Monday – You Take Control!

The Monday ahead will be a huge turning point for people seeking to gain control of their health.  The acceptance of my ALIVE protocol as a valid and legitimate disease intervention has been the result of a relentless drive to demonstrate its power.  There are more exercise programs today than there are reality shows about Housewives or Kardashians but I can say with all confidence, there is not a single program that has the power, validation, documentation, and track record of the ALIVE protocol.

The science behind the program is extensive.  While the information and exercise prescriptions are delivered in a very user-friendly easy-to-implement format, my ALIVE coaches have each spent at least 16 weeks going through an educational process that takes them way beyond the conventions of exercise.

Here’s the reality.  Most people today are overweight, and the statistics you’ve heard are underestimates.  Obesity is not a cosmetic issue requiring cosmetic interventions, but a chronic metabolic disease that has become epidemic in 21st century America.

While the pharmaceutical companies pour out new drugs promising to tackle the latest physical ailments, the reality is, not a single drug undoes the metabolic process that leads to the obese condition.

Don’t misunderstand.  This is not a program only for obese people.  This is a program for people living in 2012, eating foods available through our grocery stores, suffering any sort of decline in health, in fitness, in body composition, or in daily ease.

The bullet points that most excite people are:

  • You’ll burn fat and bring about dramatic change starting with only six minutes of aerobic exercise a day.
  • There is no deprivation or starvation and you learn to make better food choices regardless of where you live or how you’ve been eating.
  • The exercise sessions are do-able by anyone due to a unique “leveling” system creating three distinctive categories, and all workouts can be done at home, in a gym, or virtually anywhere with a minimal exercise equipment need.
  • You’ll notice dramatic shifts in energy, dramatic shifts in metabolism, and the great majority of ALIVE participants experience reversal of many of the ailments and discomforts that plague our adult population.

The success stories include raves from individuals no longer needing meds they believed they’d have to take for life.  These have occurred in cases of diagnosed hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and blood sugar irregularities.

You’ll learn to better understand the vague interpretations of nutritional and health principles that are discussed but rarely resolved, including the real story behind carbohydrates, the realities of lies behind cleansing, maintaining or restoring digestive health, addressing gluten intolerances, and the rush to swallow handfuls of fish oil capsules and probiotics.  Much of the reality will shock you.  All of the reality will empower you.

For the first time I’m offering this program in two different formats.  The first is the one I’ve relied upon since the program’s inception, and that is . . . participation in group learning experiences combined with direct hands-on guidance from a qualified ALIVE Coach (a credentialed high-level personal trainer).  If there is an ALIVE coach in your area, this is the recommendation.  The trainer becomes your personal coach for 8 weeks and ensures that you understand, implement, and benefit from the vital principles that make the program such a valuable intervention.

The second format (the one I haven’t offered before) is to go through the program remote . . . relying upon the group sessions conducted live via the web on Mondays at 7 PM (beginning next Monday, June 18).  This is encouraged only for those people who do not have access to an ALIVE coach and who have been through at least one of my programs before so there is exercise familiarity.

Whether you work with an ALIVE coach or opt to do this on your own . . . remote, you’ll be able to attend the four group sessions conducted via webinar.  You’ll attend from your own home or wherever you have access to a computer or telephone.  Following the sessions, you’ll receive a downloadable portion of the ALIVE manual, one new installment each week for the first four weeks.

The next program will not launch until the Fall, so if you seek physical betterment, if you want to take  control over the way your body looks, feels, and functions, if you want to participate in the program that’s proving a more powerful intervention than the prescriptive remedies doctors have relied upon to manage chronic disease, register now!

NOTE: If you’ve used my EAT! product line, or any commercially sold protein powders or meal replacement, I’m encouraging you to switch to Isagenix IsaLean, IsaPro, and IsaLeanPro.  If you want to understand my endorsement of this exceptional product line, download my complete report on the condition of our food and supplement industry.


I am available to entertain questions related to A.L.I.V.E. or Isagenix.  Email me ( with either subject line (ALIVE or Isagenix) and I’ll respond promptly.  Find more information on A.L.I.V.E. at


It’s Different Now

I’ve made some decisions that shocked more than a few people.  This is the first time I’m publicly releasing this information about proteins, about foods, about health, and about choices.  I sent it out initially to 200 people who ordered EAT! in the past 6 weeks and received a response saying I’m no longer manufacturing it, and after reading this lengthy but vitally important document, the themes of their emails were consistent.

“I gasped . . . the one guy I trusted . . . but after I read it I appreciate your work and integrity more than ever . . . “

“I thought, Phil, you’ve abandoned us, you sold out!  It wasn’t until I read the entire article that I understood, you’re the one we have to trust.  I’ve trusted you for over 20 years and you’ve never steered me wrong.”

I was flattered by the emails, although there were a few who simply cursed my decision and failed to read the complete article.  I think you’ll understand, this was a difficult decision for me, but I now know it was the right one.  Absolutely the right one.  Whether you want to know what the best protein is, or you want to know how to best protect yourself from the compromises in commercial food processing, or if you just want to be healthy and fit in the 21st century, read the attached, and I urge you, don’t judge me until you’ve read the entire article.  It’s long.  It’s sincere.  It’s important.

READ IT NOW (below or download the illustrated pdf version)


Accepting Change: The Newest Shift in the Landscape
and my Personal Shift in Direction

By Phil Kaplan

This will be about food.  This will be about nutritional supplements.  This will be about change.

