I’m Changing Everything!

This is a time of massive change for me, and with it can come a new beginning for you. I’m going to offer some shocking price specials, something you haven’t seen me do before, but I’m committing fully to an entirely new chapter and you stand to gain in more ways than one!

Whether you’re a fitness professional or someone looking to improve your life through a powerful program of movement and nutrition, I’m about to offer you some insane, very limited, but very real opportunities. This email is just a first announcement, as 45 days from now whatever inventory is left will be sold through auction (likely at higher prices than I’m offering here) but if you want to take advantage of a once-and-only-once offer, here’s your chance.

Let’s start with the key changes:

After 30 years of doing what I do, helping people build muscle, burn fat, and find physical change, the last few years of my life have given me entirely new direction. I unexpectedly had to step onto the “patient” side of medicine, and wow, did that open up a learning experience. That experience was challenging, at times debilitating, but incredibly valuable. Today I want to save lives, return lives, and preserve lives and for the 296 people who have experience the life-altering change my ALIVE program offers, it’s already happened!

I’ve learned so much in the last three years, I’ve developed such powerful relationships with experts in health, healing, medicine, and bioscience, I’ve decided:

1. I’m going to walk away from my nutritional supplement business, even though it’s generated millions of dollars. I mean walk away . . . and attach to a different product line (based on shocking information the mainstream nutritional world hasn’t discovered yet). My EAT! formula, my flagship meal replacement for the better part of 20 years, is now gong away, and for very good reason.

2. I’m going to stop producing / selling my best selling programs, TRANSFORM and The ANSWER, even though they’re every bit as effective today as they have been for the tens of thousands of people who traded their bodies for new ones.

3. I’m going to commit to directing 100% of my focus to growing my new A.L.I.V.E. protocol in an attempt to introduce America, personal trainers, the fitness field, and the medical field to Aggressive Lifestyle Intervention Through Variable Exercise. It isn’t as much a radical departure from what I’ve always done as it is an evolutionary process that has come with time and learning.

So what does this mean for you? Well, a great deal . . . but right now it means you can get stuff cheap! Honestly. But the offers I’m about to make are only in place until all inventory is gone. There isn’t any catch other than you have to act before we’re sold out. Note that the prices do not include shipping. You’ll pay only established UPS rates to get your order shipped to you. Ready? OK, here we go . . .

1. You can order TRANSFORM, the $249 program, for only $49.97 (only 46 complete programs complete with DVD’s, audio CD’s, and manual, available at this price). The TRANSFORM! program has proven to be my most effective program to date, and it continues to transform bodies and lives throughout the world. It’s the program so many of the top infomercial “programs” were built upon. It’s given 50,000 people worldwide new bodies and it can do the same for you. It’s served as a vehicle for personal trainers to guarantee results with all of their clients. It comes with over 16 hours of information and a 17-week program built on science, evidenced by people from every walk of life. If you want to lose fat, lean down, build muscle, or get all-out buff . . . this really is an ONLY CHANCE EVER. Click here to get $200 off of the $249 price!

2. You can order the ANSWER for only $17 + shipping (only 86 available). The ANSWER is the simple 17-day program I developed for those who found TRANSFORM intimidating, who thought 17 weeks seemed like an eternity. It comes with a book you can read in 90 minutes, an audio CD featuring excerpts from my seminars, and a one-page-per-day simple-to-follow program that is guaranteed to kick up metabolism, increase energy, demonstrate changes in body composition, reduce body fat and body weight, and most of all, empower you for ongoing continuous progress beyond Day 17. Click here, place your order, and you’ll receive the book and audio CD in a hard case, normally $39.99, for only $17!

3. You can order a free container of RELOAD for every container you order at the discounted price of $31.77. That means you can get two 2-pound containers of the best post-exercise recovery drink on the planet for less than the regular price of one (while supplies last). RELOAD has proven to be an incredible supplement for those seeking increased endurance, performance boost, muscle growth, and power. It combines a handful of sound, proven, research-driven nutritional strategies for optimizing the post-workout state. There is no other product on the market anywhere that compares to RELOAD. Click here and you can get two containers for only $31.77.

In the weeks and months to come, I’ll share events that highlight my direction, insights that will shock you, wow you, and empower you, and I’ll grow A.L.I.V.E. through two distinct pathways . . . .

One “pathway” is my ASPIRE program, an interactive 16-week learning experience which will train fitness and medical professionals to master the science behind ALIVE

The other will be the release of a new book, the international remote conducting of the ALIVE program online, and affiliations with select hospitals and health clubs throughout the country.

Fitness professionals will receive a separate email providing a first-ever opportunity to connect with the last live Be Better Project program beginning in May for a never-before-offered price as well as some other specials on existing products.

Be Better is only open to 27 fitness pros, so if you’re anxious and interested, send an email to phil@philkaplan.com requesting a “time to talk” and we can schedule a 15-minute one-on-one chat.

Everyone else . . . don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hesitation has a cost! Order whichever of these offerings will best serve you . . . but order now!