The Blog begins

I resisted. I resisted facebook, twitter, and blogging. I’m a bit of a dinosaur as I prefer face to face conversation over email and telephone chats over texting . . . but I gave in. I’m blogging.

As always, I’ll discuss my views and perspectives on health, fitness, and physical change offerings. I’ll discuss the fat burners, the magic berries that cure everything, the multi-level marketing products that promise eternal youth, and the prescription mills disguised as anti-aging clinics. Most of all, I’ll share the same type of information I’ve shared on my radio show for the last 17 years. I’ll help people find betterment, and the audience I most want to reach is composed of . . . the unwell.

They aren’t dying, they don’t need hospitalization, but they aren’t well. They may be on meds for high blood sugar or hypertension, and they’re fully functional, but they’ve given up control of their bodies. The medical community is not positioned to help these people. The pharmaceutical community can capitalize on the market place by shifting collective mindsets to instill the belief that “drugs cure.”

Here’s the reality. Most drugs do not cure the conditions that plague the unwell. They may manage conditions, but they don’t “fix.”

With a strategic program incorporating real-world movement and simple nutritional shifts, moving back toward health becomes a simple matter of time. I’ve seen amazing changes in individuals who had given up hope. I love the thank you’s that come in via telephone and email. So . . . in understanding that I may reach more people by blogging, I give. I blog. It’s official.