A few weeks before I wrote this I was out in Los Angeles.  Malibu to be exact.  And . . . it snowed.  Honestly!  It was cold and rainy, the local news broadcasts warned of an incoming storm, and lo and behold, flurries fell from the sky.  That’s when I realized . . . I stepped into an alternate Universe.  This can’t be the world I know.  In the world I know things are predictable.  In the world I know, Malibu’s sunny . . . and it never snows!

In the world I know, whey and egg proteins make for a healthful combination.

In the world I know, exercise and supportive eating drive a reduction in bodyfat.  And in the world I know, air is life-giving, water is healthy, and the healthy food sections in the supermarket provide a selection of healthy foods.

If I have in fact moved into an alternate universe . . . if somehow the planets shifted propelling me into a parallel but different existence . . . if I am asleep and involved in some scientific experiment where my mind is directed to believe fantasy is reality, this would all make sense.  Of course, if you’re reading this, then you too exist in this alternate world . . . and the odds of us both being whisked into some delusional rabbit hole are slim.

We can only, therefore, conclude that . . . this IS the world we live in today, and YES!  It really did snow in Malibu!  As if that isn’t enough .  . just wait until I share some of the other “new” realities, the realities that have turned the world I know it onto its ear.  I hope you’re sitting down.



Despite my somewhat frivolous introduction, this may be the most important piece I’ve ever written.  Take some time to read it in its entirety.  It will open your eyes to some shocking realities, will empower you to preserve health in a world where health becomes an ever-increasing challenge, and It will include some announcements that may stun anybody who has known me for any period of time.

Where do I begin?  I could talk about the bout I’ve suffered with mold toxicity and how it took me deep into a very flawed medical system . . . or maybe about the corruption that overrides those agencies we trust to offer consumer protection and allows for toxic foodstuffs to be labeled organic . . . . but that would take far too long.  I’ll save that for a book or two I’m bound to scribe and release in the years ahead.

My intention in writing this now is to help you understand the shifts in course I’ve taken on and why it’s in your best interest to understand them.  I’ll start with a quick run-through of a few relevant events that took us from the mid-1990’s to now, events that took us from a world that seemed to make sense to a present day model where disease runs rampant and we’re headed toward a human condition where one out of one (yes, you read that correctly) human beings are plagued by chronic disease.

The brief chain of events I’ll share should help you understand why I’m stepping away from the manufacture of protein supplements that have served me and served my clients for a very long time.

It should help you understand why I’ve learned to avoid many foods we always believed were “healthy” and make very different choices than I did just a few years ago.

You’ll soon understand why an old-world African food has health benefits long lost in modern world commercial food processing and why, for me, that age-old food is the start of every day.

In the months to come I’ll help you understand some astounding lies that have perpetuated the whole of our society and most of all, help those who suffer with hypothyroidism, obesity, excess adiposity, hypertension, and diabetes understand that they are victims in need of rescue.   In other words, their condition is less the fault of plain old willpower or rotten genetics than of bad information disguised as science.  Lots of ground to cover.  Here we go.

 A Short Trip Back in Time . . .

Sometime around 1992 I had established a firm position as “the purveyor of Fitness Truth” on my radio show, the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour.  While I started the show believing I’d reach a niche of fit exercisers, it quickly exploded to become one of the top weekend shows on South Florida radio.  While many people called for advice as to how to overcome weight challenges or develop higher levels of fitness, the most common phone calls included the words, “does it work,” or “which is better.”

At the time, single packets of meal replacement formulas (protein powders with added nutrients) were finding their way into the fitness mainstream and their ads were so over the top the consumers were both intrigued and apprehensive.  “Build insane muscle in days,” “burn fat like a fat blow torch,” and “develop bodies like the pros” were headline fare.

Anti-catabolic,” “steroid-like results without drugs,” and “anabolic miracle” were some of the phrases used to move these formulas from manufacturer to consumer.  The claims were often outrageous, and the ingredients anything but clear.

The major manufacturers created “proprietary blends” and exploited loopholes in labeling laws to made mediocre ingredients appear revolutionary.   They labeled pure fats “fat free,” found new names for sugar so it became unrecognizable on ingredient panels, and skewed percentages so that a food that was 50% saturated fat could be labeled “97% fat free.”

I had, as resources, some of the top sports nutrition scientists and biochemists in the world, and as I came to understand the inner workings of the supplement industry, I found a tug of war taking place inside my head (the inside of my head is a wild and exciting place where oddities often occur).

On one side was the “stay out of the mud” voice that warned me not to get into the supplement business as it’s dirty, convoluted, and in some cases all-out fraudulent.

The other voice said, “Phil, be a hero.  Manufacture your own product.  Provide your audience and your clients with the highest quality possible.”

My long-standing message included a concept I coined Supportive Nutrition.  Consuming frequent thermic meals that serve to provide vital nutrients and metabolic support became the introductory foundation of all of my programs.  To make Supportive Eating feasible, meal replacement formulas became a mainstay for anyone who sought optimal nutrition and had a life which married exercise, work, obligations, and a busy calendar.

As I came to understand the world of commercial supplement sales, it became clear that a manufacturer could not possibly use the highest quality of ingredients without pricing themselves out of the market.  The field was (and is) fiercely competitive and the number of entities claiming their respective profit margins limit a manufacturer’s acceptable investment.  In other words, they can only spend so much on their product development if they’re going to land in the black.  It’s simple economics, especially in an overloaded marketplace.

The Supplement Sales Machine and Its Profit-Hungry Parts

A supplier that houses raw materials has to sell their wares to a manufacturer, and in that sales transaction, the supplier has to make money.

That’s where the revenue share begins . . .

