Releasing The Bars

OK, I’m doing it. Releasing bars.

The clients who go through my TRANSFORM, 21 Day Journey, and ALIVE programs understand . . . . a supportive meal is better than a meal replacement shake. A supportive meal replacement shake is better than a bar. A bar . . . in most cases . . . is equal to candy with added protein. That’s why my clients get SetPoint Bars. We label them privately under the brand, 21 Day Journey, but it’s time to make them available to customers everywhere.

There are two different bars. Energy Bars come in an amazing Graham Cracker flavor (we keep replacing inventory at my health club Fitness 21 as they sell out in a blink), and Protein Bars come in Peanut Butter flavor. My clients find them to be the best tasting bars they’ve ever tried.

Why have I been reluctant to sell them online? Because they are NOT fully supportive. No bars are. I tried to make a bar without sugar and without significant fat . . . and we struck out at every turn. Take out the sugar and the bar turns to mush, even if you sweeten it with some other sweetener, and in order to maintain mouth feel and consistency, if you reduce sugar you have to add fat and vice-versa. I always had the apprehension that if I make them available to customers I don’t have the opportunity to meet, they’ll believe there’s magic in there, and eat 3 – 4 bars a day wondering why they aren’t finding ultimate leanness (hey, it’s my own weird hang-up . . . but . . . I’m putting it aside).

I’ve been prompted and coaxed by people who visit with me from other states. “It would be so great if you had them in your online store.” OK . . . I give.

Most nutritional supplement companies rely on big bold claims on their label to minimize awareness of the blend of ingredients. They may say “30 grams of protein” and neglect to mention there are 50 grams of sugar and 12 grams of fat. The SetPoint bars are different. They aren’t sold commercially. They don’t need big bold claims. They just need experts to understand their value and pass them along to people who want to live a fitness lifestyle in the 21st century.

We typically opt for bars because they’re convenient. Now you don’t have to trade convenience for value. SetPoint bars are made with Brown Rice syrup rather than sucrose. They have an ideal blend of proteins including whey concentrate, milk protein isolate, and caseinate for a mix of fast and slow release proteins. You won’t find any saturated fat or any trans fat. The fats used are from sunflower oil. The sugar is far lower than almost any commercial bar aimed at the fitness market and the taste is enhanced with a bit of sucralose (100 times sweeter than sucrose so a tiny amount is all it takes).

Here’s the Nutrition Info on the Protein Bars:
• Calories 230
• Fat Calories 40 (only 17% of total calories
• Total Fat 4 g (no saturated fat, no trans fat)
• Protein 19 g
• Sugars 3 g
• Fiber 3 g
• Total Carbs 30 g
• Sodium 35 mg
• Calcium 80 mg
• Potassium 360 mg

. . . and the Energy Bars

• Calories 250
• Fat Calories 50 (only 20% of total calories
• Total Fat 6 g (no saturated fat, no trans fat)
• Protein 13 g (impressive amount for an energy bar)
• Sugars 3 g
• Total Carbs 36 g (including slow release maltodextrin)
• Sodium 35 mg
• Calcium 130 mg
• Potassium 270 mg

So why isn’t fit ully supportive? Why have I been so ridiculously reluctant? Because I speak daily about the challenges of attempting optimal energy and leanness with the absurd amount of sugar Americans consume, but it’s time for me to share the realities . . . the composition of ingredients in the energy and protein bars significantly reduces the glycemic load and the nutrient blend is the best I’ve seen in any bar.

Oh, and did I say they taste great?

You can order them from me for the first time ever! Try a box of each!

SetPoint Energy (Graham Cracker)
SetPoint Protein (Peanut Butter)

I’ve written many articles about “the missing element of Synergy,” recovery. Recovery involves the nervous system, the cardiorespiratory system, the digestive system, and the muscular system and it’s far more complex than “downtime.” The simplest way to ensure adequate recovery, even if getting 8 hours of sleep a night is a challenge, and your days fly by with little time to relax, is to make sure you’re nutritionally equipped to handle exercise recovery, muscular repair, and refilling of energy stores.
That’s why I designed RELOAD, a product amateur and pro athletes have relied on for near a decade. The cost of manufacture has gone up, but for the remainder of this month, I’ll keep the price at $39.99 per container. This pricing will not last, so whether you rely on RELOAD or you’re ready to try it for the first time, there’s no better time to order than right now.

Order Three Get One Free (or any mix of EAT and RELOAD)

EAT! Pro! remains my best selling meal replacement . . . for over 12 years! Try EAT in vanilla and chocolate. Great quality. Great taste. I stand behind it.


September is a great time to set some new aspirations. Kids go back to school. Summer’s over. Holidays aren’t here yet. It’s a great time to establish some new (or old) supportive habits. If you need assistance, you can always reach out. Email me directly at

Wishing you ongoing improvement and stellar health!

Phil Kaplan


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