Apples Aren’t Apples . . . 2012 is on the way

It’s happening.  It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  By the time the clock hit 8 AM, two beautiful women, each about ready for the cover of a magazine, had expressed their dissatisfaction.  They told me they were fat.  I know, that happens . . . but . . . that wasn’t an isolated incident.  The parking lot at the mall was packed when I hit the gym at 7 AM.  People will stand in line ready to trample each other to save $50 on an X-Box or get a king-sized mattress complete with comforter set for only $299.

In the gym, people of all ages, shapes, and sizes examined the cardio equipment revealing their lack of familiarity.  To top it off, I had 1200 emails go into my Junk folder offering everything from Viagra to weight loss cookies at a “Black Friday discount.”

What does it all mean?  The Holiday season is upon us.  Tents are springing up in empty lots for Christmas tree sales.  The stress of “what should I buy her” will begin to take hold.  The dread of spending days with family members people manage to avoid all year will grow like a plague.  And . . . people will have lots of fun, they’ll experience love, they’ll connect and disconnect, and when it’s all said and done, they’ll land at that place of regret and hopefulness, the New Year’s Resolution.

The smart ones will plan now, and if you’re planning on earning your living in the field of personal training, I’ve got some news for you.  2012 can be the year you find your professional place, financial freedom, career security, and a sense of your own untapped potential.  2012 is the year you should join me and a handful of your peers in a groundbreaking program aimed at helping personal trainers find unprecedented growth by filling a gaping hole that sits between conventional medicine and mainstream fitness.  We can help people as we never have before, and I’ll show you precisely how.

2012 is different than any other time in history.  Why?  Well, as I’ve stated in several recent articles and appearances, the landscape has changed radically.

In 2012, apples are not apples, and I mean that literally.

In 2012, wheat is not wheat.

In 2012 men are not men (at least not as medical history records them).

In 2012, meat is not meat.

Have I just accidentally created a tragic poem?  I think I have.  Apples aren’t apples, wheat isn’t wheat, men aren’t men, and meat isn’t meat.

And that’s only the beginning!

Over the next few months, I’ll share some of the realities that are guaranteed to shock you, some that will infuriate you, and some that will force you to change your course of action if the outcome you seek is long term health.  I’ll help you understand why the apples you buy in the grocery store have as much resemblance to the apples you ate as a child as Sid the Science Kid has to Charlie Sheen (you have to have a child under 9 to appreciate the reference).  The key to the degradation lies in man’s flawed fondness for making things better through science and technology . . . and his willingness to mess with nature’s perfection, usually in quest of dollars and more dollars.

When I say wheat is not wheat, that too is literal.  What we eat in our “healthy bran muffins” and “whole wheat” cereals has been so genetically altered our body’s fail to recognize it as what was once nature’s gift.  Dr. Blweiss shared this and other insights in a recent interview I did with him.  If you haven’t heard him speak, download the presentation and listen.

Men are not men . . . in a nutshell . . . suggests that our environment and the stuffs we ingest via touching, eating, and breathing so alter our hormonal systems that reduced testosterone levels are epidemic, and worse yet, many of the chemical compounds released into our environment mimic estrogen to blur the lines between the genetic codes of the sexes.

Don’t get me started on meat.  You can get a sense of the problem by reading my article, “What’s up on the Dairy Farm,” or my previous blog entry “Why did Our Grandparents Eat Steak and Thrive?”  When you understand how livestock are raised, treated, and prepared, whether you’re eating animal meat or dairy that comes from commercially raised livestock, you’re consuming toxins, drugs, and a host of inflammatory compounds that move you closer and closer to what we’d recognize as disease.

The years from 2005 – 2011 were tremendous learning years for me.  I’ve gained new insights, new knowledge, and new recognition of both the problems we’ve never faced before, and the solutions that allow us to successfully pursue health and longevity in an age where the odds are quickly stacking against us.

I’ll be sharing insights into how personal trainers can guide people through new strategies that reverse the disease continuum and almost miraculously restore health.  I’ll be sharing new insights into the physical links between mind, body, and DNA expression, and demonstrate how we can align motivation, adherence, and clarity to help people find new empowerment.  This is being offered for personal trainers in my ASPIRE program.

If you’re a personal trainer, and you have interest, I’ll simply say, it’s affordable, it promises to deliver far more value than you expect even now, and it will prove itself to be the best career investment you’ve ever made.  Interested?  Then introduce yourself to me, tell me a bit about what you do for a living, and what you ASPIRE to be, do, and have in the year(s) to come!

For everyone else . . . stay tuned.  Lot’s of information to come.  Stay connected with me on Facebook, through my blogs, and in 2012 I’ll return to the radio and TV spreading a refined message of empowerment.  For now, hold on to your sensibility as you enjoy the Holiday Season, and while others give in to temptation, abandon, and just plain bad decisions, you can use the better part of the next 6 weeks to arrive at 2012 in outstanding condition!

(and . . . for those seeking physical change . . . I’ll be conducting a remote version of my ALIVE program beginning in late January, just in time for a Resolution Rescue.  Stay tuned!)

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and an ease-filled glide through the weeks ahead!