The manufacturer then has to bring together ingredients and once a formula is designed and manufactured, must sell to a wholesaler.  The wholesaler, who is in business to make money, sells a bulk of “product” to the distributor.  The distributor sells to the retailer, and the retailer has to sell to the consumer and maintain some semblance of reasonable profitability while offering competitive pricing.

With lots of expert guidance through the supplement-world maze, and with a whole lot of price shopping, questioning, and re-examining, I realized I could produce a high-quality product ONLY if I didn’t go through conventional circles.  Because I was meeting people on-air, in seminars, and through acquiring personal training clients, I could invest significantly more in the cost of manufacture and sell direct to consumer.  That’s precisely what I did.

I bought the best proteins in the most efficacious combinations, I used the highest grade of maltodextrin, a slow release carbohydrate that in cheaper grades breaks down instantly to simple sugar, and I hand-picked the micronutrients rather than using the vita-min pre-formulas that almost all commercial manufacturers used.

I reviewed thousands of pages of research papers and added compounds that served to better preserve muscle and optimize cellular health including viable amounts of phospholipids and glutamine peptides.

The next trick was getting the product to taste great, and 24 taste tests after beginning that process, I hit the Eureeka!  Everybody loved my new EAT! formulas, both vanilla and chocolate.

I’m now, more near twenty years after creating EAT!, at a difficult decision point, a point where my conscience (one of the frequent players “inside my head”) started coaxing me to STOP!  My conscience used to praise me for putting out such a high quality supplement, but as I came to recognize what happened to our food industry since my EAT! product’s inception, I felt a need to make change.


I realize now, the whey and casein I was buying 20 years ago is not the same whey and casein that is being offered to me today.  As EAT! containers left my shelves and shipped out the door I started to feel anxious . . . I’ll even say I felt uncomfortable . . . driving new batches of the product that has been a foundation of my business now for two decades.

I felt I had to learn more, to find my comfort level, or to make a change, and after my continued education, my conscience has in fact driven me to make that change.

There were some shocking learning experiences that accompanied my enhanced education, and as I learn I share.

I recently hosted a webinar for the personal trainers I’ve worked with over the past few decades to help them understand the vital information I feel they need to know and share, and the presentation was aptly titled, “Shock and Awe.”

While “Shock and Awe” is directed at fitness professionals, I invite you to “attend” by watching the recorded version.  It isn’t specific to supplements, but rather addresses what people need to know today if they’re going to achieve optimal health.

Access the recorded Shock and Awe presentation here:

The prime shock and awe moments came when I met with a food industry insider.  I interviewed him for an article I was writing for a national magazine, and ultimately, for reasons I can only call political, the article was squashed.  It isn’t easy for the truth to spread to those who most deserve to hear it.

The sensitive topic revealed in the never-released piece was . . .



The Gruesome Truth Behind Our Food Supply

I knew about CAFO’s prior to meeting this insider, and knew that our beef was produced with the aid of hormones and antibiotics that found their way into the supermarket meat, but I didn’t understand the entire dynamic of how beef and dairy get to our restaurants, grocery stores, and tables.  Today I understand.  It’s ugly.  Very ugly.

The bottom line is, our food has changed.  Mankind has brought technology into a world designed by God or nature and . . . I daresay f_ked it all up!  The reality is, from a health perspective, mass produced food is no longer fit for human consumption.

I won’t nauseate you with all the details, but I will say the links between the substances found in food and heart disease, inflammatory disease, cellular degradation, and cancer are so strongly evidenced I can only call it indisputable.  There’s the shock and awe.  Food that people believe to be healthy is literally killing them.

So what does that have to do with my EAT! formula, and why am I stepping away from producing it?  Well, I’d say “the food problem” translates to everything that comes from a commercially raised chicken or cow, and that includes not only milk and eggs, but the compounds we get from the milk and eggs.

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Biochemistry revealed 20 drugs found in commercial milk products; drugs including hormones, heart drugs, and antibiotics.[i]  Whey protein and casein are milk proteins and if those proteins come from a commercially raised cow, they are carriers for every molecular compound that infects, afflicts, or resides in that cow.

The protein suppliers I’ve bought from for 20 years can’t tell me where the proteins come from.  It’s not that they aren’t willing to.  It’s that they don’t know the specifics, and with few exceptions, nobody’s asking.  In that I can only assume they come from the world of commercial farming.

I mentioned CAFO’s.  The acronym stands for Concentrated Agricultural Farming Operation.  The insider I interviewed used a slight alteration in the words that stretched out the acronym.  Instead of using the word, “concentrated,” he called CAFO’s “Confined” Agricultural Farming Operations.  He shared anecdotes of abuse, cruelty, and what he referred to as contamination.

The cruelty is in part extreme confinement.  The animals never have a chance to even turn around.  They are raised in stalls barely wide enough to hold them.  The cows are fed pellets made from genetically modified soy and genetically modified corn.  Nothing living on earth is equipped to healthfully ingest genetically modified foods, but . . . for cows it’s even worse.  Cows are animals that by nature ruminate.  They eat grass, chew on a residual mix of grass and saliva, and through that process they maintain health.

CAFO cows are never fed grass.  Because their digestive systems aren’t naturally arranged to handle the ingestion of grains, they develop diseases.  The commercial farmers handle that concern, not on the cow’s behalf, not on the end consumer’s behalf, but on behalf of their revenues.  They don’t wait until cows become diseased.  They begin injecting them all with antibiotics and other drugs to ensure the cows grow to be nice and plump.  To ensure that they get the greatest “ROI” (return on injection), as the cow grows near maturity, they pump it full of growth hormone which, beyond the tissue growth properties it displays with cattle, can completely disrupt the human endocrine system when it finds its way from host to consumer.

