She Gave Me a Dragon

I dated an Asian girl.  She gave me a dragon.  No, not a real dragon, and no, “dragon” isn’t jargon for a Taiwanese sexual act, but as a parting gift of sorts she gave me a red dragon statuette that sits about 10 inches tall.  He sits on my night table.   The dragon’s been sitting near my bed for months now, but he became one of those things I fail to notice . . . a piece of the furniture.

Yesterday, I went through some unpacked boxes in my garage (I moved into my present home in February, and still haven’t completely unpacked!) and found the card I was given along with the dragon.  It had greater impact now than when I first received it.

“You have a passion that is so fiery it exceeds your ability to find completeness in a single relationship.  Your life blood flows with a love for what you do.   This dragon represents your heart, your passion, and your ability to soar.”

That’s good.  Isn’t it?  I think it was a creative way of telling me I’m not “the one,” but it was more insightful than I initially noticed.  It explains a great deal about the choices I’ve made over the past seven or eight years and the emotions that followed.

Today, I commit to use that burning passion to serve the two distinctive ends I’m committed to.  With all of my heart and desire I want the field of Personal Training to escalate to a place where it can be revered and respected, and secondly, I want to provide a resource that helps those who are ready to gain control of their bodies and lives to find absolutely clarity.

Although I’m personally not big on New Year’s resolutions (I revisit my aspirations and dreams throughout the year), I find this Holiday Season a valuable time to reflect.  Finding the card and noticing the red dragon are a part of that process for me.

I realize that this is a time when people are prone to make uncharacteristically foolish choices.  As the ongoing argument goes with Adriana on my radio show, “people are stupid” refers to the odd trait intelligent people sometime display for stupid behavior (and throughout my life, I’ve been as guilty as anyone).  I hope, with the advertising overwhelm that’s about to hit on TV infomercials and weight loss ads, you’ll find some sensibility in making wise choices . . . and if you need some help, I’m here for you.

I’ll invite you to receive the 12 Days of Fitness package I’ve assembled with my ground army of high level personal fitness trainers, the Be Better training team.  If you’re considering cutting calories, eliminating a nutrient, or locking up your refrigerator, go to the Resolution Rescue site to receive 12 days of powerful, honest, fitness information sent directly to your Inbox from fitness pros around the continent.

Right after Christmas I’ll share my thoughts on the new HCG diet that’s taking off like wildfire.  It works, if fat loss is the goal, but there’s more to consider than short term fat release.  I’ll share perspectives in the days to come.

It’s amazing to me that people who keep hand sanitizer in their cars and purses, who try to eat organic foods, who buy green cleansers, and who condemn steroids, stimulants, and chemicals, are willing ot inject hormonal compounds into their bodies simply because the attractive “coach” who works at the clinic says “it’s a naturally occurring compound.”  Just consider that some hormonal food for thought.

As I prepare to reach as many people as possible with the fitness truth in 2010, I’ll invite you to submit your “does it work” questions and I’ll present the science and evidence that supports or fails to support the products and offerings that appear tempting.

The weight loss refrigerator light bulb, the appetite suppressing sunglasses, and the electronic ab stimulators are not likely to shave the fat away, but the new array of CNS stimulants, beta-adrenergic agonists, and thyroid altering supplements come with lots of scientific double talk that might lead many to believe there’s some real promise.  I’ll help you sort through it for an important reality check.

I’ll then invite anyone who is functional but not fully well, anyone who looks OK but just isn’t at their best, anyone who is on a medication or two, or has been diagnosed with a condition or syndrome to put my ALIVE protocol to the test, an 8 week protocol showing dramatic positive changes in body composition, movement, strength, and biochemistry.  This is more than an exercise program aimed at helping you shed a few pounds. ALIVE, an acronym for Aggressive Lifestyle Intervention Variable Exercise is a new beginning for anyone who has started to move away from being their absolute best.

I wish you a very happy Holiday, lots of joy and laughter, and a thrilling and promising entry into this new decade.