Mistakes Are Easy to Make in 2011!

While Trainers Should Learn From Mistakes . . .

Consumers in the 21st century are swallowed up by them!

I’m writing this to personal trainers to share with their clients, but I’m also inviting those who are caught up in resolution making to understand their mistakes.

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Here are the mistakes people will make in the first 14 days of January:

1. They’ll still pursue diets

The diets have become more sophisticated, they’ve become more scientific, they’ve become more medical, and . . . they’re the same old stinkin’ calorie deprivation that has been plaguing our population for decades. Today you can get a diet that comes with “customized supplement formulas,” another that includes “food juggling (no, not an acrobatic feet but rotating foods to limit each to twice per week),” and you can uncover en entirely new slew of weight loss cookies, weight loss chocolates, and the age-old-but-forever-reinvented weight loss shakes. The bottom line is simple. When you take in fewer calories than your body needs in order to sustain metabolism, you lose weight. The weight loss is a compilation of water (temporary), fat (probably minimal), and muscle (catastrophic). In order to protect you from starvation, your hypothalamus sends out modified signals affecting neurotransmission (brain cell communication). Your appetite is affected adversely and worse yet, little hormonal messengers reduce thyroid hormone production. Sure, you weight less, for a short while, but you’ve programmed the human software to quickly regain the weight. It has nothing to do with willpower. It has everything to do with biochemistry. The key lies in learning to eat meals that are supportive of metabolism and consuming adequate nutrients to allow muscle preservation and fat release.

2. They’ll mis-train or overtrain

Overtraining is commonplace. It’s the curse of the New Years Resolver. Motivation is high, the body’s recovery ability is low. The first few days of January, you arrive at the gym, lift weights, pound out miles on the elliptical, and then you do a few pushups and situps before bed. For a few days you’re motivated and sore. Then . . . just sore. Then . . . you skip a few days and the soreness retreats, but so does the motivation. Mis-training is different. There are so many “gurus” telling people “the best way,” most people get derailed by failing to match the training with the outcome. I see men seeking to reduce their waists pursuing “core training,” cranking out crunches on a stability ball. That’s a mis-take. I see women seeking to find leanness balancing on BOSU balls and learning to squat on an unstable surface. I see people seeking greater performance relying on exercise machines that have nothing to do with real world movement in their elected pursuits. Simplicity is vital for anyone making a resolution, and don’t make the mistake of believing the basics are old school. The basics are the basics because they’re the foundation of what works. You have to move your body through space (as opposed to being locked in on body-part machines), you have to challenge the muscles a bit more than they’re used to being challenged, and you have to strategically use aerobic exercise to optimize the efficiency of the heart and lungs. And then you need to recover (I’ve written several lengthy articles on recovery as it’s the missing piece of most exercise plans).

3. They’ll pursue chemical compounds, oral or injectable

Alli has a new marketing campaign. What they fail to mention is, it is simply the repackaging of the failed weight loss drug Orlistat and before the FTC changed the disclaimer laws, the Orlistat commercials ran the disclaimer at super speed hoping nobody would pay attention to the words anal leakage. Supplements marketed as fat burners are now stacks of stimulants including yohimbe, L-tyrosine, and various forms of caffeine. They’re addictive and potential harmful to the adrenals if used for an extended period of time. They are NOT fat burners. Now medical clinics are offering hormonal injections along with VLCD (very low calorie diets) to preserve muscle while fat is lost. It’s a really cool trick, but not unlike an athlete using steroids for short term gain and long term trouble. Messing with the endocrine (hormonal) system is very risky, as once one hormone is exogenously affected, there is a cascade effect that is difficult to reverse. The bottom line is, you don’t need anything injected, nor do you need to take capsules that alter your functioning systems for short periods of time. You simply need to get the exercise, eating, and recovery components in place. That isn’t as sexy as “get an injection, lose weight,” but it’s far more honest and far more valuable.

4. They’ll cut carbs

Here’s the deal. Carbs are not carbs anymore. I refer to the chemical compounds sold in various forms that our bodies haven’t a clue what to do with. High fructose corn syrup is abundant in the center aisles of the grocery store. It is not a friendly carbohydrate, in fact, it is a villain. It assaults the liver, alters insulin activity, and can lead to inflammation and disease when consumed frequently for an extended period of time. In foods labeled “healthy” you’ll find sugar alcohols, gluten, processed grains devoid of nutrient value, and chemically linked molecules of dextrose and fructose to form sugars. We’re dealing with metabolisms and digestive systems run amuck as these “non-foods” make up near half of our consumer food sales. With that said, natural carbohydrates, including fibers and natural starches, can prove to be the body’s premier energy supply. The difficulty lies in separating “what’s OK” from the items that should be on the “never eat this” list.

5. They’ll rely on aerobic exercise

Doctors still give their patients the one word exercise advice, “walk.” Women still gravitate toward aerobic exercise classes and shy away from weights. Men and women find biking, skating, or running enjoyable and they mistakenly assume it fully takes care of the exercise component. The mix of challenging muscles and challenging the heart and lungs for adequate time periods at adequate intensity is going to result in lean body maintenance, fat loss, strengthening of bone, more efficient metabolic function, improved blood flow, and energy increases, but rely on aerobic exercise at a steady pace and long term benefit will be limited, especially when compared with the results a synergistic program can bring.

6. They’ll make too radical a change and step too far outside of their comfort zones

Perhaps you’ve been there, partied on New Year’s Eve knowing it’s going to be “the last time.” January 1st, or perhaps January 3rd (Monday), you’re going to stop drinking beer, stop eating pizza and desserts, workout every day, and think only positive thoughts. The positive thinking is a good step, but you’ve developed habits that are with you until they’re replaced by new behaviors. Attempting to embrace a radical shift all at once leaves the recipient of your emotional and mental wiring confused. Cravings try to drive you to what you’re body is used to. Reduction in caloric intake leads to energy compromise, and then, before you know it, you’re failing to recover. My 17 Day ANSWER program will teach you the simplicity of change, following seven simple guidelines, and allowing plenty of room to mis-step without “blowing it.”
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Happy New Year! Be Better this year than ever!

Phil Kaplan