If the cows are dairy cows, the injected drugs, the nasty by-products that are in the pellets (scientifically assessed food pellets contained animal excrement, chewing gum, and a host of toxic compounds . . . and yes, I did say animal excrement) the drug resistant bacteria that develop as the antibiotics are deciphered, and the hormones in odd unnatural configurations find their way into the milk.

If those cows are used for beef, you eat what they eat, what they host, and what they receive via injection.

If I describe what the animal excrement does to the soil and water supplies, you’d likely start your own organic farm to avoid ever eating commercially raised produce . .  . so I won’t.  Without taking it to a candid and nauseating extreme, I hope I’ve helped you understand why I personally became concerned and reluctant to buy or distribute anything produced in our present commercial agricultural system

So, is there anything we, as consumers, can do?  YES! 

We have to work harder to make better and healthier choices, and if we’re going to consume beef, chicken, dairy, and eggs, we have to get as close to nature as we can.  Not easy in 21st century America.

The cows that we use for our foods must be not only grass fed, but allowed to wander in fields to eat grasses that grow absorbing the energy from the sun.  They need to ingest the vital phytochemicals that naturally prevent disease.  They also need to eat clover, and whatever incidentals naturally grow in unblemished grass fields.  What’s amazing is, that process today is insanely expensive.  Because the entire food industry has learned to consolidate and optimize profit, “the old fashioned way” becomes almost new science with a prohibitive price tag.

When I looked into buying my proteins from “guaranteed grass fed free roaming” sources, my wholesale per-container purchase price exceeded the price I retail my supplement at!  That left me a choice.  I either do what all the supplement manufacturers are doing and buy from the mass food supply, or I realize that the world has changed, the landscape changed, and with it, I modify the path I’ve stood firmly upon for decades.  Somebody has to step out of the norm and change the course, and thankfully, there are those who already have.

I have decided, at least for the time being, not to manufacture my EAT! product, at least until I can re-source my ingredients with a surety that nature is at work rather than technology.  I’m also going to share direction that might shock some people, but with an explanation I believe for most of you this will make sense.

I’m personally using, recommending, and endorsing a line of supplements sold via network marketing, Isagenix.  Lest you think this is some financial decision on my part, I’ll tell you that I have generated millions with my EAT! products and they continue to sell.  This is purely a moral decision and while I hope to generate a fraction of the revenues I’m losing from EAT!, this is not a move my accountants and advisors are in favor of.

Before you dismiss my recommendation, or worse yet, before you blindly follow it, I feel it important to share a bit more about my recent lessons and insights and how they led me here.


I have a long-time friend who I can refer to as one of my mentors.  His name is Dr. Michael Colgan.  He’s been one of the resources that I’ve relied upon to help me understand realities of real-world nutrition over the course of the last three decades.  An author of many best-selling books on health and nutrition, including his groundbreaking Optimal Sports Nutrition and his eye-opening Hormonal Health, Dr. Colgan was a frequent guest on my radio show, and during a 2010 appearance he made a statement that was provocative to say the least.  He said, “Calories don’t matter.  We have to eat sunlight.”  At first I thought the good doctor had flipped his lid, gone off the deep end, but as I questioned him he explained and it began to make sense.

Over the course of the year that followed, I continued to question and begged to understand.

Today I understand.  I want you to understand “eating sunlight” as well.

When I met Dr. Colgan he traveled back and forth from Australia to California where The Colgan Institute became an advisory home for Olympic athletes and the like.  As the evolution of the commercial food manufacturing processes I described earlier moved into high gear, Dr. Colgan left California.  He wanted to live in pure health and with his knowledge and insight, he realized he’d have to uproot his family and build a new home where they eat what they grow in soil they know as well as what they catch from non-toxic waters.  He moved to Salt Spring, British Columbia.

Here’s where this all ties together.  Dr. Colgan has maintained a fore-knowledge of the inner workings of the food industry, and has used his insights not only to inform but to manage the health and environment of his own family.  His commitment brought him to associate with a company I’d heard of, but never paid any serious attention to.  Dr. Colgan became the science advisor for Isagenix.

“Whaaaaat?  Doc Colgan representing a network marketing company?”  That was my initial reaction, but we spoke, and he explained, and as is usually the case with Dr. Colgan, he helped me understand why his choice was a hard-thought and wise decision.

Today, as of this moment in time, I’m going to recommend that you use Isagenix powders as your preferred meal replacement, instead of EAT! I never thought I’d be recommending a product over the one I manufacture, but . . . the world has changed and I (we) have to change with it.


You might have reacted when I used the words “network marketing.”  I completely get it and I applaud that reactive response. Up until late 2011, I had never been open to any network marketing (multi-level-marketing) “opportunity” as I’ve always found them to represent inferior products with exaggerated hype.

I’ve had personal training clients who became MLM millionaires, but not without a fair amount of pressure and deceit.  Whether it was the berry juice that purportedly cured arthritis or the mineral formula that was so amazing it generated electricity, upon examination I found the products were flawed.  Worse yet, they were sold by false prophets, non-experts who had been indoctrinated into the company group-think.  They were driven, not by product efficacy, but by rah-rah meetings where distributors held up $25,000 checks to represent their purported monthly income.  What they failed to share at these meetings was a statistic I found on my own.  88% of the people who invested in one of three major network marketing companies between 1985 and 1990 failed to earn back their initial investment in the distributor kit.

