When It Hurts, It Hurts . . When it Stops . . . You Weigh Less!

I have a client who suffers from debilitating migraines. She’s been exercising and eating sensibly for years, but when the headaches kick in, she is barely functional. She’s tried meds, acupuncture, even Botox, but every time she’d get her hopes up, the headaches would return, and worse. While my clients understand a session is a commitment set in stone, I’ve learned to forgive her on days she suffers. Her acceptance of the debilitating pain would reveal itself every time she repeated her mantra, “when it hurts, it hurts.” It was her way of saying, she’s helpless. There’s nothing she can do.

She started using AMASAI and drinking REIGN water. She hasn’t had a migraine since. That’s the most thrilling outcome she could have imagined, so powerful that it overshadowed the 6 pound fat loss she experienced after adding two understated products to what was already “clean eating.”

I love this . . . and I hate it. I love it because I’ve continued to discover that in many cases of pain and chronic disease, we have greater power than the medical and pharmaceutical fields have led us to believe. I hate it because I’ve seen so many scams promoting select compounds as curative it raises every red flag in my brain.

I don’t know that the AMASAI cured her migraine condition. In fact, I doubt it did, but likely it replaced or acted to battle something else. While medicine links symptoms to cures, we’re learning at higher levels how closely symptoms are linked to the gut, how closely the gut is tied to the mind, and how strong the link between emotion, mindset, and physiology.

Three years ago, I added a symptoms checklist to my intake assessment for new personal training clients. There are roughly 40 symptoms that are scored with a “never, sometimes, sometimes severe, or always,” scoring system. It asks for ratings in categories including burning, blood shot, or watery eyes, scratchy throat, dry skin, chapped or dry lips, nagging shallow cough, anxiety, trouble sleeping, difficulty with short term memory, and irritability. I am not a doctor and I stay fully within the scope of practice of a personal trainer, so no evaluation is made as to what may be causing the symptoms. We simply document the anecdotal scoring as a baseline.

8 weeks later we repeat the questionnaire and I’ve been amazed by how radically symptoms lessen or go away completely. I don’t chalk it up to anything other than “using exercise and eating interventions to bring things into balance.” Symptoms are signs of imbalances, and we’re gifted at birth with an incredible ability to maintain homeostasis. Bad habits, bad choices, or acting upon bad information are primary culprits in causing the balance to shift.

I spoke with Dr. Dan Pompa, a driven medical professional who works to educate doctors and health practitioners about the effects of toxicity, and I shared the story of the woman with the migraines. He wasn’t surprised. He told me that in his practice he’s seeing radical shifts in reduction of symptoms because of the probiotics and the ideal blend of nutrients in AMASAI. He has a slew of stories to tell about shifts in patient health . . . but he’s most passionate in describing the impact AMASAI had upon his son who suffered for years with digestive concerns.

What is AMASAI? The best I can describe it . . . it’s a cultured dairy product with the consistency of smooth yogurt. It isn’t, however, the yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis hands people on the TV commercials. What commercial dairy manufacturers do is deliver quantity by compromising nutrient value beginning at the very source, beginning at the way the cow that provides the milk is fed. AMASAI is as close to natural as we can get. It comes from Greenfed cattle (commercially raised cattle are fed grains which is not their natural diet and leads to an onslaught of health challenges). It doesn’t have a token amount of probiotics, those healthy little bacterial protectors that act within the gut to keep things functioning optimally, but it has 30 different probiotics that can work to restore balance to a compromised digestive system. The milk isn’t chemically treated, excessively heat processed, and it retains its healthy fats which in and of themselves have stunning health properties.

This is the first of short series of articles I’ll write laying out the initial appeal and the increasingly compelling reason for me to sing the praises of Beyond Organic foods.

The next email will reveal a weight loss study. Hmmm. Why wait. I’m on a roll. I’ll keep going . . .

I’m the biggest skeptic there is, and for the last twenty-five plus years I’ve been the “go-to guy” for people to ask, “does this work?” In the great majority of cases, whether we’re looking at weight loss magnets, weight loss smoothies, or a weight loss cactus, the answer is NO.

With my skeptical nature and my long-established resources, I can comfortably say I’m sold on the nutritional value of AMASAI. I’m sold on the health benefits of the Beyond Organic Greenfed Meats and Cheeses.

I’m not yet sold on the weight loss (fat loss) potential of a nutritional strategy utilizing two of the Beyond Organic products, but I will say I’m intrigued, hopeful, and open-minded.

Remember earlier I told you about Joan, the migraine lady? I mentioned that because she was so positively charged about the absence of her pain she barely paid attention to a 6 pound fat loss. She wasn’t on a starvation plan. She simply substituted AMASAI for her breakfast and had two fruit-infused REIGN waters, one before lunch, one before dinner. Of course she ate well all along, and she exercised, but something changed during the course of this shift.

I started researching these products further. One of the ingredients in the fruit-infused water is an extract of African Mango called Irvingia gabonensis (African Mango is easier to say). This isn’t a new twist on magic berries or a plunge into something resembling the grapefruit diet. This really does appear to have merit. There were two very credible research studies, the most recent in 2009, that demonstrated weight loss attributed to the use of Irvingia gabonensis over a 10 week period. There was a control group. The study was peer reviewed. It wasn’t funded by a major company with an agenda. At least as an observer, I can say it was on the up and up.

The science behind the effect seems genuine. It isn’t a magical effect but rather a long-documented effect of fiber. Unlike the fiber in over the counter products that are tough to get down, this is a water soluble fiber such as the fiber found in apples. It has a bulk-forming laxative property. This delays gastric emptying (the speed with which nutrients leave the stomach) and allows for a more gradual release of glucose. It follows that with a slowed gastric emptying and a more controlled passing of glucose through the wall of the digestive tract, this would work to improve insulin function, reduce insulin resistance, and allow for a hormonal environment ideal for fat loss.

Interestingly, water soluble fibers are binding agents and they bind bile acids in the gut and force them out of the system. The body is therefore required to produce more bile acids, the source of those bile acids being cholesterol, so the cholesterol in your body can be used efficiently and not allowed to convert to the oxidized LDL’s that can block vessels.

Reign Water

After seeing Joan’s weight loss, after speaking with Dr. Pompa at length, and after digging deep into the research, I decided to do an informal but very insightful experiment. I want to take 30 people through a 30-day regimen where they replace their breakfast with AMASAI and drink two fruit-infused REIGN waters a day. There isn’t any prize (beyond health benefits). This isn’t a contest. This is what I believe to be my healthy skepticism putting a theory to the test.

If you want to try AMASAI and REIGN water and participate in the study, send me an email (phil@philkaplan.com) with the Subject: Weight Loss Study and I’ll contact you with instructions. You will have to buy a 30-day supply of AMASAI and REIGN water. As of the moment I’m sending this, I have 16 people “signed on.” If you want to be a part of this, email me now.

In a follow up note I’ll share details on the VALUE Pack, an opportunity to try all of the Beyond Organic products for a stellar savings.

Note: The study is being conducted by a number of health professionals and fitness professionals. If you are a personal trainer, have interest in connecting with the Beyond Better product line and want to put 2 – 4 of your clients through the study, share your interest level in the email you send me.

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