ongoing fat loss 24/7
  • What the only “formula” is for facilitating positive physical change
  • What incredible technique allows 6 minutes of aerobic exercise to have more benefit than hours per week
  • How we can access the body’s hidden energy systems to dump fat from fat cells into the blood stream to be burned
  • How 6 movements that you can do anywhere can deliver far better results than any exercise machines
  • How you can manipulate food intake without going into calorie deprivation so you lose weight without hunger or rebound
  • How a series of poses that can be performed in 3 minutes can improve posture, core strength, and real world function
  • How the body can get biologically younger even as you youthfully age
  • How, even if you’ve been diagnosed with a condition (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism) you can begin moving back toward health
  • How, in many cases, a strategic exercise protocol can surpass medicine in its potential to cure dis-ease
  • What doctors fail to tell you about the most common diseases
  • What food combination can provide metabolic energy for greater performance in every arena
  • How anyone can apply the science of positive physical change, regardless of experience or physical condition
  • How athletes can significantly increase their bodies’ ability to utilize oxygen for stellar endurance and stamina
  • How anyone can add or shape muscle
  • Why the conventional health club exercise routines may be harmful and how you can ensure your routine brings the precise results you’re looking for

What’s the risk?  Twenty bucks and 105 minutes?  I’ll tell you what.  If for any reason you don’t believe the webinar was worth 50 times your investment, I’ll refund your $20.12 and you can use it for a ticket to a movie that you’ll enjoy for roughly 105 minutes.  You might even have a bit left over for some popcorn.  Your risk is nothing, your potential for change is staggering.