I swore off network marketing, announced regularly on my radio show I am not open to MLM solicitations, and tossed “samples” from my trunk every month given to me by hard headed evangelists for inferior products with overhyped promises.

I can honestly say the terrain has completely changed.  If you know me, you know I don’t make random changes.  I am calculating and have a gut that is driven by ethics and morality.  This isn’t a sudden decision.  It took quite some time for me to let my guard down, to accept that much as food is not what it used to be, the evolution of a handful of organizations recognizing the weaknesses in the conventional distributorship system has led high quality products to be moved through network marketing circles.

Two people I’ve come to befriend and respect have brought their commitment to excellence and their dedication to quality to the forefront in two network marketing organizations, and while, as I mentioned, I’d never affiliated with any MLM networks before, I can proudly speak of the virtues of Isagenix and Beyond Organic (which I’ll introduce and describe next).


Dr. Michael Colgan is one of the two people I alluded to, and the second is a passionate driven pioneer who has walked much of the ground I’ve walked upon, Jordan Rubin.  Dr. Colgan is the science officer of Isagenix and Jordan Rubin started an incredible organic “as the world used to be” farm.

I’ll share a few insights on key products from these two organizations, and invite you to try a few of their products, if for no other reason than to give them a fair review.

I’ll introduce Isagenix (this is my first public endorsement and offer of the Isagenix line) by saying virtually every one of their products is based upon credible science, science that I’ve explored, coincidentally in trying to regain my own health after Hurricane Wilma walloped me with excessive exposure to toxic mold.  I now understand the concepts of cleansing (not the quick colon cleanse but keeping the detox systems strong and functioning) and the importance of maintaining cellular health.

I have further looked deep into the complex and intriguing science of the links between telomeres and aging, and I’ve spoken at great length about the importance of anti-oxidants.  My recent education has allowed me to find true alignment with the mission and intentions of the Isagenix founders . .  when we spoke!

After grilling Dr. Colgan, I spoke with Kathy and Jim Coover several times before growing fully comfortable with their vision and their product line, and when I can get on the phone and speak to the founders live, one on one, more than once, I’d have to say the credibility stock shoots up astronomically.

As I read through the science Isagenix was built upon, I can honestly say I don’t see a single “uh-oh.”  It’s sound science.  It’s recent science.  It’s health science.  Kathy and Jim rely upon science.  They were candid, insightful, and they allowed me to vent my concerns without ever attempting to “pitch” me.

I’m reserving recommendation of their cleansing and anti-aging products right now.*  I’m trying them myself and with a handful of clients to validate the claims and I’m keeping a careful eye on continued research to clear up “what if” questions that remain.  My questions are being well received and answered, and I anticipate in the near future I’ll give my stamp of approval to the majority of their offerings.  Until then, I can wholeheartedly sing the praises of their meal replacement / protein formulations.

For the past two months I’ve been using IsaLean as my protein rich meal replacement.  At first I felt like a traitor, going against my own product, but I realize that was simply ego.  The formulators at Isagenix source their proteins from New Zealand.  They are produced by grass fed free-roaming cows.  The proteins are not denatured as they typically are in commercial food manufacture.  The addition of probiotics and vital enzymes adds to gut acceptability and optimal absorption and if I’m going to speak for the taste, I’d have to say both flavors (vanilla and chocolate) taste great.

So, I’m urging you, not to jump full-steam-ahead into becoming an Isagenix distributor, but simply to try  Vanilla and/or Chocolate IsaLean as a meal replacement   I never thought I’d say this, but I would encourage you, if you’ve been a long-time customer of EAT! Pro!, to recognize that the founder of EAT! is now using IsaLean.  If you are concerned about the small amount of natural fructose (about the fructose in ¾ of an apple), or if you are following one of my programs and incorporating “Protein Days,” you can opt for Isapro, a sugar-free protein formula (find a summary of my recommendations: Page 18).

 Shop, Review, and Order your Isagenix product here:

OK, you understand my recent shift . . . but there’s more.  I promised you I’d introduce the virtues of Beyond Organic.  I know this is long, and you’ve been a trooper, reading all the way through.  If you need to take a breather before going on, now’s a good time.  If you’re ready to go on . . . here we go . . .

* Note: some colleagues of mine have had great success in helping their clients lose weight using the 30-day Isagenix plan which includes select cleansing days.  It isn’t yet an approach I’m fully comfortable with, but I’m intrigued.  If you opt to order the 30-Day Kit and try it, please share your outcome with me.  Thanks – Phil

Just thought I should mention one more time . . . I’m about to change gears and there’s new territory ahead.  It’s connected to everything I’ve shared, but we’re going to meet Jordan Rubin, understand his mission, and gain some powerful new insights into healthy nutrition.

Just be prepared.

Remember, I told you at the onset, the world’s a very different place than it used to be!

You’re About to Find Out:


  • Ø There are two distinctive structures of dairy protein (Beta A1 and Beta A2), one that brings health, the other that has been linked in impressive epidemiological studies to epidemics in chronic disease.


  • Ø An extract of an African fruit seed has been notably evidenced to result in weight loss, even if nothing else is changed, demonstrated not only in unbiased research, but also in an anecdotal experiment showing promising results.



It took some time, review of boundless research, and extended conversations with one of the top nutrition research scientists in the world to convince me of the efficacy of Isagenix.  Beyond Organic I had a much greater comfort level from the beginning.  I know the founder personally.

I had no less than a dozen conversations with Jordan Rubin before my guard came down.  Let me give you a little background on Jordan, then I’ll introduce you to Dr. Daniel Pompa, and only then will I introduce you to the Beyond Organic line of green-finished meats and dairy, including a product that I, my daughter, and my clients have been enjoying for months now, AMASAI.  First . . . Jordan.

Jordan Rubin suffered with severe Crohn’s disease.  If you saw him today, a fit, athletic husband and father, you’d never believe that the emaciated body in the picture was the same person.  He had been to doctor after doctor trying to find relief from debilitating illness, and as a last resort, he went out to San Diego to learn from a man who was committed to healing with natural foods.  Long story short, Jordan not only found relief, he found complete disease reversal, and his commitment from that day forward was to spread the word of health.

When I first came to know Jordan, he had written the New York Times Bestseller, The Maker’s Diet.  With a commitment to natural whole food products, he started the company Garden of Life out of his father’s garage and grew it into one of the top nutritional supplement companies in the world.  After selling Garden of Life, Jordan began doing mission work and traveled to Africa.  It was there that he met the Masai tribe and came to understand how they produce and consume beef and dairy without any need for the strategies used by commercial farms in the U.S.  His continued exploration led him home to the U.S. where a promise to God and a passion inside led him to buy land in Missouri for the sole purpose of recreating natural food “the way God designed it.”  He bought cows, “different” cows, and allowed them to graze, and naturally reproduce, and as generations of cows were raised in nature, so too were generations of soil and grass overturned, and in August of 2011, Jordan began distributing greenfed hormone free organically raised beef and dairy products nationally . . . through the network marketing distribution of his new company, Beyond Organic.

Just as with Isagenix, I won’t tempt you to try the entire product line.  Instead I want to tell you about a couple of existing products and a recent study I did personally with some high level personal trainers I’ve known for over 10 years each.

Beyond Organic sells beef and cheeses with health benefits that are far-reaching.  I know in 2012 it sounds odd to link together “beef,” “cheese,” and health, but . . . what I’ve come to understand is, the meat my grandparents consumed as a mainstay, the dairy and meats that allowed my grandfather to go through eighty-two years without ever being sick a day in his life, and my grandmother to pass peacefully in her sleep at the age of 101, also without any history of illness, is not the meat that people consume today.  The fats are different.  The proteins are different.  The DNA of the animals from which the beef is obtained is different.  Jordan has tirelessly worked to help a growing audience understand why “meat and dairy” can truly be health foods . . . but I told you I’ll reserve deeper explanation of the entire product line until sometime down the road.

The two Beyond Organic products I feel compelled to introduce you to are AMASAI and REIGN fruit-infused water with African mango.

AMASAI is a cultured dairy product, similar to a yogurt, but it’s smooth and creamy so you can drink it or mix it in a bowl with some berries.  The protein in AMASAI (from roaming organically sound grass fed cows) comes from milk solids which, by nature, include fats, proteins, minerals, and naturally occurring lactose.  The fats and proteins found in this AMASAI product have health benefits that simply aren’t present in commercial dairy.   I won’t turn this into a science piece, but there are a few significant facts it’s important that you know.


Casein is a naturally occurring milk protein, but there are two different formations of casein.  In commercially raised cows and the dairy products those cows produce you’ll find Beta A1 protein.  Of the two, that’s the less desirable.  In fact, based on epidemiological studies, it’s fair to say, A1 contributes to chronic disease!

Beta A2 protein has a slightly different amino acid code, and that simple variation determines whether the protein will do you harm or bring you health benefit.  Beta A1 protein, found in abundance in cows raised for dairy farming, breaks down and releases an opioid byproduct that, when absorbed into the bloodstream, can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, inflammatory disease, and the disruption of endocrine function.

Beyond Organic dairy cows (as the New Zealand cows providing dairy proteins for Isagenix) are bred without the genetic mutation that results in the abundance of Beta A1 casein.  Instead, these cows are bred as cattle of old, with the Beta A2 structured proteins (the “healthy” configuration).  In addition these A2 bred cows produce ample CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which has demonstrated reduction in tumor growth and enhanced mobilization of stored fatty acids in energy metabolism.  CLA in supplement form has not demonstrated health benefits, but instead has been indicted as a precursor of undesired side effects. In milk and milk products, this very friendly fat hasn’t a single effect other than the support of health.

AMASAI is the Beyond Organic product I’ve become most attached to for several reasons:

  1. It tastes great.  I like the plain flavor, as I’m accustomed to plain yogurt, and typically have it as a breakfast with some blueberries, dark cherries, or dark red or black grapes.  The flavored AMASAI  (it comes in Milk & Honey and Raspberry with Mango Peach and Blueberry on the way) tastes great.  My 8-year old daughter loves it.  She takes it to school for lunch and anxiously waits for the new shipment to come in as soon as we run out.
  1. It has demonstrated a propensity to improve the digestive environment and gut health, primary factors in controlling what gets passed from the intestinal tract to the bloodstream.
  1. I, and a handful of high-level personal trainers I’ve worked with for years, have conducted a 30-day study assessing the ability of AMASAI and African mango (which I’ll introduce momentarily) to assist in weight loss, and the results are consistent and favorable.
  1. It contains 30 strains of living probiotics (the good gut bacteria) and digestive enzymes that work to digest and break down the lactose.
  1. It comes from cows bred with the Beta A2 protein gene and contains viable amounts of valuable fats involved in various elements of fat release and metabolism.
  1. Many people with dairy sensitivities or allergies have found AMASAI not only acceptable, but beneficial.  It’s suspected that the reactivity comes from a compromised digestive environment, leaky gut allowing lactose and Beta A1 protein into the bloodstream, and the residual effects of the opioid compounds A! is responsible for.  AMASAI seems to have healing properties and does not have the detrimental components found in commercial dairy.

I’m going to strongly encourage you to try some AMASAI.  You can start with a variety pack so you can sample the various flavors.

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Next on the agenda . . . a fascinating compound . . . African mango . . .

Over the years I’ve seen no less than 30 different fruit extracts promoted as fat burners ranging from naringen to garcinia cambogia.  Despite lots of hype, legitimate research failed to show any positive fat loss result from any of these extracts.

Enter African mango.  I can predict with all confidence that the very near future will bring us hundreds of products claiming to contain African mango and promising it to be a fat loss aid.  Based on history, it’s pretty safe to predict many of those products will contain some other extract, some other mango, or some part of the actual African mango that doesn’t contain the active constituent, irvingia gabonensis.

Why the prediction? Because credible research from a non-corporate source demonstrated a significant, even impressive weight loss effect.  The studies were conducted at University of Yaounde in Cameroon.[ii]  Cameroon, in West Africa, is the ONLY place on earth where irvingia gabonensis is known to be found.  It isn’t extracted from the fruit itself, but from the seed, thus, eating African mangos is not likely to have the same effect.

There were two studies,[iii] independent of each other, both using double-blind methodologies applying placebo to half of the participants, and over a course of 10 weeks, those in the actual group lost near 10 times as much weight as those who took a placebo.

I read the studies at length.  I was intrigued, but naturally skeptical.  I decided I wouldn’t talk about African mango as a weight loss aid until I personally saw some benefit.

Together with Dr. Daniel Pompa, a cellular health expert, I decided to take 35 people through a shift in protocol to see if we saw a consistent outcome.  This wasn’t a study planned for peer review, but simply a test to assess outcome.  We asked 35 individuals from all different lifestyles, all different geographic regions, to have one serving of AMASAI as the first meal of the day (to optimize the gut and digestive environment) and drink two fruit-infused REIGN waters daily.  That’s it.  They weren’t instructed to make any other shifts in their diets or eating.  The question was, could this addition of African Mango (150 mg in every bottle of fruit-infused REIGN water matching the 300 mg daily dosages used in the research studies) combined with the nutritional and digestive benefits of AMASAI result in legitimate weight loss (specifically fat loss) for the masses?

Of the 35, 28 completed the full 30 days (keep in mind, the Cameroon study was 10 weeks . . . ours was only 30 days) and of the 28, the average weight loss was near 3.5 pounds.  There were only two participants who did not lose weight, but before-and-after body composition assessments demonstrated they had added lean body mass (muscle) and lost fat.

Writing this is the first time I’m revealing the outcome.  So . . . while Beyond Organic has a host of products including grass fed and grass finished meats and cheeses, cultured whey beverages and healthy pure waters, the two products that I can comfortably promote as a health / weight loss aid would be AMASAI and fruit-infused REIGN water.

The water is sourced from a pristine stream in Georgia and is free from the chemicals and toxins found, not only in tap water, but even in the most popular bottled waters.

You know me well enough to know, I am committed to truth.  I have never wavered from the course I’ve been on in delivering information that empowers people.

It’s important to note, the information hasn’t changed.

The technology hasn’t changed.

The food changed.  The air changed.  The lifestyle changed.

The same technology that always worked still works, but modifications have to be considered to account for the unnatural effects our population continues to suffer simply by breathing, eating, and drinking.

I’m open to any questions.  I’ll entertain any criticisms.


Phil Kaplan

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Meal Replacement: IsaLean: If you presently use a meal replacement (including my EAT! formula) or want to add one into your nutritional regimen, order two containers of IsaLean and see how you like the taste, consistency, and most of all the benefit.

Protein Supplement: IsaPro: If you’re all about getting lean and don’t want to consume any sugar (IsaLean, because it’s labeled as a meal replacement, must contain some carbohydrate, it used fructose as a sweetener . . . not high fructose corn syrup but natural fructose equivalent to that which you’d get in about ¾ of an apple), order two containers of IsaPro.

Weight Loss and Health: If you have weight loss (fat loss) as a goal, and understand long-term weight loss is gradual fat loss with positive shifts in metabolism, order 60 bottles of fruit-infused REIGN Water and 18 containers of AMASAI.  While we anticipated a significant difference between those who used the flavored AMSAI (with glucose) and the plain AMASAI, the results seemed equal from those who used exclusively plain AMASAI and those who mixed plain with flavored throughout the 30 days.

AMASAI: If you simply want to improve gut health, improve digestion and absorption, and want to enjoy a better breakfast (or anytime) option than any yogurt you can buy, try the different flavors of AMASAI.

MEATS, CHEESES, and . . . of all things . . . CHOCOLATE!  I’ll share more about how these Beyond Organic specialties can fit into a health-oriented nutrition program.  If you’d like to try some now, consider one of the Beyond Organic Food and Beverage Packs.  In short, I’ll say, the dairy and beef are free of added hormones, antibiotics, and are all from grass-fed cows living their lives free to wander.  The dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and probiotics.  The whole idea is to consume foods you love . . . without compromising health.  More to come!

[i] Beatriz Jurado-Sánchez, Evaristo Ballesteros, Mercedes Gallego. Gas Chromatographic Determination ofN-Nitrosamines, Aromatic Amines, and Melamine in Milk and Dairy Products Using an Automatic Solid-Phase Extraction SystemJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2011; : 110603135313021 DOI:10.1021/jf2013919

[ii] Judith L Ngondi, Julius E Oben* and Samuel R Minka.  Department of Biochemistry, P.O Box 812, Faculty of Science, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon.  The effect of Irvingia gabonensis seeds on body weight and blood lipids of obese subjects in Cameroon.  Lipids Health Dis. 2005 May 25;4:12

[iii] Ngondi JLEtoundi BCNyangono CB, Mbofung CM, Oben JE.   IGOB131, a novel seed extract of the West African plant Irvingia gabonensis, significantly reduces body weight and improves metabolic parameters in overweight humans in a randomized double-blind placebo controlled investigation. Laboratory of Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Yaounde I, Yaounde, Cameroon. Lipids Health Dis. 2009 Mar 2;8:7.


When you begin to understand what REEEEALLY goes on between our planet, the medical system, and your health, it goes beyond insightful.  It’s shocking!

Come join us Monday for the revelation of the secrets to conquering disease and maximizing health, once and for all.  Learn the Seven Simple Secrets to Reducing Fat, Battling Weight Loss Resistance, and Reversing movement along the Dis-ease continuum.  On Monday at 7 PM Eastern Time, you can attend my A.L.I.V.E. webinar without ever leaving home.

Over the past few years I’ve made the claim, “An Exercise Intervention Can Cure Dis-ease” many times in front of many audiences and it’s struck a chord in the hallways of medicine and fitness.  The research not only exists, it’s overwhelming, and with an exercise and eating protocol aimed at reversing or reducing the inflammatory process that is the root of virtually every disease we associate with aging, people can regain their health and reclaim their power.

I don’t know if you believe in irony or fate.  In fact, I don’t even know if I believe in irony or fate, but the way things have played out for me, for the trainers who study with me, and for those who have been pioneers in my A.L.I.V.E. program, leads me to a new career pinnacle, a strength to help people not only lose weight, but actually reverse disease trending . . . and it’s documented!

What is the irony?  Long story short, in 2003 I developed and began promoting my 21 Day Journey to Excellence, an efficient and strategic 21 Day Program.  While initially the focus was fat loss, increased energy, and increased agility and power, I started noting significant reduction in blood pressure in many of the hypertensive clients.  I began monitoring blood glucose using a simple lancet and reading device and noted signifcant drops in glucose in those cases where blood sugar was elevated at the onset.  I started to identify the power of mixing together the most powerful exercise strategies and then . . . a hurricane came.  Hurricane Wilma destroyed my office and after 3 months of attempting to repair the damage, my lungs were so filled with mold I was diagnosed with emphysema.  The mold had a debilitating effect and left me with severe neurological problems, and it was then that I came to understand what it feels like to be “the patient.”

Through the process of treating my own dis-ease, and through meeting with progressive doctors and charlatans alike, and through hundreds of conversations with “the unwell” being tossed around by a flawed medical system, I came to understand the plague of the 21st century.  “Health care” is not health care.  It’s sick care.  It’s the profitability of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.  True health care requires responsibility on the patient’s part along with a proven strategy for change, an intervention that demonstrates health improvement.

A.L.I.V.E. is that strategy.

The education my dis-ease brought me was invaluable, and only with a new base of knowledge was I able to use the 21 Day Journey as a stepping stone to develop a solid and powerful exercise intervention aimed at cure.  Today, with 296 people having complete the A.L.I.V.E. protocol, the power of the program becomes clear.  The A.L.I.V.E. concepts and principles are the keys to radical improvements in health, in body composition, and in metabolic improvement.

I’m going to share ALL of the A.L.I.V.E. Principles in a special webinar on Monday, June 4, at 7 PM.  Want to be there?  You should.  Register for only $20.12 and immediately receive access information.

Oh . . . why does this fall under the headline of shocking?  Because the realities that underlie the pathetic state of health of our nation are mind blowing.  Here are a few:

Most adults and up 90% of adult women (yes 90%) in the U.S. have compromised thyroid function, and many remain undiagnosed although they suffer the symptoms.  The epidemic so widespread that a clinical study assessing body temperature revealed that average body temperature is no longer 98.6 but closer to 98.2.

What makes this even more shocking is that the common medical markers used to asses hypothyroidism are inadequate and the treatments random at best.

What may be most shocking is . . . most of the new cases of reduced thyroid function could be prevented . . . or reversed . . . but not by conventional means.  You’ll understand precisely what I mean on Monday evening.

The average testosterone level in adult men has gone down, but what makes this even more disconcerting is . . . estrogen levels have gone up!  In men!  A combination of lifestyle and environmental factors are responsible, and although hormonal replacement may help in the short term, it isn’t curative.  An exercise and eating strategy may be the most powerful means of restoring balanced endocrine function.

A not-so-shocking statistic is, although McDonald’s franchises are found worldwide, the nation that consumes the most per capita Big Macs is the same nation that has the highest obesity rate in the world . . . and a recent study indicates that the obesity cases are under-reported.  In other words, because of flawed sampling relying on self-reported height and weight, a little lie here and a little mistruth there had a significant impact on the outcome.  When heights and weights were assessed by a professional third party, the incidence of obesity as closer to 40% of adults in the U.S!

In an assessment of obesity rates in the U.S., in the year 2000, 22 states had obesity rates over 20%.  Today . . . 50 states fall into that category!

The trending should leave you feeling dismayed.  Negative shifts in endocrine function, epidemics in chronic disease, and an over-fat population are all evidence that something is wrong. Something major.   I’ll show you how we can take control of our lives, our health, and our bodies by understanding what’s happened to the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the society we live in . . . and then . . . I’ll show you how you can start moving toward optimal health right now!